Our Terms and Conditions of Use

When using and accessing our website (GradeBees.com), we use terms and conditions to govern your activity.  You hereby agree with our terms and conditions when using the website and agree to be bound by them. Entering these legal terms shows you claim full authority and you are legally bound by them.

1. Definitions

The website includes web pages that are available at https://gradebees.com including sub-domains that realize services.

Services are all written academic works that clients request.

Terms and conditions include a privacy policy, revision policy, money-back guarantee, and plagiarism-free guarantee.

A writer is a professional in researching and academia who offers writing services to clients as a freelancer or employee contracted by us.

Us, we, or ours refers to GradeBees.com, which is a company that is allowed to run by the rules and regulations of the United Kingdom.

You, the user or the client, is a person registered on the website and have agreed to the terms and services. Anyone using our website to transfer payments and upload information, bidding, executing and submitting an order is also considered as a user.

An account is a section that allows user registration and is not open to public access.

Order refers to the entire work that consumers required. Orders are written and submitted online on our website. It is an electronic request from clients for a writing service that is paid for.

The product is what follows after the order. It should be content that is written not copied and as per the client’s request.

Client’s information is text information submitted by you for reference or as an example. This information must be accepted by the website.

2. Registration and Placing orders.

  • One must fill the order form provided on the website to submit an order.
  • Order forms help in specifying the work scope, terms of delivery and parameters of the order. It’s your obligation to fill in the correct information when filling your order form.
  • Additional requirements include your personal information such as names and your contact information like the email address and mobile numbers. Update your account information in case of changes in these requirements.

3. Order payment discounts

  • Orders are processed if only the payment of the product is made and authorized.
  • The pricing page includes our pricing which we use to calculate product payments which are paid in advance. It is not our responsibility to deliver product until the authorization of an order after full payment.
  • On the website are payment methods that one can use to pay for orders.
  • It’s our discretion to offer discounts basing on the current discount policies. Equal discounts and bonuses are offered to every client.
  • The money-back guarantees policy help refund clients who are willing to quit working with us.
  • If the jurisdiction of your service includes value-added taxes it is your responsibility to pay them. Taxes depending on your location or residence are added to fees billed to you. You must accept that it is your responsibility to comply with tax provisions in your jurisdiction.

4. The Ordering Process

  • Order validation.

In order to check whether assignment requirements were met well as the client specified, we check the orders following final payments. We modify orders to make sure the clients’ specifications are adhered to in cases where they are not met.

  • Order volume

A document received must be the same as the number of page metrics that the client requires. The client has the right to request for a revision if the paper if the pages and number of words expected do not match.

  • Changes of order details.

These are applicable if the writer has not commenced doing the work. The client is required to pay compensation for any order he or she gives the writer after the writer started the work.

  • Resources.

It’s the responsibility of the clients to provide the writer with additional materials that they wish should be used in doing their work.

  • Communication.

The website message system, live chat or phone are ways of communication that the client is encouraged to use to seek information

  • Progress tracking

Updates on the order status can be given to the client through our communication means available anytime. Information on the order status can be accessed also on the client’s personal account.

5. Order delivery.

  • Meeting of clients’ deadlines and delivery of the product are our responsibilities. This said we are not responsible for incorrect delivery channels. It is, therefore, the responsibility of the clients to make sure that delivery channels such as emails are correct.
  • After we deliver a product it is the responsibility of the client to download it in a timely manner.
  • Our money-back policy makes you aware of your right to a refund.

6. Order Revision

  • If the revision instructions collide with the initial order instructions, we decline your revision request. If the client is paying an additional fee, then the request can be accepted.
  • Unreasonable and multiple revision requests that may exploit the writer is declined.
  • One should read our revision policy to understand these terms better.

7. Our Refund policy

  • It is our responsibility to deliver products in time with clients’ specifications that were specified on the order. Our Money Back Policy ensures clients are refunded either partially or fully if their commitments are violated.
  • We refund when there is proof that our work failed the grade. We also refund when the writer has not followed instructions and the deadline is passed. We refund in full when those two instances have been met and they have been clearly violated.
  • We also refund when we cannot complete a task and this is communicated very early enough so that the customer manages his work well on time.

8. The use of our Products

  • By paying for an order you make a reflection of the time and effort used to conduct and writing your order as well as the maintenance and administration of product delivery. You also agree that it is for personal use and also non-commercial.
  • As part of your use, you are not allowed to distribute our products in the form of hard copy or post it on the internet.
  • Feel free to use our products as model papers. This means that you can use them in the following ways: As a source for additional understanding of the subject, As a source of ideas, creativity, and reasoning for your own research, and more.
  • You should also cite or reference our work. For proper paraphrasing consult your educational institution’s definition of plagiarism and acceptable paraphrase and direct citing.

9. Plagiarism

  • Any person that attempts to pass any Products as their original work may lead to cancellation of agreements, arrangements or any arrangement with us.
  • Third parties should not come into contact with products already delivered to us for any other purpose. If this occurs, then we are obliged with the right to stop all services that we provide you with.
  • You should avoid putting your name on the products you deliver to us. Everything you deliver to us is for conducting research and referencing. We do not condone or allow any kind of plagiarism or violation of copyright laws.
  • Our company and all our partners are not responsible for any kind of unethical, illegal, inappropriate or wrongful use of the products and materials received on the website.
  • In case of such instances, the purchasers of products from our website are responsible for any disciplinary action arising.
  • Read our plagiarism-free guarantee to learn how we avoid plagiarism in our operations

10. Referral programs

  • Referral terms govern your actions is such a way that you take place in the referral programs and by agreeing to be bound by them.
  • Changing or terminating referral programs, limiting or modifying the use of referral accounts and changing procedures are actions within our discretion.

11. Miscellaneous.

  • Transferring your rights under our terms and condition to another person may not be possible. Transferring our rights under these terms can be done if we feel that your rights will not be violated.
  • If we ignore your breaching of terms we will still be relying on our remedies and rights if you breach the terms another time.

12. Notices

  • On our contact address provided on the Contact Us page on the website send written notices only unless stated otherwise.
  • Notices from us will be through email addresses provided on the account or displayed on the website from time to time or displayed on the personal order page.

13. Amendments

  • Changing any information features or functionality of the website and discontinuing or stopping, temporarily or permanently availability of any content or database on the website are rights we reserve at any time.
  • Another right under this category is the imposition of limits on certain features and services or the restriction to access parts of or all the services.

14. Contact details

  • Use your phone or email to communicate with us. Use chat provided on the contact us page on the website or on your personal order page to inquire more information about the website.

Email: [email protected]

Phone: +1 213 631-3537