How to write a good Anime and Manga Essay with comic topics

Anime and Manga

Anime and Manga are some of the most popular forms of entertainment in the world. In fact, they are the deconstructed form of almost all other media. Anime and Manga are the ones that give rise to other forms of art and entertainment like photoshoots, fanfiction, and comic books. 

There are many different genres in anime and manga which make it great for essay topics for students. However, the problem is writing anime and manga research from scratches. Do not worry because this article will dig into details on how to write anime and manga essays.

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What is Anime and Manga?

Anime and manga are Japanese styles of animation and comics. Japanese comics and animation have a long history, and they have exerted a major cultural impact around the world.

Anime and Manga

The word ‘manga’ comes from the Japanese ‘manga’ which means ‘whimsical pictures’ or ‘fantasy pictures’.

This word, “Manga” (pronounced MAHN-gah) comes from the word, comic.

So, to be more specific, manga refers to Japanese-style comics, and it’s also referred to as “Japanese comics”, and “comics from Japan”.

The term originally referred to those Japanese picture books from the 18th century that were printed with woodblocks and painted with watercolors. 

On the other hand, the word ‘anime’ comes from the French ‘animation’ which means ‘to bring to life’. It is therefore a word that comes from the word, an image or picture and is pronounced ‘AH-nee-may’. This word was first used to describe Japanese animation in the early 20th century.

So, to be more specific, Anime refers to Japanese style hand-drawn and computer animation or Japanese styles of art and story-telling. Manga refers to comics and anime refers to animation or cartoons.

How to Write Anime and Manga Essay

Anime and Manga essay is the expression of the writer’s opinion about anime and manga. It is usually written in a formal style. But in order to make it more attractive and interesting, the writer must use the most effective and the most suitable words and phrases.

He or she also needs to make research on anime and manga. This way, the writer will be able to give the most accurate description of the anime or manga. 

The topic of such an essay can be anime or manga itself. It can also be an anime or manga adaptation or the relations between the characters. Additionally, the writer can also talk about the art style in the anime or manga, the style of the animation, or the storyline itself.

You can write about the characters or their personalities, the dialogues, the setting, the costume, the hair, the body, the voice, the history, the style, the message, etc.

Here we look at how to write such an essay when it is anime or manga itself.

Step 1: Story Synopsis

The first step is to know where your story is going before you develop it; the synopsis. What is your goal? Write a one-paragraph summary of your entire story, omitting details and character specifics. Then condense that paragraph into a single statement.

For example, A gang of friends combat odd enemies to protect the Earth, which might be the plot of “Dragon Ball Z”. This is not entirely what there is about Ithe Dragon Ball Z, but it gives a good idea of where the plot will go.

Step 2: Create Character

Create Character

You ought to establish who your characters are in order to construct your plot.

How and where did they originate? Do your characters have any morals or values or do they have none at all?

Is there a romantic interest? Is he your best friend or your worst enemy? What is it that makes them tick?

Develop a full detailed profile of your guy or girl like you’re telling somebody about him or her.

Define their qualities and shortcomings, as these will be useful as you build your tale.

Step 3: Write your Story

Don’t think about layouts or problems right now. Simply compose your tale. So, what follows next? Who is it that this happens to? Why did she go and then why did he return?

Will he ever regain his abilities? Why did he lose them, to begin with? First, write down all of your queries. After that, it’s time to develop your story.

Step: 4 Layout your Storyboard

The term “storyboard” refers to the arrangement of your manga or comic. Each panel contains your artwork as well as a set quantity of information. Don’t stress about the illustration for the time being (unless you can draw ).

Concentrate on the text. Who tells whom what? Which action scenes are you planning to include? What kind of information are they going to provide? Divide your story into sections that can be separated into individual panels.

Step 5: Bring everything together

It’s time to put the finishing touches on your story with the artwork. Find a talented anime artist or, if you’re feeling brave, take your hand at sketching your own characters.

There are some excellent drawing books available, as well as a few useful internet resources. Use numerous facial expressions and the words you wrote in the storyboard to bring each character to life.

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Good Topics for Anime and Manga Research Paper

A topic for your anime and manga research paper can come from a variety of places. There are plenty of sources online that provide you with the information you need to write a good anime and manga research paper.

Anime and Manga topics

If you have a subject, you can also search for books related to your subject.

The bibliography in your paper should include all the books you consulted while writing your research paper.

A good anime and manga research paper will also include references to other sources, like websites and magazines.

Below are some anime and manga research topics.

  • Anime Is Not a Cartoon
  • Why Is Japanese Anime so Popular Worldwide?
  • Anime vs Cartoons
  • Realistic Romance in Anime
  • The Effect of Anime Essay
  • Hayao Miyazaki’s Spirited Away and Japaneseness
  • Anime Addiction

Tips to Write a Good Comic Essay on Anime and Manga

Anime and Manga essay is the type of topic that is very fascinating for the readers because it is one of the best types of entertainment in the world. Many types of people watch anime and manga in their spare time since they are similar to movies and comics.

Therefore, your essay has to be as entertaining as the Anime and manga art itself. To make your essay good consider the below tips.

  • Begin reading or watching some Fan Fiction if you’re experiencing problems.  Here, the characters have already been established; all you have to do now is to ask yourself a “what if?” question to come up with a new tale.
  • Examine some of your favourite anime series and mangas and try to determine why you enjoy them. Is it because of the action? What about the characters? What makes it so exceptional?
  • Make sure you don’t rush your creation. Great ideas can strike at any time, so don’t be discouraged if the design process takes more time than you anticipated.
  • Try to use the best vocabulary possible.
  • Stay away from slang.
  • Try to use your own words. Avoid using words just to show that you know them.
  • Write it in 3rd person.
  • Write it down in a cohesive manner.
  • Have fun with it.
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