If you want to pay for an essay to be written for you but you are skeptical, you are not alone. Most students want to buy essays online but they really do not know how to do it safely. Others have a genuine need to get homework help or buy term papers online but cannot find a guide to do so. Read on for a comprehensive guide on how to safely buy essay writing services.

The process of buying essays online safely starts with getting homework help service with qualified writers for your assignments. Choose a website that is ready to guide you on the process to safely get term papers written for you. To safely buy essays online, make your order, give instructions, chat your writer to monitor progress, and take safety precautions after receiving the completed file.

Read on for a comprehensive guide on how to get essay writing services safely, without compromising yourself.

Safe Process of buying essays online

Recent research has proven that essays are the most frequent forms of assignments given in all academic institutions. Essays require students to think critically, be creative, and analyze points properly. Many students combine different activities and may find it difficult to complete assignments.

Others lack ideas about the given essays. All these combined with tight deadlines given by instructors make the buying of essays inevitable.

The Process of buying an Essay Online

Whenever you need to purchase an essay, ensure that you are getting quality reliable essays. Many fraud services deceive writers that they will provide quality essays to make fast profits. They don’t want to work their way to the top or build their essay writing services reputation.

You need to select a credible academic writing website for you to be assured of quality work. After making sure that a website is credible, create your account to easily access the website. Follow the following process to buy an essay:

1. Making an Essay Order well

First, you need to make an order. After clicking on make an order on any website, there are details that you are needed to fill. First is selecting the type of essay you need to be written. These essay types include;

After selecting the type of essay you need to be written. Select the discipline it belongs to. At Grade Bees essay writing service, we handle almost all disciplines in academia. However, over the last few years, we have noted a number of common ones that students seek help frequently. These common disciplines include:

  • Argumentative essays
  • Blog posts
  • Speeches
  • Term papers
  • Assignments
  • Movie reviews
  • Book reviews
  • Creative writing.
  • Lab reports
  • Question-Answer essays.
  • Case studies
  • Research papers
  • Research proposals.
  • Coursework
  • Admission essays
  • Article reviews
  • Literature analysis
  • Projects
  • Research papers
  • Capstone papers
  • Memos.
  • Presentations
  • College essays.
  • Discussion essays.
  • Critical thinking
  • Reflection papers.
  • Responses essay
  • Essay Outlines
  • Reports
  • Journal articles.

After selecting the discipline your essay falls in, select the academic level. The academic levels that you can buy essays include high school, undergraduate year 1-2, undergraduate year 3-4, graduate and Ph.D.

Also, provide a valid and reasonable deadline. Deadlines are crucial in your order. This is the time you expect your work completed and sent to you. Deadlines are determined by the urgency of the work and the amount of work to be done. For example, you cannot give a two-hour deadline for a twenty-page essay that needs massive research.

Deadlines need to be valid. Websites provide deadlines that you select. If none suits you can fill the deadline of your choice in the space provided. It is important to note that the deadline determines the cost of the essay. The more urgent you need the essay the more expensive the essay will be and vice versa.

2. Provide the instructions

With the selection of the academic level done, provide the instructions on how you need the writer to write your paper. Everything that you feel the writer should consider should be included. This may include outlines, scales, and statistics. Any additional material you feel the writer should use should be provided.

Select the paper format. These include the Chicago format, APA, MLA, any other of your choice and if any should be provided. Provide the length you need the essay to be. This includes the number of words and pages you need in your essay.

In addition to your instructions, give a valid and reasonable Deadline. Set the deadline for your work. It should be noted that the urgent the work, the higher the price, and vice versa. Each academic writing website has a minimum deadline that you can offer for essays. This is always a few hours after placing the order. Deadlines also depend on the length of the essay to be written.

3. Chat your writer to give clarifications if needed

The customer can chat with the writer of his work on chats platforms provided by the websites. This helps the customer offer further clarification about the essay to the writer. This plays an important role both to the customer and the writer. The customer can rectify a mistake made when giving instructions and the writer can ask for additional information, though in very rare circumstances.

After completing the order and a writer bids and starts your job, he or she may encounter difficulties and may need further clarification. Through the chat platforms provided, the writer can send you messages on what needs further clarification.

You must respond to them to make sure that there are no mistakes in the final submitted work. This also applies to you when you need to provide further information that the writer should include in your work.

It may be a correction to what previously stated, an addition, or a file that the writer needs to use. One should not hesitate to communicate with the writer considering the deadline. These communications are mostly private and not even the website owners can see them.

4. Download the Completed files

Upon completion, the admin of the website notifies the customer via email. Text messages and calls are used if need be. Most essays are delivered early to give the customer the time needed to go through them and check for any mistakes.

Wait for the completion of the work. Within the deadline time or days that you provided, your work will be completed and delivered. The customer can change the deadline to a further date or a much close date. However, it is important to be sure of the deadline dates before placing an order.

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How much does it take to buy a paper online?

The prices of online papers vary from website to website. Apart from this, several factors determine the price of online papers. These factors include the urgency of the paper, your level of study, the technicality of the assignment, and the size of the written paper, or essay.

1. Urgency of the paper

The price you pay for a paper depends on the duration of time you want it done.

How to know the cost of an essay

A paper to be submitted in a few hours is more expensive than a per that will be submitted in a day, a week, or a month.

This is because the paper due in a few hours requires more effort than a paper that a writer will have plenty of time to research and write.

2. Technicality

The more technical the paper, the more expensive it becomes. Technicality depends on the discipline that the customer’s work is in.

Papers of disciplines such as engineering, medicine and doctorate programs that may need much research and calculations have a higher cost.

Papers that are easy and simple to research are less expensive compared to the more technical papers.

Technicality also depends on the instructions of the customer. The customer may want some specific rare points and terms included in the work. 

3. Your level of study

Essays can be written for high school students, undergraduates, graduates, and Ph.D. students.

The higher the level of study the higher the cost. High school papers are cheap compared to undergraduate papers.

Graduate papers are expensive compared to undergraduate papers. Ph.D. papers are expensive of all.

technical essays cost more

This is because of the higher the level of study the more complex the work.

The more complex the work the more the effort needed to complete the work.

The higher the level of study the higher the level of the writer too.

Writers with a higher level rank are paid more than writers with lower ranks.

4. Size of the paper

The more the number of words and pages that the customer’s work requires, the more the price the customer incurs.

Papers with more pages will require much effort than papers with fewer pages.

Paying more for bulk papers makes the writers feel contented and fully compensated for the amount of work they have done.

Precautions to Safely Buy Essays Online

What to do Before Buying an Essay

1. Set your instructions right

Instructions should stipulate how you need your easy to be written. Before giving out the instructions, you need to have well-read and understood the essay title or question. You also need to know what is required of you to achieve in the essay to acquire a good grade.

To safely buy essays online, the instructions you give to the writer should be clear and realistic. Every material you give for reference should be clear and accessible. Select the academic level of your paper. Make clear the format you want your paper written with. Provide a clear deadline on when you expect the work to be completed.

2. Know the deliverables

These include the pages and number of words you need in your paper. These will help you in setting the right instructions. The student needs to know the provisions of an essay. He or she can ask the instructor if not sure to make sure the correct deliverables are provided.

You have to be realistic when issuing deliverables. The pages needed and the total number of words needed should be relatable.

One also can specify the extent of words in which parts of the essay (the introduction, the body and, the conclusion) and subtopics should reach.

3. Check the best writers

Tips before Safely Buying Essays Online

There are different levels of writers. Each website usually has a different way of ranking their writers.

For example, a website may have, new writers, rising writers, best available standard writers, advanced writers, and top writers.

Writers’ potential varies from one discipline to another. Some writers are good in a certain field and poor on the other. This mostly depends on their specialization. It is, therefore, the responsibility of the writer to choose the level of writers they need.

This massively depends on their level of education and the quality of work needed. It is also important to note that the higher the level of the writer the higher the cost the customer incurs. That is why we engage qualified essay assistants to offer high-quality academic work to customers.

Some websites have the option of having your paper written by a native English speaker writer. Having the best writers do your work gives you confidence that your paper is being done by a person well suited for the topic.

4. Read the writer’s reviews and website reviews

Knowing what other customers say about the writers and the website is important before placing an order. This helps you know the quality and credibility of the writers and the website. The more the top reviews a website and its writers have, the more credible and trustable it is.

One should look out for the reviews that also criticize the website to know the website’s flaws too. One should check out for fake reviews. This is because some writers and websites may decide to manipulate their way to the top.

In a nutshell, one should research on the website to make sure it is the right and the best fit for your essay.

5. Go through the free writer samples

Many writing websites even without you asking, provide samples of already written essays. This will help in evaluating the expertise and the experience of different writers before ordering your paper.

Customers will be able to identify the writer that best suits their needs. This is by checking the quality of a writer’s essays before proceeding to make your order.

Most companies provide platforms that will enable you to get in touch easily with the writer you select. You can explain to the writer further information you need to be included in your essay and your expectations too.

6. Plagiarism free essays

This is the most important thing to consider when buying an essay. Some companies may lack reliable plagiarism checkers. The website you choose should have in its system proper plagiarism detection software.

This protects the customer against writers who may submit other writers’ work as their own without minding the repercussions. Every submitted work should always be plagiarism free. At Grade Bees, we employ qualified paper writers to complete assignments for students, and we are sure they write original content.

It is, therefore, the sole responsibility of the company to make sure that their customers don’t receive plagiarised work. Every company in its terms and conditions should explain ways in which they deal with plagiarism. The customer is usually advised to read through them.

7. Communicate with the writers

Communication is an essential service in academic writing. The buyer can chat with the website to know what is needed before making an order. This helps clarify everything the buyer needs to know. It is good for customers to ensure that there is a chat platform provided by the website.

It can also be used by the customers and the writers to provide more information about the topic the writer is writing about. Writers can in turn ask for more clarification. This makes it easy to correct any changes that may occur before the deadline.

Fully understand your budget before making an order

Essays cost different depending on three things: the urgency of the essay, the level of study, and technicality. One should check the prices well before making an order. One should make sure that the price is affordable. This prevents any future inconvenience after the paper is completed.

Understanding your budget also helps you to choose a homework help service that is not costly, but still gets the job done for you. That is why here are Grade Bees, we have set up a cheap essay writing service to cater for all customers, especially those with lean budgets. There is no need to spend huge amounts of money to buy essays that could be written from scratch by qualified writers at way less.

What to do during the buying of an essay online.

1. Make your order the right way

When placing an order, you need to fill the details correctly. Select the paper type from the list provided first. If not in the list type the paper type in the space provided. On the topic space provided in most websites write down the topic of the work that you need to be done.

Precautions when buying of term papers

Select the subject your topic belongs to from the ones provided or type it on the space provided if it is not on the list.

Give the deliverables of your work. How many words and pages do you require the writer to write.

After giving the variables select the type of service you need.

It can be writing from scratch, rewriting an essay, or editing an already written essay. Select the format you need your paper to be written with. It can be either APA, MLA, or any other required format.

After selecting the format, select the level of writer you need to handle your paper. This depends on your level of education. To safely buy essays online, you need to understand the format that will be used to reference the sources, so as to avoid plagiarism.

Finally, give instructions to the writer. What will he or she write about? Make sure that the instructions are clear and in a language that the writer can understand. You can upload any material that you need to be used in writing your work and the instruction about how the writer should use it.

2. Place the order on time

Customers must place their orders on time considering the time they need their essays complete. This makes sure that the writers have ample time to concentrate and complete the essay. Most websites provide twenty-four-hour services.

This provides customers with time to submit their orders at any time of the day. The earlier you submit your work within a set deadline by instructors, the more the time your paper gets to be written and revisions are done.

Placing your order on time prevents last-minute rash. Papers that are done on rush are to most likely have errors. Placing your order in time avoids these possible frustrations.

3. Stay online to check the progress

Various websites usually have different methods of contacting the user on the progress of his or her work. Some websites give you updates through email, others use text messages, others call and others combine all to increase the chances of communicating with you as fast as possible.

Some websites also have applications that they use to contact customers. Most websites use emails and the website itself to contact customers. This shows that there is a need for you to stay online to increase the chances of receiving updates as soon as they are sent.

The support teams are usually available to handle any inconvenience that you may experience. The main way customers check progress is through the drafts sent to them by the writers. Drafts are parts of the work the writer is doing.

The customer then comments by providing more information or correcting various areas that he or she is not contented with. Staying online is the best way that one can keep track of the work being done. This eventually helps customers receive a final product that satisfies them.

What to do After Buying an essay online

1. Read through the paper

It is important to read through the submitted work. Writers are not machines and can make mistakes. Ensure that the writer followed your instructions to the latter and used content from the materials provided.

Read your paper word to word. Make sure you understand everything in the paper. Imagine that you are the instructor and grade the work. Do you feel contented after going through the work? Do you feel that there are somethings that should be added or omitted in the paper?

Reading through the paper will help answer these questions and make conclusions. Reading through the paper also boosts your confidence to submit your paper to your instructors and hope for good results.

2. Scrutinize whether it needs corrections and where

Read the work while detecting any mistakes that may be present. Check the punctuation of the work. Punctuation marks influence the meaning of an essay. Check whether full stops and commas are put correctly.

Are question marks put at the end of every question? Watch out for other commonly misused punctuation marks such as colons, semicolons, apostrophes, and quotation marks. You should be able to evaluate sentence structures and grammar including vocabularies, to determine if they are well used. 

Check whether your work is well cited and referenced according to the format you selected. You should be conversant with the format used for you to know if it is well used. It is only through reading your paper, that you can detect mistakes and be confident of your work before submission.

3. Ask for a revision if necessary

If the material provided does not meet your requirements, then you can ask for a revision of your work. It is important to note that for the company to accept the revision of a customer’s paper, instructions should not conflict with the initial instructions.

precaution after buying term papers online

The number of instructions you give is not limited as long as they do not conflict with the initial. Unreasonable and multiple revisions by customers that are aimed at exploiting a writer are declined by the company.

Revisions are done for mistakes of the company and its writers and not the customer’s mistakes. The company checks the instructions to prove that nothing has changed. Also, revisions should be submitted before the material is approved.

At the same tine, revisions should be submitted during the appropriate time for your order to be sent for revision. This time usually varies from website to website. you can ask for revision at any time if you have not approved an order.

However, if you have approved an order, revisions can be sent within seven days only (varies from website to website). For bulk essays, the period is likely to be extended. The earlier you ask for a revision, the earlier the feedback will be provided.

All customers need to read and understand the revision policy of the company they are dealing with. You must understand and adhere to the requirements for any company to accept a revision.

4. Check for plagiarism if need be

It is important to know that the work a writer has done is original. Some writers may mess up your work by failing to provide plagiarism-free work. A recent BBC report shows that the essay writing industry is growing. This has opened ways for poor writers who can plagiarize your paper. As a customer, you need not risk. You may incur losses if your work does not meet your expectations after handing it over.

It is rare for customers to receive plagiarised papers. Companies usually have their ways of dealing with plagiarism to make writers more careful. Any writer that attempts to pass any Products as their original work may lead to cancellation of agreements, arrangements, or any arrangement with us.

Third parties should not come into contact with products already delivered to websites for any other purpose. If this occurs, then the company is obliged with the right to stop all services that it provides the writer with.

You should avoid putting your name on the products you deliver to the website. Everything you deliver to us is for the conducting of research and referencing. Writing companies do not condone or allow any kind of plagiarism or violation of copyright laws.

Companies and all their partners are not responsible for any kind of unethical, illegal, inappropriate, or wrongful use of the products and materials received on the website. In case of such instances, the purchasers of products from our website are responsible for any disciplinary action arising.

5. Change the details to make the paper yours

No writer should include his or her details on the customer’s work. Instead, writers should leave spaces to be filled for names, instructors, institutions, and dates.

These usually depend on the format of the paper. The customer upon confirming that the paper fits the standards should then fill the details correctly following the instructions made by instructors.

Submit the paper to your school. After correcting all mistakes that may be in your essay and filling in your details correctly, you can submit your paper with confidence for marking. Read the website’s percentage score policy. Most websites refund customers, if they do not attain a certain percentage after the paper, is marked.

Dos and don’ts of buying papers online

The Do’s of buying papers online

  • Give your instructions.
  • Follow the ordering process to the latter.
  • Make your order the right way.
  • Place the order on time.
  • Log in with your correct details to make it easier for the company to contact you.
  • Give a realistic deadline.
  • Chat with the writer to keep track of your paper.
  • Stay online always to check the progress.
  • Chat with the website to know what is needed and for more information about how it works
  • Check reviews the best writers available online
  • Read reviews or comments of people about the website before trusting the website with your work.
  • Watch out for fake reviews of fake websites.
  • Know the deliverables well before ordering.
  • Give more clarifications to the writer if they ask for them.After receiving the paper read through it.
  • Check if there are mistakes that need corrections.Check if your paper is plagiarism-free.
  • Fill in your details to make the paper yours.
  • If the paper needs corrections, ask for a revision.
  • Do not change your instructions when asking for a revision.

The Dont’s of buying papers online

  • Rushing when placing an order. Make sure everything is correct.
  • Ignoring the terms and conditions of the website.
  • Submitting your paper to the instructor without reading through it.
  • Not keeping track of your paper’s progress online.
  • Not considering the writers available to do your paper.
  • Giving unrealistic deadlines.
  • Changing the initial instructions when in need of a revision.

Final advice how to buy papers online

Every student knows that buying essays online is a prohibited act by institutions. Once caught the student is liable to punishment per the institution’s regulations.

advice before buying essay writing services

Therefore, students should check the security of a website before deciding to trust it with academic work.

Your data should not be shared with anyone at any cost. Students should not use the same email they use at school to log in to academic writing websites.

The names that you use on the websites should also be different. Students should ensure that they are refunded by the website if they do not score.

Students should also make sure that their papers are written from scratch. For further security, students can rewrite the papers delivered and code them.

More importantly, seek to have the best essay writers, homework help experts, and assignment tutors to help you with your paper. If you need help, just trust our vetted essay writers here at Grade Bees and they will write good essays for you. Make sure they write plagiarism-free work that passes any plagiarism-checking software.


Buying essays has become a solution for many students who don’t have much time to concentrate on writing essays. However, most students do not know how to buy essays online safely, especially due to the challenges of knowing what they want. Also, there are many websites that claim to do essays for students, but they just sell poor quality work. In addition, some essays also are complex and students may need help.

Therefore, it is important to understand that buying essays has solved problems, established a wide market worldwide, and it’s here to stay. By applying the precautions discussed above, you can see it is safe to buy essays online, especially if you get them from credible writers. Students, therefore, should follow the guidelines provided when buying essays to ensure they benefit from this activity.