Avoid being Caught Buying Dissertations: Tips to Do it Right

caught buying dissertations

caught buying dissertations

Are you looking for someone to write your dissertation or thesis but you are afraid? Are you wondering whether you will be caught buying dissertations or your professor will catch you buying a thesis or a paper? In this article, we explore all the aspects of having someone do your dissertation.

Coursework comes with several challenges such as exams, homework, and meeting deadlines in your assignments and dissertations. Sometimes, you need that little help to write your dissertations. However, is it not risky?

When unsure about writing a super dissertation, or unable to meet deadlines, you can seek an assignment writing service that guarantees you excellent work that is likely to win favor from your instructor without being caught.

This guide will try to answer some fundamental issues about dissertation writing agencies and some tips on how to engage the best writers in the industry.

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Can a Professor Tell if I Bought my Dissertation?

If you are looking for someone to write your dissertation but you have doubts if you will be caught buying a thesis online, here is a guide that will open you on what to do. Let’s start with whether your instructor can discover you.

A professor can tell that you bought a dissertation from online writing services if you hire an inexperienced writer to complete your dissertations or you buy from shared online databases.

However, you cannot be caught if you get your thesis or dissertation done by expert writers who write from scratch without plagiarism.

Again, you will need to edit or fine-tune your dissertation or thesis to fit your preference or taste. Do not leave everything to the writer to fill in. For example, if you have been writing papers before, the chances are that the instructor knows your writing voice.

Your voice talks about how you organize your thoughts, how you structure your sentences, and or how you make some grammatical errors.

When your writing style suddenly changes, and the writing dramatically improves, such could lead to suspicion. Even without evidence, the professor is likely to raise some academic charges against you.

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professor tell bought dissertation
Using Plagiarism Checkers

Another method that the professor may use to determine if you bought the dissertation is using plagiarism checkers.

Such could identify if someone used it before.

Remember, universities do not only rely on online plagiarism-checking tools only.

Most of the institutions use more sophisticated tools with more features than online free tools.

Such free tools may fail to identify plagiarism but not with better tools that the universities use.

No, you can confuse the professor by telling them if you bought a dissertation by rewriting the paper in your style.

However, you must be careful not to deviate from the given concepts and change the meaning of the sentences. Your role is to change the voice to retain your usual one. 

What will matter in this case is the depth of your research and the accuracy of the data you presented. Eliminate any vocabulary that does not match your writing style.

Again, you can use serious plagiarism detector software to determine if a section in the dissertation could show some plagiarism.

Once you see some plagiarism, ensure you rewrite those sentences until you eliminate your research source in the paper.

Reasons Why Students Buy Dissertations and Thesis

1. To Acquire Better Grades

Students would choose to go for the services of an expert and seek a well-researched thesis and dissertation, which will fetch good marks. No one wants to fail a course that probably took years to complete. As such, the student would instead go for a professional who will craft a winning paper that will make him impress the instructor and pass.

Students buy Dissertations

2. Overburdened by other Duties

Students face a growing burden of balancing between studies and work. Such could be both part-time and full-time jobs.

Due to the stigma of failure, the student could decide to seek the services of a writing agency to save time and eventually get suitable materials that could bargain good grades.

3. Laziness

Laziness is a common scenario among students. One may fail to study and research the course topics well and hence decide to look for someone who can handle the burden.

A lazy student will not have the courage to research and present the paper because of a lack of adequate facts to convince the instructor. Consequently, the student will seek writing help from experts at a fee.

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How to Hire someone to Write your Dissertation

You need a perfect dissertation paper to avoid failing your defense. The paper should be valuable with correct facts about the topic of study. As we established in another article, dissertation services work well if you find the best of them and hire good writers.

For that matter, one needs to use the following tips to settle for a suitable candidate to write a life-changing dissertation paper.

Favorable Terms and Conditions

You should avoid those writing agencies that fail to publish detailed terms and conditions on their sites, which could be a red flag that they are scammers. Such could fail to do a revision or a refund for you if the need arises.

Ensure you read and understand the claims on the websites, which must have support of terms and conditions.

For example, understand how the party supports your free revisions, secure payment process, privacy protection, and refunds. If you find the section reliable, then go ahead and hire them.

High-Quality Website

Scam websites do not have a high-quality design because the owners do not want to invest in anything apart from scamming unsuspecting visitors. They aim to scam and disappear within a short duration.

Get your first impression when you look at your website. Is it cheap or reliable? A high-quality website is easy to navigate by rating it on the following features:

  • List of services
  • Terms and conditions
  • Pricing
  • Customer support contact options
  • Ordering process
  • Information about the writers
  • Guarantees on areas like timely delivery, free revisions, secure payments and 100% plagiarism-free content.

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Reviews from Unbiased Customers

Before you arouse your interest in seeking for particular writing service from an agent, it is critical to get their reputation from the customers’ feedback.

You can go through the reviews from honest customers and read how they rate their services. Caution is vital here since some of the reviews may lack credibility.

Seek to understand the duration at which the website has been in existence with several reviews it receives from its past deals.

Check well because some reviews may have links from specific websites; hence look for great reviews to get affiliate links.

When reading the reviews on the website, ensure you preserve your common sense to separate lies from the truth since some of the reviews may not originate from genuine customers.


I suppose you might be wrong if you believe higher pricing denotes better service. For example, one can locate a writing agency that offers lower prices for the most extended deadlines.

The same agency could be having a versatile team of writers who can process your order as soon as possible and afford to deliver top-notch work at lower prices.

We recommend that you stick with average prices within the industry. Ensure that their terms and conditions lack no hidden charges within the order.

For example, some scamming services would charge on formatting, bibliography, title page, and other items that you least expected to pay for them.

Ever-Present Customer Support

While it is true that a writing agency may have great writers, it is likely to fail if it lacks 24/7 customer support. One should have direct access to the writer to receive updates on the progress and add some instructions to perfect the work.

Getting 24/7 customer support allows the client to get an instant response at all times, whether day or night.

You can test a live chat and evaluate how it performs before you give them your order. See how they respond to issues and determine if it is friendly and reliable.

You can still ask them to avail you of a writer you can handle a specific order. You can ask for the qualifications of that writer. If they withhold much information, then proceed elsewhere.

Let your paper be written by a Team

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Why we are the Best to Dissertations for you

Several online firms exist to help students get good dissertations for their coursework. One must look for certain aspects that would make buying a dissertation easy, as indicated below.

1. We have Experienced Dissertation Writers

Experience leads to perfection; hence it is a crucial commodity that one needs when looking for the correct dissertation online.

One should go through the firms’ profiles to understand the duration they have been rendering their services and the type of team they have been working with together.

If you are dealing with an individual writer, you must inquire to understand how long he/she has been working. One of the features of a good writer is experience.

how to buy Dissertations

2. We have Professional Editors and support

The best way to get exemplary service is to understand how professional the writing service is. Ensure that you do not land on quacks who will present shoddy work to you.

Check the professional endowment of writers and establish the kind of system the firm uses to recruit their writers. One can still go ahead to ask for samples of their certificates prove to their credibility.

3. No Plagiarism – We write Original Dissertations

One of the worst mistakes in writing is subjecting the content to a high percentage of plagiarism which violates other authors’ rights. It could be irritating and may lead to a criminal offense.

Choose a firm that does not issue plagiarized work. It is worthy of having an expensive dissertation that is perfect for your coursework.

4. Timely Delivery of works

Time is usually a valuable asset that the ideal writing agency should uphold by meeting deadlines.

The best standard is to deliver it before the agreed time to allow the recipient to go through and establish if there could be any revisions or not. Another vital area is that the company should edit and do the modifications for you freely.

5. Direct Communication with writers

The student should choose a company that will respond to your questions faster. The firm should update you on the progress of your work and rectify it if you want it reviewed. Staying in constant communication prevents any eventualities that could lead to a loss.

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