Overcoming the Feeling and Fear of Writing Essays

Overcoming the feeling and fear of writing essays

Overcoming the feeling and fear of writing essays

When you have an essay to write, do you feel excited about it, or do you get depressed and spend a lot of time worrying about it? This could be anxiety, and you must overcome the fear of writing an essay.

Many students get this fear because they have little or no positive writing experience. I, too, had negative feelings about it until I realized that writing is an essential skill.

Most students consider writing an essay hard, challenging, and complicated. It is essential to realize that writing is a way to inform, explain, and educate.

Some hire essay writing services like ours to save the burden, but a few decide to do the homework themselves. This guide is for those who seek to beat the fear and do the work.

What is the Fear of Writing Essays Called?

Almost all writers face the same anxieties when confronted with a writing task. Even scholars with a more positive attitude toward writing and a lot more writing experience can sometimes be paralyzed by a fear of writing.

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At times the fear of writing anxiety can become so pronounced that it cuts our productivity. Fear of writing in public is known as Script phobia, while Graphophobia is fear of handwriting.

The fear of Judgment is the most significant anxiety that many writers face.

Many students fear the disgrace attached to poor grades, the judgment of tutors, and being seen as dumb.

How to get over the Fear of Writing an Essay?

The first step in overcoming writing fears is to know it exists and admit that you experience it. Acknowledging that such anxieties are integral to the writing process and profession is essential.

For some people, that acknowledgment alone may be enough to dispel and manage the fear of writing. Others tend to have problems in writing essays that they do not tackle.

One of the best ways to overcome the fear of writing essays is to write regularly and develop an interest in the topic intentionally. Successful writers have a genuine interest in their subject, which helps them develop positive writing experiences.

Successful writers focus on their fascination. They do not write for their tutors, their colleagues, or for a journal. So to overcome the fear of writing, develop an interest in your subject, make sure you write, and continue doing so despite the nagging doubts.

  1. Fear of Process; we may fear the act of sitting down and setting ourselves to the hard work of writing.
  2. The fear of success; we often attach high expectations of relief, happiness, and success on an assignment and may fear completing the project for fear that these positive feelings will not materialize when the project wraps.
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How to Write a Good Essay Despite the Fear

The most critical step in writing a research paper or an essay is to understand the essay question. Make sure you know what the essay prompt is asking. The essay prompt will help you to know about the required research sources.

Create a thesis statement; you should draft a thesis statement after developing your tentative arguments and responses and doing the initial research. It must concisely advance an argument that addresses the essay prompt.

essay writing

Make an outline; it provides an overall structure to the essay and helps you organize ideas.

An overview helps you to organize your piece, making it comprehensive and convincing to your reader.

Create a rough draft to articulate your argument and gather the supporting evidence. Appropriately cite all your sources because improper citation is plagiarism.

Make the final draft and polish your essay by checking for spelling and grammar errors.

Complete the assignment by proofreading the paper. Reread the task to ensure all the details are in order and have met all the requirements.

Describing my College Essay Writing Experience and how I Beat the Fear

My writing experience in college gives me a chance to develop myself as a person and sharpen my skills in my area of interest.

The Writing Center has taught me many writing rules and tips that I was unaware of and would never have learned had it not been a part of my writing experience.

The experience has enabled me to improve my academic and life skills. It also made me realize that I still have much to learn despite what I thought and be open to new experiences.

It allows me to continue improving my skills as I grow in my profession and gives me greater confidence in my field.

As a result, this valuable writing experience has helped me search for a rewarding career. There will continue to be many more opportunities to improve myself and my profession due to my writing experience in college, for which I am truly thankful.

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The Importance of Writing to a Student’s Life

Writing improves your communication skills. It develops clarity, improves focus, and helps you understand yourself. To write well, read more. Familiarize yourself with free, easily available essays to know how they are written.

Writing will also improve your speech and vocabulary, which are essential in public speaking. These qualities are critical to success in life, including business, career, personal, family, etc.

In addition, writing gives you an opportunity to socialize as you express yourself to others. You use words to entertain, socialize, and put forth your personal or professional point of view to a broad or specific audience. To a student, writing is essential and integral part of their studies.

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How do you usually Feel About Writing Essays?

Some people enjoy writing; to them, it comes naturally, while most of us have to learn and cultivate the skill.  To enjoy writing your essays, you need good knowledge and understanding of the subject matter.

Negative feelings

Generally, when most writers think about writing, they get negative feelings. People get depressed, stressed, or feel that they can’t do it, and much more.  For these reasons, you may find that you procrastinate when you have to write.

You may have ideas but have difficulty putting them on paper because you think that when people read your work, they can see how stupid you are.

Some doubts

You may also become assailed by doubts and feel that everybody knows what to do, but you are the only one who doesn’t.

If you experience these negative feelings, know you are not alone or the only one who does.

Almost all writers, including those with vast experience, get nagging doubts when they write.

We all have that inner critic who spreads all kinds of doubts about our work and instills fear.

When you have this kind of experience, the best thing to do is find out your biggest fear about writing.

This will enable you to work in a more focused manner towards a solution.

You can try asking yourself when you get positive experiences with writing. Then, find out what lessons you can draw can from those experiences. That way, you can easily overcome the fear of writing an essay.

A Gasp of the Topic

You will enjoy writing very much when you are familiar with the subject. So it is vital to take some time to grasp the topic you are writing about; otherwise, you will not be motivated to write about it.

Writing will become enjoyable because it will give you a sense of accomplishment when you complete the assignment.

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How do you Feel Before and After Writing your Essay?

What feeling do you get when you are given a writing assignment? If you are like most students, you feel a sense of trepidation, stress, anxiety, self-doubt, and worry about the outcome.

Every time the assignment gets tough, you are seized by fear and wonder whether or how you will get to complete it. Often, writers are hit by writer’s block and become paralyzed, unable to start working on the essay.

And how does it feel when you complete writing an essay? It’s a great feeling, isn’t it? You get a taste of relief and a sense of accomplishment. You can get the same relief without the pain if you hire an essay writer to do your paper or essay.

Even as you may anticipate hearing what your tutors or readers think, you realize you have made a valuable contribution to the world.

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Beat the anxiety. Just get over the fear of writing an essay and be on your way to scoring As. There is more to gain by writing than any other learning activity. Be bold and become a good writer to express yourself and beat your fears. Writing is also among the most crucial skills helping you to get a job.

Therefore, learning writing skills and developing a positive experience is essential because it is one of the most critical skills you need. If you still doubt yourself, get an essay writer from us and you will score your A just fine and relaxed.