How to Write an Essay or paper on your Phone: 3 Easy Ways

writing essay on your phone

writing essay on your phone

Are you a student who is short of time? Do you have a phone that comes in handy in other tasks? Well, why not use it to write your assignments? In this comprehensive guide, we will explore all the ways that you can write your paper or an essay on your phone. From using the phone to write a paper to order one from experts.

Many people use mobile phones to do their writing tasks apart from their normal uses. However, the use of a phone cannot be exhausted.

Many people use mobile phones to do their writing tasks apart from the normal uses. However, the use of a phone cannot be exhausted. You can use your phone to hire our essay writers on mobile and get expert papers, just on move.

Let us explore the main ways in which you can use your mobile device to get a paper done.

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3 ways you can use your phone to write your paper

1. Research and Study for the Paper

using phone to research

You can use your phone to learn everything you need concerning your paper’s topic. Phones have internet where you can research and study for your topic.

The internet will provide you with a variety of results for your topic. It is, therefore, up to you to choose the most credible search results to use when studying for the paper.

2. Write the Paper using your Phone

Phones can be used to write papers through the use of several apps. One can download several writing apps and note apps on the phone and use to write term papers.

Apps such as the WPS Office and Microsoft Office, now available on the Google Play store, can be used by students to write papers. The Notebook app is also an alternative app.

3. Using your Phone to Order a Paper Written for You by Experts

There are several academic writing websites online. All you have to do is select a credible one and order a paper. You are required to provide instructions for them to follow.

You can also monitor the progress of your work. With these paper writing companies, you are guaranteed quality work.

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How to Write an Essay on the Phone

1. Use the Phone to Research and Study the Topic

When conducting research using your phone make it broad. Do not only focus on interesting specific information that you find. Make your research as broad as possible.

This increases the probability of capturing every important piece of information on your topic. This hence increases your understanding of the topic.

Organize your research information. This will help you avoid forgetting anything that you may have learned during your research.

You should keep links to the web pages you have visited as well as save images and PDFs that you have found relating to the topic of study.

After collecting a wide spectrum of data, decide what is important for your paper and what is not.

Try and find a genuine relationship between what you have researched and tour topic of study rather than going for the easy interesting information available.

2. Open Different Apps to Research and Write

Different search apps and browsing apps can be used for research. The apps include Google, Chrome, Opera, Phoenix, among others.

Several apps can also be used to write an essay on the phone. These apps include:

WPS Office

writing on phone using WPS

This app is available for both Android and iOS devices. It integrates with apps such as word PowerPoint, and Excel. It is also free. Its features are easy to use.

You can type your work using your phone’s keyboard, change colors, fonts, alignments, and insert tables using this app. Documents are easily saved and retrieved using this app.

Google Docs

It is also available for both Android and iOS phones. It is free also. Writing or editing using this app occurs offline. You can insert charts and non-text documents in your essay using this app.

Using this app, you can transition easily from your mobile phone to your computer. It is compatible with Microsoft Word.

Microsoft Word.

This free app, installable on Android and iOS devices, is perfect for writing your essay. It’s updated regularly with new features, such as Dropbox being added recently.

You can change font size and style, add bullets, and insert tables and charts using this app.

3. Write the Paper

Once you open the writing app, you will have space to write your paper on. Use the phone’s keyboard to type the paragraphs.

Write a paragraph continuously and space it with the next paragraph using the enter key on your phone’s keyboard.

Always remember to write the topic sentences, support sentences, concluding sentences, and transitional sentences in your paper. This means that the paragraph should be of a reasonable length. That is between 7 and 8 sentences.

4. Use Phone Keyboard Prediction Carefully

Though keyboard predictions help you type faster on the phone, you should be careful when using them. Some predictions may turn hilarious and suggest words that do not apply in the context of your paper.

Before you tap the word suggested by the keyboard make sure it is the word that you wanted to use. Ensure the word also is in its right form of application.

For example, the keyboard word suggested maybe in singular form but you wanted it in the plural.

You can as well avoid all the keyboard predictions by restricting them in the Language and Input setting on your phone’s settings.

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5. Format the Paper Later Using your Computer

When you complete writing your paper on the phone, format it using a computer. The computer will help you make your work more presentable.

The instructor will probably use a computer when going through your work. Check the spacing, the margins, and the paragraphs of your work. You can submit the work if it looks presentable.

The computer will help you use formatting styles such as MLA and APA better. The computer will easily help you fulfill the requirements of these styles.

You will easily format the margins to the required inches. you will also check the line spacing, location of page numbers, and paragraph indentation.

Other settings such as page break when starting new pages and title page editing become simple when using the computer.

Referencing sources also is easy when using the computer. Both APA and MLA formats have different methods of writing reference lists. If you have a big list of references it will be easy typing them using your computer.

Common Free Apps to use when Writing your Essay on your Phone

free apps to write essay on phone

Several apps can be used when writing your essay on your phone. These include:

  • AI writer.
  • Microsoft word
  • JotterPad for Android
  • Editorial for iOS
  • Google Docs
  • Zoho Writer.
  • Notebook
  • WPS Office.

DOs and DONTs when Writing an Essay using your Phone

The DOs of Essay Writing using Your Phone

Using Word Apps

Word apps usually make it easier for you to type your essay on your phone. They have different features that will help you write a document that is close that that written on a computer

Writing your essay using your phone without these apps cannot be considered an option.

Researching before Writing

It doesn’t matter where you are writing your essay on. Before you begin writing an essay you must do sufficient research to gain knowledge on the given topic.

Researching will help you write the easy easily. You will avoid frequent pauses due to insufficient content to write about. Researching before writing gives you the confidence of getting a good mark after submitting your work.

Type Paragraph after Paragraph

Do not mix up paragraphs when writing your essay. Leaving incomplete paragraphs and starting new ones can lead to a mixed-up and poor essay.

This can be caused by insufficient research. Each idea or point should be covered in a single paragraph to avoid mixing them up.

Avoid Using Different Apps when Writing your Work

Phones are addictive and you can be tempted to reply to incoming messages or play games when writing your essay. This can easily contradict your essay arguments.

Losing concentration on your essay can lead to the writing of a poor essay. When writing your essay on the phone avoiding opening apps that are not helping you writing the essay.

Regularly back up your Text

The work is not automatically saved when typing your paper on your phone. Save the work in intervals as you type it to avoid losing it when your phone goes off or when you accidentally clear recently used apps.


Proofreading is important when writing papers regardless of whether you use your phone or computer. When using your phone, it becomes more important.

The phone’s keyboard is not well-spaced and you may end up typing several words wrongly.

If you are using the keyboard prediction, you may have used words that do not fit in in your paper hence increasing the need for proofreading.

The Don’ts of Writing an Essay using the Phone

Do not use the Text Prediction without Confirming

writing prediction on phone

If your keyboard suggests words for you and you use them to type the paper faster, make sure you confirm the words.

If you don’t confirm the words, you may end up using words in the paper that are out of context or that do not give the meaning you intended to.

Avoid Format your Essay on the Phone

The computer is a better formating tool than the phone. Formatting your work is important because it ensures you have adhered to all specifications provided by your instructor before submitting your work.

The MLA, APA, Chicago, and Harvard formatting styles are more accurate when done using the computer.

Do not Submit on Phone

It is recommended not to submit your work using the phone because you might be tempted to submit it before formatting it on the computer.

There is no problem if you format your work on the computer and submit it using your phone.

Do not use Different Writing Apps

Stick to one writing app when writing your paper. These apps have different settings. Changing the apps will mix the organization of your paper.

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Common FAQs on the Topic

Can you write an essay on a mobile phone?

You can write an essay using a mobile phone by using several apps that are available on PlayStore and Apple Store.

These apps have several formatting features that make it easy for you to write papers using a mobile phone.

These apps and being developed day in day out. Some require payment for access. It is up to you to choose the app that fits your needs the most.

What free app can I use to write an essay on my phone?

There are a number of mobile apps that we have heard students using their phones to do homework. Here are a few of the free apps that you can use include:

  • Microsoft word.
  • Notebook.
  • WPS office.
  • Google Docs.
  • AI writer.
  • JotterPad
  • Editorial

Is mobile phone good or bad for essays?

Writing essays on mobile phones is ok provided you edit the final document using your computer. Sometimes mobile phones save us the portability stress when you have to write your essay but you are nowhere near the computer.

What is a mobile phone paragraph, how is it different from that of a computer?

A mobile phone paragraph is a paragraph written using the phone’s keyboards on writing mobile apps. The differences between the mobile phone paragraphs and the computer paragraphs are the margins and the line spacing. They are mostly constant on mobile phones but can be changed on computers.

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