How Long Is 750 Words in Pages: Typed Paragraphs

750 Words in Pages

750 Words in Pages

Students, either in high school or college, are given assignments that they are required to complete in an essay format. Essays allow students to express the concepts and ideas they have learned while still adhering to academic conventions.

Students should observe academic conventions like sticking to a word count/limit to avoid being penalized by their instructors or teachers. 

This article focuses on a 750-word essay in terms of its number of pages, the number of paragraphs, the time it takes to complete such an essay, and the best strategies to use when writing a 750-word essay. 

How many pages are 750 words?

The number of pages that make up a 750-word essay is partly dependent on the line spacing.

2 page essay

The reason why it is partly dependent is that other factors such as the size of the font, the type of the font, the characteristics of the font (bold, normal, italics, and so on), letter size (A4, A3, and so on), and the size of the page margins can affect the length of such an essay in terms of the number of pages. 

Though this is the case, as aforementioned, there are academic conventions that standardize the “other factors” in such a way that students are only left with the decision of altering their line spacing.

Academically, most essays are required to be completed either in double-space or single space, one-inch margins, A4 letter size, normal size 12 font, and times new roman (or any other academically acceptable font). 

1. Double-Space

In double-space, the number of pages in a 750-word essay is about 2.5 to 3 in length. A double-spaced page contains lesser words compared to a single-spaced page because a double-spaced page leaves greater spaces between lines and paragraphs compared to a single-spaced page. 

However, it should be noted that the number of pages for a double-spaced 750-word essay can also change depending on the number of subtopics/subheadings, spaces between paragraphs, and the presence of images or graphs.

The more the subtopics/headings within such an essay, the longer the essay will be in terms of pages because subtopics/headings take up more line spacing compared to normal sentences. 

Additionally, the presence of spaces between paragraphs can increase the length of an essay. Images or graphs consume a lot of space hence increasing the overall number of pages within such essays. 

2. Single-Space

single spacing in word

In single-space 750-word essays, the length is about 1.5 pages.

This is because a single-spaced page contains twice as many lines as a double-spaced page.

What this means is that when all the aforementioned factors such as font size, type, style, and so on are held constant, a single-spaced essay compresses the lines of a double-spaced essay to half its original length. 

It is also important to note that different academic essays may require students to specifically format their work either double-spaced or single-spaced. Single-spaced essays are those that are in the form of letters or memorandums.

The instructor may also require students to complete their essays as single-spaced papers even when they are not letters or memos.

Most academic essays are written as double-spaced papers, which makes this type of line spacing the most popular in the academic world. 

How Long are 750 Words in Paragraphs?

Academically, a typical page should contain about 3 paragraphs. As aforementioned, a standard 750-word essay is between 2.5 and 3 pages in length.

Therefore, such an essay contains between 7.5 and 9 paragraphs. It is important to note that a paragraph normally contains between 100 and 200 words with a typical paragraph having about 5 to 7 sentences. 

How to Write a 750-Word Essay

When writing a 750-word essay, it is important to first analyze the topic in terms of its complexity, the expected content and context, and the audience. Some topics may be complex compared to others.

750 word essay outline

Though this is the case, it is important to carefully analyze the topic so that you can know your scope of research.

Researching is very important when writing a 750-word essay because it helps you understand the topic more, and find the most relevant content and supportive evidence for the essay.

Since this is an academic essay, it is important to take note of such sources of research so that you can cite them in your essay. 

Planning is another important step when writing such essays. It helps students outline their points logically/coherently while easing the process of writing. It also helps students split the various sections of the paper in such a way that they fit the 750-word limit. 

In most cases, a 750-word essay contains an introductory paragraph that should have about 100 words briefly describing the contents of the paper. The introduction should capture the readers’ attention while broadly outlining the impact of the topic.

This paragraph should end with a thesis statement that outlines the purpose and direction of the paper in a single statement. 

This is followed by body paragraphs that should contain around 550 words. The body paragraphs contain individual points that are supported by evidence. Students should demonstrate the link between the topic and the supportive points through sound arguments within individual paragraphs.

The final paragraph is the conclusion containing around 100 words that sum up all the ideas presented in the paper as they relate to the topic and thesis statement. This totals to about 750 words. 

Finally, students should make sure that they edit or proofread their essays to ensure that they correct any grammatical and punctuation errors.

It also allows the students to format their work according to academic formats such as MLA, APA, Chicago/Turabian, Harvard, ASA, and so on while including both in-text citations and references. 

How long does it take to Write 750 Words?

time taken

This majorly depends on the speed of the student while typing on a computer.

Students who are conversant in using computers can type about 30 to 45 words per minute, translating to about 17 to 25 minutes for a 750-word essay.

This is especially the case if such students are typing whatever they have handwritten or they are leisurely writing. However, they will take more time to write if they are required to write in-depth essays. Some essays may take hours depending on their requirements. 

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