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Online academic writing is an open secret among students all over the world. You have likely heard of it, or perhaps you have even used essay writers in the past. The emergence of essay writing services with no plagiarism has been on the rise partly due to the increased online learning. You can order essays but it is important to understand what they are and how they are done. More importantly, such information will help you understand why we are the best in offering the services.

Get the best custom essay writing services with no plagiarism from seasoned writers who will write every paper from scratch. Our essay help is fast, cheap and confidential. Basically, custom writing involves hiring someone to do your homework and deliver the grades that you deserve. We have specialized in providing essay help service by pooling seasoned writers and editors to attend to thousands of orders from customers around the world. All we need is your order and the instructions.

In simple, essay help from us and write essays for you is pretty simple and straight-forward. However, the industry is quite complex, and there are a lot of considerations to keep in mind. Here is a comprehensive guide on everything you need to know about online essay writing services with no plagiarism.

What an essay writing service entails

There is no fundamental difference between hiring a friend to do your homework and seeking a stranger online to do the same. However, online homework writing is much more sophisticated than the former. While it is better than hiring a friend, most people tend to be skeptical. We ended this skepticism by determining that essay writing services do work and ended the doubt of whether they are worth it or not.

Online essay writing service is a fully-fledged industry. A simple search on essay help services on Google will turn up hundreds of websites providing this service. A typical essay writing website functions as a bridge between you and essay writers. This essay writing website will facilitate all the transactions between you two while also offering a range of complementary services as required.

Custom writing means customized service
Custom writing means customized service

What is Custom Writing?

When people talk of online essay writing they are usually referring to custom essay writing. Custom essay writing is all about personalization. It means that the author will write your essay from scratch based on the given instructions.

For a custom-written essay, you will need to provide clear and concise guidelines to your essay’s author. Typically, you will be required to provide details such as the essay’s title, number of pages, writing style, formatting, types, and number of references as well as finer instructions governing the essay’s content. The author will then refer to the given guidelines when composing the essay.

It is important to understand that not all online essays are custom-written. In fact, most essays that are publicly available online are generic. They are written based on common essay topics. To this end, most are basic and thus not suitable for submission as homework custom essays. Generic essays are best suited for personal studying.

How do custom writing services work

Every essay writing service provider will require you to create an account with your profile to get access to these services. You will be required to provide a working email address and come up with a secure password for your account. These are the credentials you will use to log into your account every time you wish to use these services.

Most essay writing websites have set procedures for ordering papers. The first step is making the order – the website will provide you with a form that you should fill with all the relevant details for your required essay. The next step involves getting the right essay writer for the job. Some websites will let you browse their inventory of available writers and leave all negotiations with you.

Other websites will post your order on the job board, let writers bid for it, and leave you to approve or disapprove the bids as you see fit. Still, some websites will handle all this for you by reviewing your order and finding the right writer for the job. 

How do custom writing services work

Writing the essay is the third step. The writer will write your essay according to the given instructions. The website’s moderators will then review the essay to make sure that it meets all your requirements before submitting it to you for your review. You can then approve the essay if it does indeed meet all your requirements. You are also at liberty to request minor corrections if the given instructions were not followed.

All financial transactions will be handled by the essay writing website. Once you accept an order, the website will send you an original copy of the essay and your account will be automatically debited to pay for the services. The website’s administrators will then pay the writer. Some websites also have guaranteed refund policies for clients who feel that their essays were not written properly.  

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The Popularity of Online Essay Help Services

Online essay writing service is becoming increasingly popular among millions of students all over the world. These services have become so prevalent that researchers estimate that about 15% of students have bought essays online at some point in their studies.

Most people think that students utilize essay help because they are either lazy or busy partying. This is wrong and unfair. The truth is that students are tasked with too much school work to handle all by themselves. They are forced to seek help elsewhere, and the internet just so happens to offer an easy way out in the form of premium essay writing services with no plagiarism.

Indeed, the internet provides access to hundreds of websites that provide custom essay writing services. You are at liberty to sign up on as many of these websites as you desire. However, it would be more prudent to settle for one. The website you choose should be the best.

How to choose the best Custom Writing Service

Most students seeking essay help online flock to a handful of websites in spite of the hundreds of options available to them. They are all driven by one thing: the quest for excellence. Excellence in the essay writing service industry is defined by several factors that you should always take into consideration before signing up:

Quality Standards

Quality is the cornerstone of a good essay writing service provider. Quality in essay writing websites depends on several factors, and the greatest determining factor is the authors’ professionalism.

The essay writing website you settle for should have a team of highly qualified and experienced authors. These authors should be seasoned scholars in their fields. They should have all the necessary qualifications to pen your essay. They should also be experienced in the industry and intimately familiar with the diverse requirements of all types of essays.

The best way to judge an essay writing service provider’s quality of services is to examine its writers. You can also go a step further and request a sample or draft essay. The website’s overall design also reflects its level of organization.

Customer Service

Custom essay writing services may require you to collaborate closely with the service provider. Communication is important in this case, and it all depends on the quality of the website’s customer service.

The essay writing service provider you choose should always have open channels of communication. It should also have moderators who can resolve all disputes and facilitate proper collaboration between clients and their authors.   


As mentioned, most students choose to buy essays online because they cannot beat the clock. Hiring an author who cannot deliver your essay on time beats the purpose of these services.

Your essay writing service provider of choice should make good on all its promises. Your requested essays should be written well and delivered on time. The authors should also be capable of following all your guidelines. Everything about the essay and customer service should be impeccable.

Fair Pricing

Some essay writing websites charge exorbitant fees that are not worth the quality of services provided. Websites that charge the highest are not necessarily the best. On that note, websites that charge the cheapest offer services that reflect their prices. As such, you should strike a balance between price and value.

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Why spend hours vetting hundreds of essay writing companies when you can go straight for one of the leading ones? Grade Bees, our platform has received glowing reviews and recommendations from students all over the world. Here are some of the characteristics that set us apart from the competition:

1. We have the best Essay Writers

Our platform is built around a vibrant team of outstanding and cheap essay writers for hire. Each member of our writers’ team is an experienced professional and an accomplished scholar. Here are some of the defining points of our homework writers:

Approved essay writers for custom writing services
1. Qualified custom writers

We have Top essay writers in diverse academic fields and courses, and all of them are certified in their respective fields. We are sure of this because we have a strict vetting process. Each of our writers is handpicked from a pool of thousands of applicants.

Besides certification, we also test our writers’ mastery of writing skills, grammar, and everything that goes into writing a compelling academic paper. We also have a perpetual performance review and monitoring program that prevents laxity among our writers. All of this translates to top-quality essays, which, in turn, guarantees you excellent grades.   

2. Experienced and seasoned writers

Certification and qualification simply do not cut it here at – experience is an integral requirement as well! An essay writer may have the necessary knowledge to craft flawless essay quality, but some skills have to be earned through experience.

Most of our writers came on board seeking greener pastures after having previously worked as freelance essay writers. Many have worked with us for years, and we have observed them refine their skills with each essay they write. Because of this, you will not worry about how long they will write an essay because they will definitely not delay your assignment.

3. Creative and vetted writers

Simply writing an essay that is relevant to the given topic is not enough to stand out. Consider application essays that every student applicant is required to write before joining college. Professors seek to understand their future students’ personality and smarts by the creativity they exhibit in their essays. They also do this with every other essay they grade.

We provide the best working environment designed to inspire creativity among our writers. Our editors also provide them with vast resources that they use to get exceptional information that makes their work stand out. Everything about the papers they write is flawless. 

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2. Reliable last-minute Essay Writing Services

We are a professional homework writing service with clients from all over the world. and diverse writers based in different parts of the world. We work round-the-clock to serve clients in all time zones. You will always find a writer ready to serve you whenever you log in.

Besides perpetual availability, reliability on our part is also manifested in the quality of our essays. Our writers are trained to work within our clients’ guidelines. They follow all instructions to the letter and go that extra mile to meet any unique requests.

Finally, reliability is also manifested in our timely deliveries. Most of our authors are full-time essay writers. They also boast great research skills and fast typing speeds. They often work under tight deadlines and always submit essays on time. We are the go-to platform for last-minute essays, so don’t falter just yet.    

3. Affordable homework writing

We guarantee you the best as we deliver top-quality essays at some of the friendliest prices in the industry. All of our services are standardized. We charge you based on the type of essay and the number of pages. For instance, if you order a short essay, the cost will be different from a long one like a dissertation or thesis

Once you place your order our system will compute the charges so you can know what to expect moving forward. We also have a transparent money-refund policy for essays that you may feel will not meet your standards. 

We also offer new clients a free essay trial for their first order. If you wish, we will give you a free draft for your first order so you can get to experience the quality of our services. We also offer a range of additional extras with every essay you buy. More importantly, we offer free essays as samples to customers who would like to learn how to write or verify our expertise.

4. Full-time Customer Service

Besides top-quality papers, students from all over the world flock to us because of our excellent customer service. We prioritize our clients in everything we do. We have a dedicated customer care department that is fully equipped to address all your concerns. Our customer care desk is open throughout and reachable through a range of channels including instant messaging, telephone, and email. Our writers are also well trained in customer care management.

Essay Writing Services offered with No Plagiarism

We offer a wide range of comprehensive academic writing services. Our writers are well-versed with a wide range of paper styles and formats. We handle the following academic papers:

  • Custom Essays

Custom essay writing is our specialty essay writing service. This entails writing essays from scratch based on your given instructions. Our authors review your order, conduct fresh research, and then write the paper from scratch. When we are done we ensure that your custom essay is unique and free of plagiarism.  

  • Research Papers

We also write research papers based on any previous papers you may have done. Research paper writing involves the interpretation and analysis of past research findings. Our writers will require you to furnish us with the assignment instructions that your requested research paper will be based on. We will take it from there and conduct further in-depth research and come up with accurate interpretation and analysis that support your findings.

  • Term Papers

Term papers are designed to gauge your understanding of whatever you may have learned in an academic term. They contribute greatly to your overall grade. Our writers may have not been in the class with you, but we can write excellent term papers on just about anything as long as you specify the course in question.

  • Discussion Posts

Think of discussion posts as mini-essays. If you are taking an online class, you will be required to contribute to discussions through short posts. Your professors will closely monitor these posts to gauge your grasp of the course. As such, your discussion posts should be informative and engaging. We will familiarize ourselves with your online class and come up with the perfect discussion posts based on your course.

  • Admission Essays

You will be required to write an essay when you apply for a spot at your desired college. The admission essay is a make-or-break deal. The administrators and professors will use it to determine your suitability. You cannot afford to take any chances – it should be perfect! We know how to make admission essays perfect. Our writers will do thorough research on your desired college’s background and write the perfect essay that is guaranteed to get you through the door.

  • Case Studies

Most students are intimated by case studies. They demand a lot of time and attention as you have to personally examine the subject of study. Writing the study’s report is also somewhat complex.

Our writers have plenty of experience with case studies. Our website also provides all the resources they would need to study any subject depending on your case study’s scope. We will make your case study our own and do a thorough job of understanding and analyzing the subject of study.

  • Thesis

A thesis is the epitome of your Masters’ degree. It is a sort of reflection of how well you have mastered your studies up to that particular point. It will be repeatedly referred to by your fellow scholars and your future employers may also take an interest in it. The pressure seems too much to bear for most Masters’ students.

Our upper echelon of writers includes doctorate graduates who have excelled in the past dissertations. We will put these writers at your disposal so that you can work together towards the best thesis.

  • Dissertation

After we have helped you ace your Masters’ degree we will also go a step further and help you with your doctorate. Dissertation papers are even more complex than thesis papers, but this doesn’t put us off. As mentioned, we have doctorate graduates who have plenty of experience writing dissertation papers. They will work closely with you to bring your ideas to words on paper while adhering to the stringent rules of writing a dissertation paper.

  • Capstone Projects

Capstone projects are more than just academic papers. It takes two semesters to complete a capstone project. These projects involve lots of research, debating, and academic writing. It is all too much for many students. For us, however, it is just another capstone project. We will immerse ourselves in your studies throughout the project and make sure that each stage of your capstone project is flawless.

  • Full Online Classes

Taking online classes is convenient because you can attend from anywhere. You can also get someone else to sit in for you, and then you can catch up later. No one is better suited to sit in for you than our esteemed essay writers. Just give us your login details and we will take it from there. We will participate fully in the classes and even submit reports after each class so you can stay up to date with everything. No one will suspect anything amiss. 

  • Online Exams

Our services do not stop at taking online classes on your behalf – we will go that extra mile to take your online classes as well. And, since your chosen essay writer will have participated fully in the online classes, you can rest assured that he or she will pass each test. We will also take all the necessary measures to prevent detection by impersonating your online identity.

  • Editing Services

If you have a pre-written essay that you feel needs a second look, you should consider soliciting our proofreading and editing services. Our writers also double up as editors. They will review every aspect of your essay and weed out all the mistakes. We will correct poor grammar and, if necessary, go a step further to correct any glaring mistakes with the content so that your final paper is flawless.

How to order your custom written essay

You don’t need to scour the internet for any other essay writing service provider – you have already found it. We keep all our promises, and we would love to have you on board. Time is fleeting and you still have the fear of writing essays? Don’t wait any longer. Place an order with us today – it is quick and simple. Here is how to go about it:

1. Sign Up

You will need to sign up before you can access our services. It only takes a couple of minutes. All we need from you is a valid email address and a strong password. We will also need your banking details when you make your first order.

2. Fill the Order Form

Once you sign up you will get access to our ordering page. We will provide you with a simple form designed to capture all the details regarding your desired essay. Fill in all the blanks and feel free to include any extra information. You can also share separate documents related to the essay. This too will only take a couple of minutes. Once you are done submit the form and we will review it.

3. Complete the Payment

After you place your order our system will generate a standardized price. We will need you to credit your account before we can post the order on our job board. Don’t worry – we have a transparent money-back guarantee if you change your mind about the order.

4. Wait for Your Essay

Once your order is submitted and the payment processed, our administrators will immediately start looking for a suitable author for the essay. Our support staff selects essay writers based on their qualifications in your field of study. We will let you know when a suitable writer is assigned to your order, and open up a direct communication channel so that you can check in with him/her at will.

The chosen author will begin working on your paper right away and submit it before the due deadline. Our administrators will then review the paper to ensure that it conforms to your guidelines before delivering it to you.

Final Word

Students today are tasked with too much school work to get it all done. We understand your need for an online essay writing service provider. You are not alone – millions of students all over the world do it, so do not hesitate to take advantage of all the amazing offers available online. Grade Bees is one of the leading academic writing websites, and we would love to have you on board. Get in touch with us today to learn more about our services or place an order.

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