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Many students fall prey to fake essay writing services and end up regretting later. You are at the correct place if you want to avoid a fake essay writer. A fake essay writer is one who operates a cheap essay writing service by giving poorly written content.  

In the academic writing industry, if you want to get the best essays and papers done for you, hire the best essay writers to do your work. They are trained and professional, unlike the fake ones.

A fake essay writing service works by manipulating clients to offer them work without matching quality. It lacks an expert team to handle the client’s work properly. Again such a writing service offers uncommon prices to attract desperate clients. 

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What is a Fake Essay Writing Service?

Typically, a fake essay writing service scams on unsuspecting students about its ability to create essays. Such scam sites are easy to spot if you are keen on the reviews. A fake writing service lacks the professionalism to handle the client work that they purport to process. In the end, you are likely to get a raw deal and end up failing your essay as you submit it. 

As a client, you should identify the warning signs of any fraudulent writing service and escape the trap. It can be a pleasant experience to find a reliable and effective writing service to handle all your needs. 

Characteristics of a Fake Essay Writing Service

Many fraudulent essay writing services are on the rise to scam innocent clients who may give them work only to get poor service. The good news is this section will indicate some signs of a fake writing service. 

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1. Too good to be true prices

It could be better if you began not to trust reviews that appear too good to be true.

For example, you will only see five-star comments only with adjectives written in capital letters.

Some of the suspicious statements are ‘best service ever, or amazing.’

You will find such reviews lacking enough description. They only compliment the service. 

2. Sounding like an Advert

The language used in any advert is to win your trust and cause you to buy something. Such cannot work in the reviews. May fake writing services can make an artificial comment that sounds as if they are advertising a product. 

The genuine review should not sound like you are advertising the services of that writing service. It should only explain sincere feelings. Note the overuse of some descriptive words that make it sound too genuine. It is a red flag! 

3. Lack of specific services

You should examine the content of the feedback. Any honest and sincere comment is usually detailed and specific. If the comments appear to be wishful, they could be like ice cream and therefore fake. 

4. Negative Reviews

It should sound a bell in your ears if the site lacks negative comments or does not have even a slight dissatisfaction from the clients. It can be an abnormal case that no client in the entire operation gets a perfect service always. Suppose all the reviews appear positive, then the chances of it being fake are high. 

How to Spot a Fake Essay Writer

1. Lack of Good Payment Policies

Before you finalize the deal with any essay writing service, check its payment policy. A fake writing service does not state the terms and conditions well before accepting your assignments.

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For example, it should explain any cancellation or refund should before embarking on your order. 

It can be a red flag if the service assists the student in case of any failed transaction.

Again, genuine writing services should not hide its update about financial services to retain their brand value. 

2. No Deadlines 

A scam writing service has issues in meeting deadlines. Many colleges and universities put a penalty on any paper that students submitted late hence affecting the grade. An incompetent writing service can put you in trouble leading to poor academic performance. 

The only way of strengthening the brand and reputation is to complete assignments on time to offer you a chance to go through the paper. If there are any changes that you wish to request, they should adjust it to align with your wish. 

3. Reputation

You can know the reputation of an essay writing service by seeking advice from other classmates. Check what they say if you want to know how a particular firm meets deadlines. Understand the reviews of those college mates concerning the return policy. 

Know if they produce quality assignments and also the kind of grades such assignments fetches. If the writing service produces poor quality, then it is unreliable and not trusted. 

4. Poorly-Designed Website

If the writing service lacks a good business website, it is an indicator of an incompetent firm lacking long-term plans. It shows that the website does not invest in itself to become an industry leader. 

A good writing service should establish a well-designed website to prove their seriousness to potential clients that are on the internet. That is the only place where one can gain a reputation and expand the brand value. 

A well-designed website shows that you believe in competition and are making deliberate efforts to meet your customers’ needs. You can fitter the right writing service if you gauge the website by how it ranks on the search engine. 

5. Diversity

The right writing service should showcase its past work. That is the only way one can gauge the creative aspect of their work. You can use such information to know if you will get good quality assignments. Suppose the work is not creative enough, then you should not hire such a firm. 

6. Inexperienced Writers 

The quality of your assignment depends on the skill and the experience of the writer. The site should produce the educational background of its writers so that it does not spoil your assignments. 

How to Avoid Fake Essay Writing Services

You can use the information in this section to detect and avoid a fake writing service. Here are the tips to put consider: 

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1. General Information 

The presence of broken grammar and spelling mistakes are some of the alarming signs.

If you cannot write well, it is a sign that you will not offer much when given a task. 

In addition, if the website looks shoddy, it shows that the owner made it in a hurry.

Look for the About Us page and observe the type of information that such a page carries. It could be a red flag if it lacks a billing address or its registration number. 

2. Discounts and Prices 

The alarming thing here is the unrealistic low price. Thousands of students fall prey to such scam writers and get conned most times. Although high-quality and inexpensive writers exist, the truth is that most of the cheap ones are victims of offering poor-quality services. 

Another red flag is if the writing services do not accept credit cards or PayPal. If you cannot trust the service, you should avoid disclosing some information concerning your credit card.

Also, it can be alarming if the website has unrealistic discounts. You get uncommon offers and discounts, which makes it look like they are faking. 

3. Quality

The greatest concern regarding quality is plagiarism because it can lead to serious academic consequences. It is important to go through comments and customer testimonials and look for any mention concerning the rate of plagiarism. 

A warning sign lies in getting unrealistic deadline ranges. For example, it is very uncommon for a writing service to offer high-quality and well-written assignments within an hour. We are talking about writing a five-page research paper within a single hour! 

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