7 reasons why Writing is Important in College & in Life

Why writing is important in college

Why writing is important in college

Writing is a skill where one brings different thoughts together in a readable form. It is a skill that is not only important to students but also to the entire population. Therefore, today, we explore Seven reasons why writing is important in college and indeed in your life.

Most authors refer to writing as their career. Writing can describe, analyze, inform, educate and entertain readers. This is because almost everything we read today is written.

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Reasons why Writing is Important in College and in Life

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Writing is important in college and life because it enhances your communication, boosts your idea sharing, opens up income opportunities, promotes career development, appreciates others, expands skill sets, and simplifies evaluation.

Let us explore each of these benefits in detail.

1. Writing helps Boost Communication and Thinking Skills

Writing helps college students communicate with lecturers and other students without meeting face-to-face through emails, research reports, and research proposals.

For this to be successful, the witter must organize his thoughts, ideas, and information in a way that is easily understandable by the reader.

Most college institutions don’t teach writing skills. Any student that wishes to learn relies heavily on other people’s work and the internet to acquire information on writing.

Consistent practice helps you overcome the fear of writing essays.

This also applies when writing any topic of study. One gathers information from various sources and tries to own it by making it unique.

These exercises have a great impact on the writers thinking skills. The writer must choose the appropriate information from a broad context of ideas.

2. Essay Writing Promotes the Sharing of Ideas

For any writing to be considered relevant, the ideas presented in the writing must be crystal clear and well-detailed. Before writing, students conduct research on the topic of concern.

They then gather a wide range of information relating to the topic of study. The students then filter the information by selecting the most important issues relating to the topic and doing away with the less relevant information.

The students then come up with well-written research explaining ideas of the topic of the study clearly. This mostly helps students who find it hard to present their ideas verbally.

A writing skill like Kasen’s essay writing method helps a student know how to organize ideas into an essay, whether in school or outside.

3. Writing can be an Income-Earning Activity

It’s that simple; one can write and get paid for it. For college students who find it hard to manage themselves financially, writing can be an option to make some cash at least.

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With recent technological changes through advances in the internet, one can make money in writing through the internet in the following ways:

  • First, one can create a blogging website. Through the blog, you can share daily observations and experiences in a written form that will attract people to read your content.
  • You can share links and place ads on your website to earn you cash per click.
  • Other ways to make money online through writing are article writing and academic writing. This includes writing articles for people and doing academic work for them to get paid in return.

4. Writing is an Essential Working Skill in your Career

Various professions require one to be perfect in writing. It is, therefore, the responsibility of college students pursuing various courses to advance in learning writing skills to fit in with the current digital crop of employees.

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Job applicants with good writing skills have a higher chance of acquiring a job than applicants with little or no writing skills.

Various professions where writing skills are essential span from white-collar jobs to blue-collar jobs.

For instance, lawyers who require good writing skills write down evidence to be presented in courts or any other arguments.

Teachers who formulate notes that they will use for the next class and police officers who are required to develop good crime reports. At the same time, journalists come up with the news to be read to the public. This is to mention just but a few.

5. Writing helps Students Appreciate other People’s Work

One of the reasons why Writing is Important in college is because it contains rules that need to be followed. Through writing, students can observe one of the basic principles and rules of writing: giving credit where it’s due.

Students mostly rely on information that is not their own and should, therefore in their work appreciate and respect the work of other writers.

Avoiding plagiarism is one method of appreciating other people’s work. One should not copy the writings of others and present them as their own. The other method is referencing.

This is by including the name of the writers and the sources that you obtained your information at the end of your writing.

6. Writing helps Expand one’s Skillsets

Many students from high schools know little about writing. When they join colleges, writing becomes inevitable regardless of their course. Writing in college helps one gain skills in writing and become more perfect.

One can express his or her thoughts confidently without fear. Overcoming fear explains why writing is important in college and in career life. Writing several articles builds confidence, mostly when others appreciate the work.

After writing several articles, one gains more knowledge in vocabulary, grammar, punctuation, and spelling and uses this knowledge in writing future articles. Once you learn the essay writing skill well, you can expand this skill to other disciplines.

One can observe and spot various topics, reason about them, and write about them. After gaining these skills, one can develop to become an experienced writer. Once experienced, you can write a long essay quickly or handle any technical essay.

7. Writing helps to Evaluate Students’ Understanding of the Content Taught

College students have less time for face-to-face interactions with their lecturers.

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Therefore, writing research, exam papers, and essays are the main ways of showing the lecturer that you understand a certain topic.

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Good writing skills help you write down effectively and critically explain your understanding of a topic. This plays a part in convincing the lecturer that you are sure of what you write.

Students with poor writing skills will fail to show their understanding of a certain topic to the lecturers unless there are options for expressing themselves verbally. These options are rarely found in colleges.

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The Importance of Writing Skills in General or Career Life

Writing skills are important in a student’s life, for they form the basis for the student’s learning experience to be accessed and analyzed.

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This includes determining your grades in various examinations and overall performance after completing your course.

The overall performance plays an important role in the search for employment. Writing also increases one knowledge in terms of creativity and knowledge.

One also can improve communication with other people and boost interactions through writing.

This is by boosting your language to give you much more confidence.

When writing, one connects his words of the desired topic to the brain and the heart hence enabling you to gain more focus. This also helps one overcome writing challenges through practice by having the focus directed into the topic at a time.

Why is Academic Writing Important for University Students?

Students use academic writing to explain various aspects of their research in their particular areas of study. Students mainly use academic writing to communicate their knowledge of certain topics.

They can explain what they know effectively to lecturers by using techniques and styles that are easily understandable. Through academic writing, students learn work ethics.

This is by using other people’s work to develop your own and giving other writers credit where it’s due. Academic writing also helps one improve their research skills.


Writing is an important skill in college and our life. It plays a big role in shaping the future of most of us. To be a good writer, one needs knowledge and understanding of what they are writing about. Read available sample essays to understand the craft better.

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The information you present must connect with most people and be helpful to them for your work to be broadly accepted. Writing is an exciting field, now and in the future writing, and those who take it seriously enjoy the fruits thereafter.

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