How to Write an English 102 Research Paper that Rocks

How to Write an English 102 Research Paper that Rocks

How to Write an English 102 Research Paper that Rocks

It is often intimidating when you are tasked with writing a paper for English. The intimidation is even extreme when you do not know how to write a good English 102 research paper, especially if you are writing it for the first time.

However, this should not overwhelm you because your professor only tests your ability to express your ideas in writing, use grammar correctly, observe proper spelling, and punctuate your work.

Below, I have provided you with the necessary techniques and tools for writing English 102 research papers. For those who would like expert papers, feel free to check our research paper help services for instant assistance. Read on to learn how to do it yourself.

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How to Write an English 102 Research Paper

English literature book

An English 102 Research Paper is a literary research paper that focuses on how you analyze and interpret literature. This will require you to analyze and interpret the literature provided critically.

To write a good English 102 research paper, you must come up with a good topic, thesis statement, and introduction.

You will discuss several points that support that thesis and sum up with a good conclusion that reflects your research and personal take-home from the paper.

Since English 102 is a research paper, it implies that you are to utilize credible secondary material for your research paper.

When handling such a paper, you are required to analyze and interpret a piece of literature or several pieces and provide viable support to your analysis through research.

Ideally, your English 102 Research Paper should be no less than 6 pages. Depending on your professor’s instructions or guidelines, it is imperative to adhere to acceptable academic writing formats.

Some of these citation formats include MLA and APA. As aforementioned, this is a research paper, and there should be sources.

You are supposed to list a minimum of 6 sources of which the majority have to be peer-reviewed secondary sources. The sources are listed at the end of the paper on a separate page titled “References” or “Works Cited.”.

How to Structure A Research Paper?

Now that we have tackled what you will be learning in /English 102, you may wonder how to structure your research paper when presented with a task.

The most important thing to note is that your paper should be structured according to your main ideas. This means that your paper will represent individual ideas within individual paragraphs.

Your paper should begin with an introductory paragraph. From this paragraph, you introduce what your paper will be about. Your introduction should utilize a hook that captures the interest of your readers.

Then, state the issues (question) at hand and respond to those issues through a thesis (the point to be proved by your paper). Your thesis is central to your paper. All your arguments and sources should revolve around your thesis.

Body paragraphs then follow the introduction. Each paragraph focuses on an individual point that supports your thesis. Use topic sentences within each paragraph to connect them to the thesis statement.

For example, if your thesis statement is, “The destruction of the Amazon forest in Brazil is one of the factors that have contributed to global warming”, then each paragraph should provide a supporting point of how the destruction of Amazon is linked to global warming.

Finally provide a conclusion in which you restate your thesis and main points. Then provide a wider relevance of your arguments. Do not forget to cite all your sources. For a comprehensive writing guide on how to write research, format and present research papers

How to Organize an English Research Paper

It is very important to organize your English 102 Research Paper. As noted in the structure of your research paper, your paper depends on your thesis statement.

A thesis statement is determined after establishing the topic. Read how to write a good thesis statement in our paper writing guide.

Each idea that supports the thesis statement should be organized into individual paragraphs.

Creating an outline is The best way to organize your English 102 Research Paper.

The outline shows how your ideas will be organized within your paper. The main ideas are organized in accordance with the order in which you will write about them.

Subordinate ideas are written below the main ideas. For example, if your first main idea is “Destruction of the Amazon results to global warming because lesser trees mean lesser absorbers of carbon from the atmosphere”, the subordinate should be “photosynthesis process and carbon absorption”. It supports the main idea.

When writing your paper, ensure you cite all the secondary sources used. This is achieved through in-text citation and at the end of your paper on the “Works Cited” page. If you are challenged using these formats, seek our paper writing help for quicker solutions.

Your paper should present viable ideas and arguments that are effectively supported. When done with writing, always proofread to correct any mistakes done.

What Do you Learn in English 102?

For those of us who have not yet participated in the English 102 course, you may be wondering what you will be taught.

To be worried about the English 102 Research Paper, you must have participated in English 101. You must have successfully completed the Eng 101 class and perfected your art of Writing English compositions.

Now that you have connected the two courses, let us delve into what you will learn in English 102.

The course is a continuation of practicing rhetorical skills that had been introduced in English 101. In this stage, you are required to analyze, interpret, and synthesize different literary works to form a well-supported and researched academic argument.

Here, you will learn the conventions of academic writing. This means that by the end of the course, you will learn how to write a well-developed, convincing, and well-organized paper.

On top of that, you will learn how to document, synthesize, and respond to a wide variety of sources on a particular topic. You will be expected to apply analytical college writing in this course.

Throughout the course, you will develop the capability of writing about problems from various perspectives, such as philosophical, historical, cross-cultural, and/or rhetorical, and interdisciplinary perspectives.

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This will widen your versatility as an academic writer, enabling you to tackle various topics from various disciplines and contexts.

Students will also learn how to work to tackle certain tasks collectively. Here, students must form groups and engage in activities and discussions meant to develop a clear sense of audience, critical perspectives, and effective and fluent writing and delivery style.

Students learn that they can tackle more complex tasks easily with minimal time by combining their efforts to achieve a certain goal. This differs from writing English compositions as you did in the previous class.

While writing formal essays throughout the English 102 course, students learn how to utilize analysis, interpretation, and persuasion as strategies to present and support a valid position or perspective. While doing this, they continue developing critical attitudes toward media and culture.

This is basically what you will learn in the English 102 course. Regarding the sources used for information in the course, you are to evaluate the relevance, authority, and validity of the information they provide and cite the information using the proper means to avoid case of plagiarism.

Why is a College English Research Paper Assignment given?

An English Research Paper is a literary research paper that evaluates how students analyze and interpret literature.

To succeed in this assignment, students are required to critically analyze and interpret the literature that has been provided in the form of books, case studies, and other works.

What is a Literary Research Paper Assignment?

Ideally, there is no difference between English and literary research papers. Both mean the same thing, and the requirements are similar. In both, you are required to showcase your ability to critically analyze and interpret literature by using viable arguments and credible evidence.

Research paper organization templates

In addition to the guide above, it is good to have a look at the common examples of how a good English paper should be. While there are different common templates, this, English paper outline is what we recommend you follow. You can download the PDF version on that link.

Parting shot

Knowing how to write your English 102 research paper is a step towards getting that good grade. The paper tests your ability to research, express your ideas in writing, use correct grammar, observe proper spelling, and punctuate your work.

As long as you are able to follow the instructions, organize, and structure your work as I have shown, you should not be intimidated by the course. Also, remember to write a paper long enough to cover the assignment given.

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