Is legit? Is it Trustworthy and Confidential?

Grade Bees Legit site

Grade Bees Legit site

In recent times, there is a rise in the number of websites that write essays for students and deliver them well. However, it is good to know more about them. In this review, we explore whether Grade Bees is a legitimate site that you can trust to ace your grades.

To do that, we will look at its pricing, its ordering process, and the process it takes to deliver an essay, from placing it to having an A-level paper. But is it trustworthy? is a legit site that assists students who require help in writing or preparing their homework. Apart from being popular among students, Grade Bees offers legal academic help services, which makes it trustworthy. More importantly, GradeBees is confidential as they offer their services with ultimate privacy.

This site is legit because it writes custom essays of any level of complexity. This site’s other forms of academic writing are dissertation, thesis, research paper, coursework, and case study.

At the same time, the website has a safe yet user-friendly interface for easy accessibility. Any user can access and navigate through the pages.

More significantly, this site excels in timely delivery. When you place an order with clear instructions, they will stick to your timeline and deliver the right content for you.

If you want premium quality, they will assign you a top-notch writer who will craft suitable content for your work.

The site has decent pricing that is standard to other well-known sites that perform similar jobs. They also come with great discounts and promotion codes to motivate their clients in a great way.

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Is using Essay Writing Services like Legal?

Using essay writing services like GradeBees is safe and legal. Many students flock to writing sites to seek writing services and proofread their essays and other academic papers. The only challenge is to find the right writing firm that offers high-quality and professional services.

Essay Help is legal

It can only be illegal if you land on the wrong site that does not use professional writers, landing you in trouble.

It works in favor of the student if you are working with ethical and responsible writing services.

The right writing services firm should offer you samples of their writing to authenticate their quality.

For example, a student could request the firm to release a sample in MLA formation and understand their writing style.

It is note-worthy noting that you should be careful not to land illegal writing services. For example, avoid those firms that fail to uphold the use of the native English language. Also, if they fail to showcase their past work through the sample, it is a no-go-zone.

Another aspect that makes you alert is when the firm fails to protect the privacy of its client. Besides, a wrong writing services firm has no customer care support, making you keep guessing how you should handle them.

Why students seek Essay Help from Grade Bees

Many students encounter varying challenges that make them seek the services of a writing firm to get their work done perfectly. Here are some of the reasons that compel them to do so:

1. Obtain Better Grades

A student will appreciate it if the writing friend crafts a document that could fetch the best grade in the coursework. If you get the best writers, they will assist you in hitting your goal of gaining the best grade.

When you place your order in a good writing firm, they will use experienced writers who will use their vast knowledge to craft the correct contest that bargains better grades.

Such writers inject determination and passion into your paper by conducting extensive research and fine-tuning your essay to the best quality possible.

2. Time-Saving

A student may have the challenge of maximizing the given time to research and write the correct essay paper.

If he believes that he will struggle to meet the deadlines within the duration given, he may opt for the professional writer who will save them time and write it within the accepted limits.

Writing a compelling essay is a time-consuming and laborious process. The process consumes long hours of research and preparation.

However, when you put such a task to any experienced writer, it would only take a few movements before getting the correct results.

3. Workload

Sometimes, a student may have a tight schedule while trying to balance between academic studies and life.

The experience can attract a lot of stress and other anxieties, making the student remain in agony. Students flock to Grade Bees writing website to get relieved of their homework burden and at least have some work done.

For one to avoid encountering such situations, they opt to work with easy writers who will free them to serve other interests in a balanced manner. The student will enjoy peace of mind when the academic paper is in the correct hands.

Other Services Offered by is a legit suite that deals with various services to uplift your standard. For example, if you want to get admitted to a particular college, you can seek their services to help you get an admissions essay.

Besides, if you are looking for a scholarship in a particular university, you can give them the instruction to craft the correct scholarship essay that will move the panel. 

Among other things that will do for you is review and proofread your paper. Again, it can work on your lab report and fine-tune your coursework.

What makes a Legit website

1. Fair Pricing

best prices has been existing for over a decade while offering unmatched quality writing services in the industry. One of the selling points concerning this firm is the attractive pricing.

They will charge you according to the level of study. For instance, Ph.D. orders will attract higher prices than other levels.

Also, the level of urgency will determine how they charge you. If your paper is extremely urgent, you will have to pay more, whereas if it takes ordinary time, you will meet standard prices. One gets occasional discounts or bonuses.

2. Transparent Refunds and Revision policies

The site offers free revisions an unlimited number of times. However, it should be within seven days after they delivered the order. After the 7th day, the incoming revision is payable.

The client has an option to ask for a refund on several conditions. For instance, if they delivered the order outside the deadline.

Also, a refund is valid if they delivered low-quality paper. Depending on the situation, you can get a partially full or partial refund.

3. Pool of Quality and Writers

The site does not specialize in hiring native English writers only. There is a provision it also hires those writers who use English as a second language. The client will have to pay more if he is using native English writers.

The quality of most of the papers produced by its writers goes unmatched. Depending on the type of writer that they are assigned to do your job, they ensure that they deliver the right quality after researching your topic.

4. Friendly Customer care

The site has active customer care support to handle the needs of its clients all day and night. You can reach out to them via phone or email.

Another form of communication is accessing them through the Facebook page. They are very active on their social pages to handle every concern that you may wish to share with them.

Why Choose to Use over others

Students would prefer to use their services for the following reasons:

Why Choose GradeBees

Affordability is a great platform that promotes the life of a student by offering low prices. It is popular because its pricing is slightly lower than the standard pricing. If you are struggling financially, you can make use of their services to prevent any strain.


The site deals with a variety of services to serve the needs of its clients. If you want a dissertation or a thesis, then it can still meet your needs. This site will ensure you get the right service for those who intend to get the correct essay.


Most of the papers that they produce are of high quality. The cool thing is they offer an unlimited revision window to ensure that you get the correct quality and have a high chance of bettering your grades.

It is a pool of top-notch writers who perform extensive research before coming up with the right quality.