Do you need an essay assistant to help you write your essays and assignments? Are you short of time and you want to deliver the homework early? Well, you have reached the right place. In this comprehensive guide, we explain how to get essay assistance and reasons why students are seeking essay help services.

To get the best essay assistant to write your papers, you should seek reliable, qualified, and confidential writers who are vetted as reliable experts in the essay assistance industry. Search no more, because we are the best in this.

Essay assistance refers to the action where an expert writer researches and writes quality essays from scratch. To score high grades, get our quality essay service since we work with professional researchers, writers, and editors.

Having an essay assistant is completely different from having an essay bot. They are different in two ways. The essay bot is an AI writing tool that suggests the most relevant content, but an essay assistant is a human expert. While the bot helps in paraphrasing, an essay assistant writes the paper for you by researching and writing from scratch.

How to Find a Good College Essay Assistant

1. Search essay writing services Online

Technology has advanced dramatically such that you can get any information you want by using a search engine such as Google, Ask, Bing, among others. Type the information you want, and you are guaranteed to get more information and contacts about it.

An example of a site you are likely to get essay assistant is the Text broker, which provides high-quality writers. They provide professional work and deliver work on time. They focused on client satisfaction to build their reputation.

2. Get advice from Friends

Your friends can help in referring you to a good essay writer. Most of your friends are likely to be your college schoolmates and chances of them using an essay assistant are high since they also have projects to undertake.

Some will send you to find a writer from Guest writers where they post their best articles. Therefore, you can come to this site and find the content relative to what you want, and this is made possible by just having an account with the guest crew.

3. Get essay writing from Best Students

Best students are those that perform well in class. The class performance can be a result of using an essay assistant, and therefore getting better grades.

These students have adverse knowledge on where to get a good and reliable essay assistant.

For example, they can refer their classmate to our essay writing website, which is a widely used and recognized freelance writer.

Most of the freelance writing services are providing a high number of experienced writers on different subjects of interest.

However, due to this massive database, a student is expected to be patient in order to get the best writer according to his/her interests as so many results are displayed.

4. Search for credible Homework Help Websites

There are several trustworthy websites that a lot of writers from Native English speaking countries. A student can use Google to search for essay assistants. There are credible websites such as this one, which is a homework help platform with over several users worldwide.

With is the vast number of members, it is possible to get the writer you are looking for at all times. This website makes working with writers easier as it provides tools for easy communication and sharing of files. You are guaranteed to get a good writer based on experience, the quality of work you want, and price.

5. Read essay assistance Reviews online

Looking for reviews refers to a formal assessment of something to get credible information. A student can review from journals, books, or reliable websites on the best essay writer. For example, Essay sites give the best reviews about their writers and provide clients with reliable writers.

It makes it possible to search for writers based on their experience and the cost they charge. Another one is freelance writing websites like Grade Bees, where it lets you get skilled work from professional writers within a few minutes. By asking for their reviews, you will be able to advise their support team to pick an essay writer that fits your wants.

6. Search from homework help Educators

Educators help in giving credible and reliable information to the student. They share information concerning the essay writer and where to get the best writers, the expected charge per page, and how to know a good essay writer. An excellent example is that of Writers Access operating as a freelancing platform.

The platform boasts of professional writers that would guarantee any student on the planet quality work. Writer access will connect you with writers based in the United States. The cost of writer access bases on the difficulty, urgency, and quality of the paper. Hence a student who is searching for an essay writer can get from Writers Access.

7. Consult former Teachers for essay help

Former essay teachers can be used as good essay assistants. This is because most teachers have interacted with colleagues in higher learning and other institution; hence, therefore, making it possible to get the best sources.

8. Check Testimonials for essay writing services

Testimonials refer to a formal statement that describes someone’s character, qualifications, and abilities. Testimonials are usually given by clients, colleagues, or peers who have worked and benefitted from a particular service. Students can use this kind of testimonies to get a good essay writer.

How Essay Assistance Works

School years are considered to be the best time in a student’s life, but every day the work at school becomes too much and overwhelming to do all of them and beats the deadline.

For this reason, a student may need assistance in essay writing. Here is a procedure on how essay assistance works.

Steps How essay assistance works
  1. Search for a good and reliable essay assistant. An essay assistant can is found by checking on a credible website or referrals from friends or teachers.
  2. After you have identified an essay assistant, contact them, and give your order. Communicate everything about the essay writing help that you need. That is in terms of the subject, instruction on the paper, requirements, and deadline.
  3. Make a deposit as a form of commitment, so that the writer can start working on your paper.
  4. Pay the final amount only when the writer has finished with your essay and when you are satisfied with the work. A good writer should provide free revision services.

Benefits of using Essay Assistance Writing Services

i. You get Good Grades

A student that is struggling to pass his/her exams can use a professional essay writer. An essay writer provides quality work and an assurance of good grades. Essay writing is an integral part of a student’s education, and a professional essay writer will help the student in getting good grades.ii

ii. It saves you the Hassle of writing

A professional writer enables you to tackle difficult or unfamiliar essays. It reduces time, effort, and hassle that could be used in research finding, drafting, and finalizing the paper. Such an approach will go a long way in reducing stress and trouble for the student.

iii. It saves you time

Essay assistance saves time

In most cases, writing an essay from scratch requires and takes a lot of time.

It can be a lot of work for a student who has many activities to undertake this can limit is delivering quality work as time is limited.

Having an essay assistant is beneficial as it saves a lot of time, and the student can use this extra time in other resourceful things like finding a part-time job.

iv. You get to enjoy college life

A lot of work means a lot of time consumed and less enjoyment of college life.

Activities undertaken in college can be limited if school work is a lot. Without the essay burden, you can engage in activities such as vying for the schools’ presidency, meeting and interacting with fellow learned students.

Other activities include proms dates, playing games such as netball, cricket, and football could be limited. With an assistant, it will save time and hence making it easy to enjoy your college life.

v. You can do other work besides school

With the help of professional essay writers, a student acquires free time, which can use to look for a part-time job. Part-time jobs will help in paying for the writing services, have money to buy school material resources also can be necessary for assisting mom at home buying groceries.

This way, it does not only increase the students’ performance in class but also the student acquires skills and competency in the work environment,

vi. You receive Unique and Well-Researched Content

Most professional writers provide unique and well-researched content because they have experience in writing hence more creativity. Essay writers use essay helpers to ensure that the quality of work is guaranteed.

Having an essay writer is an advantage to the student as there are reduced cases of plagiarism. A student has a higher chance of performing well in class as the quality of work is excellent.

viii. It allows you to Expand Your Ideas

The majority of the student lacks the skills to write a good essay. With the help of professional writers, a student can learn from them and also expand their ideas.

ix. Getting such Services are Affordable

Writing services are affordable to a student. That’s why many students can manage to pay for the services as only a few dollars are required.

The point that the services are affordable should be an advantage as the student will not need to hassle in getting money to pay the writers as also work quality is also guaranteed.

x. They Can Modify or Improve your already written essay

A student might feel insure about his/her essay after writing it from scratch. He/she might require a professional essay writer to modify or add content to the already written essay.

The essay assistant will improve the quality of his/her work. The essay assistant also enables the student to expand his ideas of essay writing as he/she can follow how the writer tackled the essay.

xi. You get Timely Deliveries

The majority of the essay writers take academic writing as a full-time job. Being a full-time job, therefore, limits them from any destructions and delays in delivering the essays to clients. A student who has an essay writer can beat deadlines.

Reasons why Students need an Essay Writing Assistance

1. Having No Time to write an assignment

The majority of students have part-time jobs, therefore, having limited time to do all their work and beat the deadline. If you have no much time, just use our essay writing service and you will definitely get value for your money.

Some of the students have family occasions to attend to over the weekend or the holidays and making it hard to complete their essays on time. Much time used in other activities; this, therefore, calls for a need of an essay writer for assistance.

2. Having too much Homework

At a different academic level, a student may have numerous assignments that have near deadlines making it hard to complete them at the needed time. Which for this case, the student has to sort for a helper.

3. To meet Short Assignment Deadlines

Students may have numerous assignments that require a lot of research and more effort. Some of the essays have a short deadline and making it hard to complete all of them and beat deadlines. In this case, students will require an essay assistant.

4. Most are Lazy to work

Some of the students are lazy to work on their assignments. These students keep on postponing work. They prefer to use their time in leisure activities.

Some use essay type to help them type faster when the deadline is almost, and this may lead to low quality work. It’s only prudent that a student should get an essay writer to ensure quality and timely delivery of work.

5. Getting help who cannot write

Need Essay writing help and assistance

Some of the students find it challenging to write an essay.

Essay writing can be challenging because they don’t know how to write an essay.

At the same time, they don’t know how to use the needed format and instruction, or even they are weak in grammar.

This way, it will require some assistance as they will need to submit work to their instructor on time.

6. Lack of Books to do the assignment

Lack of books or other resources for research limits the quality of work for the student. Without good material makes it hard to reference your sources in the paper and may lead to a fail.

As such, it only makes that it will require some assistance from professional writers to get assignments done.

7. Lack of Energy and desire to write

The majority of the students feel drained or exhausted after a long day at school. All the tasks undertaken at schools and activities take a lot of energy and the student’s time. In the end, such students only want to go home and rest.

With fatigue after school, it makes it difficult for a student to stay focused and write a good essay for good grades. It is for such reasons that a student needs an assistant.

8. Lead a stress-free Writing Life

Students have a lot of assignments and other activities they need to undertake in school. Some of the essays are complex, which means that they require a lot of time and hard work. It is stressful for a student who has limited time.

It becomes more stressful for a student as he/she needs to manage his time to facilitate all the activities. For this reason, it is only suitable for them to look for an essay writer. An essay assistant will reduce stress and assure them of good quality work for better grades.

9. Have more Time for other Things

A student who has a professional essay writer will feel relieved from a lot of work and stress. Essay writing requires a lot of time to research, draft, and finalize. When a student has an assistant for the essay, they will have a lot of time to do other resourceful things.

10. Makes you Look Smarter

In a student’s academic life, some topics are complex and require a lot of research, as well as an effort to understand. It can be difficult for the student to pass the paper, as some questions are unfamiliar.

In this situation, a student will need a professional essay writer to tackle the work on their behalf. A student will pass the paper with no stress or struggle. And hence will look smarter for the quality of work done. The only work needed is for the student to go through the paper to get familiarized.

11. To Learn How to Write through our expert writers

In class, there are different types of students. Those that grasp information fast and others that take a little more time to understand, others need the practice to perfect, and others learn from other people’s work.

In class, the teacher only states the basis on paper writing without going deep to the topic; hence can be a challenge to a student that requires an immediate assistant.

In this case, a student can learn the art of writing by using a professional writer. Here the student follows how the writer has answered and tackled the essay and gets to develop the skill of essay writing.

Qualifications to be an Essay Assistant with us

I. Must have Masters/Ph.D

Essay assistant to be qualified, he/she must have some level of education. He/she must be literate and have some specialty in a specific field of study. This makes him/her competent. It makes it easier to tackle a complicated essay as he/she is familiar with the field.

II. Must Understand instructions

A good essay assistant should be able to understand the instructions provided. Following the guidelines will help in using the right format and the correct referencing. He/she should also be able to interpret the question well as it will bring out a good flow of ideas.

Without this ability, he/she will make the client fail the essay. Failing the exam is a disadvantage as it also decreases his/her creditability and reputation.

III. Must have passed key subjects

For a person to qualify to be an essay writer, he/she should have passed the subject that he/she is an expert. If he/she failed the subject, it is apparent that you don’t expect the client to pass their essay paper.

Services of an essay assistant

IV. Must have a good reputation

Good essay assistants should have a good reputation for acquiring needed skills and competency.

At the same time, he should have proven experience in writing essays for students with passing grades.

Therefore, there should be a work sample that shows that the essay assistant had worked before and proved that he is indeed qualified.

V. Needs to be creative

Essay writing requires creativity as it requires giving an example and also to avoid plagiarism. A good essay assistant should acquire this quality to qualify in writing. Work with creative and useful examples is crucial as it helps a student score well in the paper.

VI. An essay writer Must be reliable

An essay assistant to qualify he/she should be reliable. An essay assistant should be trustable and secure in that when given work and the due date, he can beat the deadline and delivers quality work at the same time. Also, they should make sure that the work is original without plagiarism; hence the client does not have to worry when giving out jobs.

VII. Essay assistant must be Confidential and Professional

Writing, just like any other job, requires professionalism. For a person to qualify and be an essay assistant, he/she should show characteristics of competency and practice a high degree of professionalism.

VIII. Strict to deadlines and Swift

Swiftness is the quality of doing things at speed. An essay assistant should portray this quality of fastness. An essay assistant should be fast in responding to an email sent to him/her. Being swift makes him/her reliable and trustable. Swiftness enables the writer to finish work in a limited time.

Cost of a Good Essay Assistance Service

The cost of an essay assistant is made affordable to students. The cost of an essay assistant depends on the quality of work and experience of the writer. The price depends from one writer to another. The average cost for a custom essay varies from as little as $5.00 per page, while others charge up to $30.00 a page.

At some essay writing websites, the price of the writer varies at the cost of the market. The starting amount for professional writers is $18 per page. The price increases if the client wants the essay urgently. The client can manipulate the cost by changing certain factors, such as the urgency of the paper.

Methods of Paying for an Essay Assistant

a) Paying essays through PayPal

PayPal is a faster and safe way to send money. Individuals, businesses, or partners use Paypal. Making an online payment and is received by the merchant account. PayPal is available in many countries in the world, making it convenient.

b) Pay for essays using Credit Card

Clients use a credit card to pay for the services offered. In order to use a credit card, both the receiver and sender need to have an account with the same company.

c) Paying essay writers with Crypto/Bitcoin

Designed to allow online users to process payments through digital units of exchange called bitcoins, here is the process on how to use bitcoins to make payments;

  • Open your Bitcoin app and select Send.
  • Copy and paste the recipient’s wallet address into your wallet app
  • Choose which wallet you want to send Bit.
  • Enter how much you want to send and select next.

d) Bank Transfer to pay your writer

Bank transfer involves the transfer of money from one bank to another. Bank transfer is a faster way and a cheaper way to do a transfer as it only costs very as compared to withdrawing and paying in cash.

e) Use of Amazon Pay

Money transfer is possible to a verified account. By logging into Amazon pay, one would Sign in by feeding your information. Click on withdraw fund to the bank account you are depositing, then click continue to process the payment.

Why we have the Best Essay Writing Assistants

1.      No Plagiarism

A professional essay writer has the skills needed in essay writing, given that he/she has worked in that field for some years. It becomes hard to have plagiarism issues as he/she is creative to come up with many useful examples.

2.      We are a Cheap essay writing service

Essay writers are very affordable. It only requires a few dollars to pay them. Due to its affordability, students are motivated to use them as the quality of the essay is also guaranteed.

3.      We have Professional Writers

Essay writing is a job like any other, and professionalism is a must. Our observance of this rule makes our professional writing service reliable and admired by all our customers. Professionalism ensures delivering quality work to clients and on time. It becomes easier to work with a disciplined person for there are reliability and understanding between the parties.

5.      Our team is very Confidential

There is a high degree of confidentiality between the writer and the client. Privacy and confidentiality are important in that it helps build trust between the parties. This allows the free flow of information.

6.      24/7 Support

A student is guaranteed support by the writers. In the sense that at any time when the student requires any help or assistant, the writer is available. This way, it brings reliability and trust between the parties.

7.      We offer Free Revisions

In case a paper has a mistake or an error, writers offer free revisions. In that, they check where the issue is and rectify it for the client without any extra charges.

8.      English Native Speakers

A large percentage of academic writers are from English speaking countries. Essentially, one will be guaranteed of good grammar and quality work. This also means that words are put together in a sensible order and with the right endings.

9.      Reliable Resources

Professional essay writers use a reliable resource for information. This is because they research from reliable sources such as books, journals, and credible websites. This provides good quality work. Also, they ensure that the work is original without plagiarism.

10.  Timely Deliveries

Writers ensure that they deliver work at the needed time. This is because they understand that they are working for students who have deadlines to beat.

A good writing assistant is the one who understands the needs of the clients and gives quality services and timely deliveries for customer satisfaction.

Tips how to get the best from your Essay Assistant

1. Check Plagiarism

Plagiarism is widely discouraged in essay writing. Plagiarism lowers the quality of work as it lacks creativity. This makes the student’s scoreless grades in that paper. To avoid being flagged for contract cheating, you should always ensure that the paper is clean and free from plagiarism.

It is then better for the student to check on plagiarism before submitting it to the teacher. This will reduce any trouble that may occur later on.

2. Give Instructions

It is clear that the student should give direct and clear instructions to the writer. The writer will be able to work based on the instructions provided. Without giving clear instructions, the writer may work on the essay on how he/she knows best.

If it’s not according to the client’s expectation may bring trouble between the parties. Hence, therefore, it is advisable for the client to give instructions early.

3. Consult Widely

Before giving an essay assistant work, it is advisable for the client to take due diligence about the writer. The student should ensure that the essay writer is qualified, competent, professional, and skilled in the field of interest. He/she should ensure that the writer has worked with other clients and provided quality work. This is important as it avoids a lot of trouble between the client and the writer.

4. Give Better Deadlines

When an essay is complex, it requires time to research. It can be stressful to the writer when the deadline is near. It may compromise the quality of work. This is because the writer will work towards beating the deadline.

Low-quality essay leads to lower grades. Low grades make the client angry and may get in trouble with the writer. Therefore, students should consider giving better deadlines to the essay assistants.

5. Agree on the pricing

A client should ensure open communication about terms and agreement of payment before work is started. Communication about the price or cost of the essay is important as the client is in a position to state how much he/she can afford to pay. This calls for negotiation and hence avoiding any conflict that might occur after work is done.

6. Agree on the Method of Payment to Use

Method of payment should be agreed upon before the essay is worked on by the writer. The method should be convenient for both the client and the writer. This is to ensure the flow of work and also payment is made on time.

7. Seek a Reliable writer

A student should ensure that the writer is reliable. This is in reference to the quality work offered, beating a deadline, and availability. Without these attributes, it becomes hard to work in harmony and may cause trouble between the parties.

8. Confirm with their Confidentiality

The client should be cautious about the amount of information he/she shares with the writer. However, he/she should ensure that the writer is able to portray some levels of confidentiality. It will be sad if a writer shares the client’s information to the public.

If the trust is broken and the essay assistant shares the client’s information with a third party, it can lead to a lot of trouble between the parties as there is a breach of trust. A survey on Australian contract cheating showed that universities are seeking more methods to curb it. Therefore, ensure confidentiality.

Read our comprehensive guide on the process and precautions to safely buy essays online and get the best value for your money.


In conclusion, it is important for a student to get a reliable essay assistant from a reliable source. Essay assistants are affordable, and their services are guaranteed as they provide quality work and timely delivery.

Students should check on the plagiarism issue as it can lower their grades. They should ensure an open communication system between them and the writer to avoid any unforeseen trouble.

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