Can you do a Research Paper in a Day or Write 10-page Essay

Write your Research in one day

Write your Research in one day

A research paper is arguably the most important part of your academic course and this is a clear indication that you have to do it perfectly.

An academic assignment such as research paper needs gradual planning if you want to perform the task correctly.

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Can a Research Paper be done in One Day? 

There comes a time when you have to postpone your work until the last day when it is needed.

It is possible to write and complete a research paper in one day, whether it is a short paper or a 10-page essay. To do that, you need to concentrate and avoid distractions once you start writing it.

The steps are simple, research, use an outline, follow the instructions and proofread to polish it at the end.

With all the necessary requirements at your disposal, it is possible to write a long research paper and submit it within a day to your lecturer.

planning a research date

Apart from procrastination, other reasons that can make a student be in this situation include laziness, being busy or forgetfulness. 

No matter the reason, submitting it late is not an option if you are a serious student.

This requires sheer concentration and the writer should avoid any form of distractions.

In a span of 10-24 hours, it is possible to complete your research.

However, factors such as topic complexity, your writing skills, research methods and typing speed will determine if you will beat the deadline.

How to Write a Research Paper in One Day

Since time is not on your side, start by examining the prompt given by your professor and understand it.

This will help you to settle for a favorable topic in line with the confines of the assignment. Ensure you comprehend all instructions given because there is no time for repetition or correction. 

Secondly, breakthrough the possible topics at hand and settle on one you have a personal interest with. Start researching on the narrowed list of topics and ensure you settle for one that returns many pages of results from the search engines.

If the topic search results are many and from credible sources, that is the topic you can tackle in one day.

After settling on your preferred topic, outline all the subtopics before you get into the research. Subtopics are good for a comprehensive research so that you will not leave any idea behind.

If there are subtopic concepts or questions you have left out, more ideas will come as you write and you can still add them. Also, establish the kind of structure your research will suit.

For timesaving purposes, you can use research organization tools, bookmark the websites on the browser you are using or copy all the links with information on a Google document. Do this for all the appropriate webpages that your search engine has returned. 

For better subtopic research, consider the use of amazon reviews, Google scholar and Google books. Through these searches, you will get a large quantity of books and scholarly articles that will save a lot of time.

Luckily, university and college libraries now have reliable online databases such as ProQuest and LexisNexis that can give you enough resources.

Writing the Essay

writing a research draft

Once you are sure of the subtopic outline, proceed and commence drafting then tackle subtopics you are more comfortable with.

Because the resources are ready, it will be timesaving to cite as you write.

Focus on the page limit so that you don’t end up wasting time by writing more than required for a given subtopic.

With all the ideas down on paper, writing an introduction and conclusion will be easier as you recap the key points and arguments in this section. 

The last step is to proofread and edit what you have written. This is the time to remove unwanted phrases, check grammatical and spelling mistakes then format the footnotes in line with the style stipulated in your instructions.

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Tips on How to Write a Research Paper Fast          

If you have an urgent paper that you want to submit an assignment on the last day, then you have hours to handle it in a day. Irrespective of the education establishment you are in, below are amazing ideas that can help you write your research fast:

1. Do away with Distractions

Apparently, you need no commotions or interferences of any nature if you are to write fast. Apart from external noises in your surroundings, social media gadgets are the enemy of fast writing.

Entertainment gadgets such as radio and televisions should be off so that your mind is set and focused on the task at hand.

2. Have a Clear Mindset

If you review your mindset towards the research work you have, it becomes possible to write more in less time.

This involves not only being positive about the work but also goal-oriented. Reset your mind about achieving much within a short time of one day.

3. Come up with a Draft

A draft will make it easier to write your research paper fast. Before you start, come up with a structure for the paper and possibly include an argumentative thesis. 

It is a helpful trick that will help with paragraph arrangement, structure of the paper and a good conclusion.

4. Adequate Preparation

Underestimating the importance of good preparation will be a mistake. Apart from elimination all interferences, make sure all the important materials are ready. Have a paper, pen and your computer ready.

research sources

Also, ensure that your sitting arrangement is comfortable. A good chair and table will ensure that you do not experience fatigue before completing your paper.

Tiredness and exhaustion will affect your concentration and eventually lower the quality of paper you will write.

You can consider visiting a library if your working environment is noisy.

5. Go for a Topic you are Comfortable with

Having a clear image of the theme of your research paper will make it faster to compose. As such, select a topic that you have interest in and have a good understanding of the subject.

6. Proper Research

It is important to find all the information you need before you start writing. The writing evidence you collect from the internet can be confusing. Therefore, save the bookmarks of all pages that are relevant to your research so that you do not have to repeat the searches again.

Check again and confirm that you followed all the specific instructions about the sources.

7. The use of Transitions

For faster writing of a research paper, linking of paragraphs is vital. You will be able to write your paper with the coherence of thoughts and ideas while at the same time relating them to the thesis. It is advisable to place transitions at the end of paragraphs.

8. Take Breaks

Regular breaks will definitely come in handy. Prolonged writing and the use of a computer will make you get tired. Therefore, take a break of about 5 minutes after working on your paper for 45 minutes.

Drinking some water and taking part in quick exercises will help a lot.

Also, food and water should be part of your breaks. Water will maintain good hydration and food restores your energy levels.

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Things That Slows Writers in Academic Writing

  • Being slow in researching and retrieving the right content for your topic
  • Selecting a topic that you have no interest in it
  • Writing in the midst of distractions. Interferences such as unwelcomed conversations, social media apps, television, and noisy surrounding can slow down your writing.
  • Inability to properly comprehend instructions. If you embark on writing a topic that is not clear to you or you are not familiar with the formatting, you are likely to be slow.
  • Lack of a proper plan for the research project given. Academic engagements need a meticulous planning so that you come up with quality results. The resources, time and internal structure should be part of your planning.
  • Not gathering all the required resources before writing.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is it okay to write a research paper in a week?

It is perfectly fine to write your paper in one week. Since you have time to research, your paper will be coherent and easy to read.

Can you write a research paper in one night?

Depending on the paper length and topic complexity, this is possible if you outline and plan well.

For some reasons, you can be in a situation where you have to write your whole research paper overnight.

Is it okay to write a research paper in a month?

This is the best time frame for writing your paper. It is ok because you have adequate time to plan and write.