When to Write a Claim in an Essay: a complete stepwise Guide

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Claim Essay

A claim in an essay has the role of tackling debacle topics. The author should start by tackling an issue and later choose one side. A claim is an argument, however, it is noteworthy that not all arguments are equal. 

For any claim to be worthy, it should be debatable, complex, and supported by research. It should carry facts and not opinions.  For one to make a valid claim, you must argue to prove your point. 

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Difference Between a Claim and a Thesis Statement

A thesis statement is a short paragraph or a concise sentence that summarizes the main argument or assertion of your entire essay. On the other hand, a claim is a be stand-alone assertion that either supports the main topic for the essay or supports the thesis statement.

A claim in some situations could be part of many other claims. In a research paper, the claim defines the scope, directions, and goal of the paper as long as you support it with evidence and statistics. 

The author can make a particular claim in the thesis statement that is debatable or unchallengeable. In addition, the writer can develop a claim, support and explain it within the body with evidence. 

When to Write a Claim in an Essay

You can write the claim in the introduction of an essay. Again, you can put the claim at the beginning of the sentence or the end. As you write about the claim, ensure it remains interesting.

In addition, it should create questions in the reader’s mind of which they should get answers within your essay. 

How to Write a Good Claim in an Essay

Claims are sub-points or links to an argument. Such an approach enables the author to use claims via linking. You will not have to repeat the same content when you want similar arguments to relate to one another. You can write a good claim by observing the following principles:

writing claim essay

1. Develop a Point at a Time

Avoid making multiple points within a single claim.

The approach may lead to confusion and obscuring some parts of the arguments.

Again, you should use examples beneath a claim rather than integrating them into it. 

2. Choose Your Topic of Interest 

You should select the topic that you want to expound about. Writing arguments and claims will be rewarding if you have a great interest in the topic. Narrow a specific subject and make arguments out of it.

Several aspects exist to assist you in proving your claim effectively. One example could be if the topic is desertification, then you can make the cutting of trees the main trigger of the problems. 

3. Develop a Question and Answer it 

A thesis is usually a question or problem. The subject notwithstanding, the author can present a thesis as a solution to the question. Know the extent of your question as an answer with the shortest possible answer.

For instance, you can have this question; is online shopping reliable? The answer is online shopping saves time, and it is effortless. 

4. Choose What You Can prove 

Avoid writing ambiguous claim or which you find it hard to prove it later. Instead, you should select what you can verify. Ensure you get prepared before presenting a claim in your essay. 

Ensure you write your claim backed by great evidence. Be true with facts as you prove your claim.  

5. Define Papers Goals 

Your goal will dictate the type of thesis that you intend to write facts about. Suppose the thesis is argumentative, then your thesis will be about trying to convince people to follow your opinion.

For example, you can claim that you can change the economy of a nation by making well-calculated decisions. 

6. Have a Stand on a Specific Issue

Suppose you are writing definitive literature or argumentative thesis; it is reasonable to stand on a particular issue. It is possible to discuss multiple issues but narrow down and discuss one issue with greater attention.

The paper should revolve around that particular issue as you expound on it throughout the paper. 

7. Take a Unique Approach to the Topic 

You can make your claim sound interesting and sustainable by making arguments with a different approach. You can use a new way of conveying definitions, facts, and opinions.

The thesis can attract most of the readers if you craft it with a distinct argument. For example, to end terrorism, the world must disarm the victims and destroy their terrorist cells. 

8. Let the Claim Remain Relevant to the Parent Topic 

You need to create relevant arguments and points that will support or weaken the main claim. You should create the claim first if it fails to fit into the discussion. 

9. Support Your Claims 

It is reasonable to use logic in supporting your claim. It is not persuasive to throw an idea without elaborating it. You can use evidence and research to explain any logical links that made you come to the conclusion of the matter.

One of the methods that heals your points to sink in the mind of the reader is to elaborate your arguments with examples.

Therefore, it needs to be a comprehensive assertion. Just as we explained that a thesis cannot be a question, the same thought applies to a claim. It cannot be a question form since it must be clear.

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Tips and Examples of Writing a good Claim

Dos and Don'ts


  • Write a claim that you can support strongly. 
  • Ensure you write a well-researched topic for you to expand your claim. 
  • Ask the colleague to proofread the document to help you identify familiar errors that you cannot see when you did alone. 


  • Avoid making common grammar mistakes since they could distract the leader. 
  • Avoid plagiarism and place the quotes in the quotation marks. 
  • Avoid indicating in the claim who may be right or wrong. 

Examples of Claim Sentences

Several claims exist to support your arguments, as indicated below:

claim essay examples

a) Claims of Facts 

The claim of fact states that you can disapprove or prove something with factual evidence.

It will argue of soothing is correct, accurate, or valid.

It is a debatable claim that one needs to present statics or facts before gaining acceptance or rejections.

For instance, if you say that the earth is flat, you should produce evidence to back your arguments. 

The arguments should support the claim all through.

b) Claims of Definition

It is a presentation of how you should argue something. For example, it should ask questions such as; what is it? It should offer a broader explanation of that particular subject

For example, therapeutic massage is a healthy issue that does not mean prostitution. Then explain to your audience the meaning of therapeutic massage. 

c) Claims of Value 

It is a unique claim that tells the audience if something is bad or good. It should tell one if something is also better than the other.

For instance, you can argue that football is better than volleyball. Let the statements establish the value of your stand over something. 

d) Claims of Solutions or Policy 

It argues that a particular condition should exist to solve a certain problem. For example, if your claim says that cutting trees contributed to drought, then give a solution of how you can for such a challenge by planting more trees. 

How Long Should a Claim Be?

A claim can be one or two sentences. What makes it long is how you defend your arguments in the preceding paragraphs. You must elaborate on all the facts to enable the audience to know what you are talking about. 

How Many Claims Can You Put?

You can choose to make a single claim in an essay and back it with sub-claims. The sub-claim should remain compliant with the main claim as you try to elaborate on what you want to put across in the reader’s mind. 

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