Free Answer Websites: 7 Alternatives to Chegg or Course Hero

Free Answer Websites

Free Answer Websites

It is no longer a secret that most classes are happening online due to the pandemic. As such online answer websites have skyrocketed in their performance to meet such demands. They are called flashcard websites.

Flashcard websites are popular websites with a code of honor to prohibit cheating and assist students in doing their homework.

This site allows consumers to post a question and get a verified answer from online answer website experts within thirty minutes. One can post a question in nearly all discipline areas and get a reliable answer without further delay.

You can use an online flashcard website as a learning platform and increase your knowledge and skills. Millions of students around the world use this website to advance their academic careers.

It assists students beyond the classroom by providing resources such as digital textbook rentals, tutoring, internships, and scholarships.

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7 Best Alternatives to Chegg or Course Hero

There are several websites that offer answers and assignment solutions online. While such websites are questioned whether it constitutes Chegg cheating, the answer depends on how the student uses the answers.

These websites are good if used well for studies and study-related purposes. They also have an online library and provide answers to different concerns. Some of these alternatives areas are listed below:

1. Brainly

This is one of the best alternatives since it has a resourceful library that provides solutions to your study area. Like flashcards, Brainly assists students by providing quick notes, documents, or online tutor support. Furthermore, this platform will facilitate you with Flashcard-related answers from its vast library and database.

2. Bookfinder

Bookfinder is an excellent platform where you can find Flashcard books. One can use such books to get answers to critical questions. Such books will offer you accurate solutions and assist you in meeting your assignment needs and prepare for your exams effectively.

This Bookfinder has millions of books in its inventory that users can still find at the lowest price.

3. Quizlet

Quizlet is the perfect free alternative to flashcard websites. It is a very good website for students who want to tap knowledge from the available resources on this platform. As a flashcard website, you can get the most affordable assistance and quick solutions from experts.

Chegg Alternatives

More importantly, Quizlet flashcards provide reading materials from other websites directly. This site intends to assist the user in perfecting the assignments with free answers.

4. BlueStudy

It is a unique site that integrates tutors, students, and an online library. The student will greatly benefit by acquiring knowledge from the book directly. As if it is not over, the user can use online tutors for more comprehensive solutions and advice.

If your homework assignment is overwhelming you, it is high time you consider using the resources on this platform to advance your interest.

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5. Slader

One can access the Slader website to receive Flashcard answers. You can open the websites and reach out to the search bar. Next, type in the question you wish to get the answer to.

Such a question could be from a textbook or your convictions. Paste the question of the Slader bar and check the corresponding answers. Select the best answer from the list.

6. StudyLib

Studylib is also a valuable platform to help you access answers freely. Access the website from your browser and access the search bar on the main homepage. Type your desired question on the search bar and wait for the response.

After a while, you will see a list of possible answers to your question. The cool thing about this StudyLib is that it takes a little time to solve your problems.

Another thing, StudyLib has a host of books that you can download freely. There is a provision for one to use a flashcard to increase convenience. Typically, this site is an amazing free alternative.

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7. Humbot

It is a powerful online source that is instrumental in assisting users with text-based tutoring. The platforms have an excellent procedure of selling powerful concepts that will improve the understanding of the student.

The platform deals with all subjects in almost every field. The user gets help from an online assistant who will respond to all your queries with reliable answers.

You can initiate the process of signing up on the site. After that, you gain access to its books and the services of an online assistant who will empower you with great ideas to solve specific issues as per your needs.

How to Unblur and see Flashcard Answers Free

Several methods are available to you if you intend to access answers for free. In this piece, we will narrow our options to the following methods:

1. By using Free Trial

The free trial version is the official way of accessing textbooks and answers at no cost. Once you sign up, you will get a free trial that takes you four weeks.

This version has a package of privileges, such as getting a video tutorial for all questions. The user has unlimited access to textbooks with over 20 million questions already explained.

The Procedure to Create a Free Trial

free answers trial
  • Access the website and create your account by using your Facebook or Gmail account.
  • Select the student option and confirm whether you are in high school or college.
  • Create the account now and enter your payment details.
  • Add your card and activate the four-week trial period to access free textbooks and other online services.

2. By using Free Answers on Reddit

Reddit is a leading online platform for groups and communities to share information about different topics of interest. And one of them is Flashcard answers and sharing online answers.

The idea here is to help the community member to assist each other in getting answers and learning together. They have a community that provides free answers to questions that have been answered on Flashcard. To get the free Flashcard answers on Reddit, here are the steps to follow;

  • Open your account on Reddit
  • Join Reddit communities
  • Read the policies then ask the questions
  • Copy-paste the question to the Reddit community
  • You will get a faster response with legit answers

3. Check Discord Servers

Discord is a reliable platform to help the student to access Flashcard answers for free. One upside of this platform is that it has more active members than the Reddit community.

Discord offers services that are similar to a Flashcard website by providing educational solutions and answers to the questions paused.

As a user, you have the option to join multiple servers simultaneously. You can post different questions on these servers and benefit from the variety of answers you get.

This method is effective, making it outstanding among other options like premium services.

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4. Free Flashcard Answers by iStaunch

It is also a suitable option for finding free answers. Here is the procedure:

  • Open a free account on iStaunch
  • Look for the question that you want a corresponding answer to.
  • Enter the email ID and question link.
  • Send your question by clicking on submit button.
  • Your answer will be available to you within thirty minutes.

5. Obtain their Premium Account with Study Packs

Such a method allows the user to acquire their premium account passwords and username details freely. Here, you will need either an iPhone or an Android one before going to the next step.

Procedure to Unblur Flashcard answers with StudyPacks

  1. Access the free premium account link from your mobile gadget.
  2. Click on Start Creation.
  3. Select the platform you are using (Android or iPhone)
  4. Click on Load Apps and install two apps on the list.
  5. Signup for the two installed apps and use them for at least thirty seconds.
  6. Next, go back to the website, and you will get Flashcard premium account details.
  7. Use those details to log in with Flashcard .
  8. The premium account is now active.

6. By using free Flashcard Alternatives

Flash card websites are a great platform to serve the different needs of a student. However, other sources will still provide similar services too. You get the same answers for free but on different websites and platforms.

Among the best free alternatives includes Brainly, Quizlet, a free Course Hero account, Bookfinder, Slander, and StudyLib among others. We hereby discuss these alternatives, both paid and free.

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