Put my paper in APA format for free? No, I learned to do it

Put my paper in APA format for free

Put my paper in APA format for free

APA style is one of the most used formats in academic writing. In fact, Before I became an expert in APA formatting, I used to ask people to put my paper in APA format for free when writing homework.

Let me teach you the same and you will enjoy getting good grades on your papers.

Let us understand what APA is in the first place. The American Psychological Organization created it with the main purpose of ensuring that scholars cite their sources appropriately. The style has been evolving since its creation, and this makes it difficult to master.

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APA-Style formatting

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That said, knowing the essentials of writing an APA-style paper would come in handy throughout your college days.

You don’t always have to ask, who will put my paper in APA format for free?

This is why we developed a simple guide to writing a flawless APA paper. You can hire writers to write papers for you if you have no time to handle the formatting tasks.

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Why is APA-Style So Important to Scholars?

Academic papers should be neat and easy to read and comprehend. This is one of the reasons why the American Psychological Organization came up with the style. Everything from the line spacing to organizational details makes academic papers well organized.

The other main reason why the APA style is so important is that it makes it easier for scholars to come up with new ideas and contribute to their different fields of study.

This is why citation is so important when writing an APA-style paper or when having a research paper done for you.

The style provides guidelines for citing each reference in the paper’s body to differentiate your work from other scholars’ work.

General Formatting Guidelines for APA-Style

All APA papers follow the same order and have distinct sections. Here is a brief overview of the different sections that must be included when writing under this style:

APA Title page format
  • Title Page

The title page comes first. It includes the paper’s title, the author’s name, and any other affiliations associated with the author such as where he/she schools and level of education.

  • Abstract

The abstract is an essential part of your paper. It is essentially a summary of everything your paper is about. It gives the reader an insight into what to expect when reading the paper.

  • Introduction

The introduction part should be eye-catching. For starters, it provides the rationale for writing the paper by explaining why and how the content is useful for the field of study. Secondly, it describes any previous research that may have inspired the content therein.

  • Method

Every APA paper should be backed by research. You can conduct the research yourself and/or rely on research by other scholars in associated fields of study. This section should describe how the study was conducted in detail.

  • Results

The purpose of your study is to come up with answers to certain questions. The results section is where you detail these answers. The results should be concise and detailed as every little detail counts and contribute to future studies.

  • Discussion

The study and results should come up with implications for the subject of study. These are detailed in this section. The discussion is essentially a summary of the study and a review of its implications. This is where you can craft your words as you see fit as long as they get the message through with minimum confusion.

  • References

As indicated earlier, your paper may contain research from other scholars. Each reference should be listed in the references section.

The references should be listed alphabetically, beginning with the author’s name and initials. The references page also has a different format from the main body.

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APA In-Text Citation and Referencing Guidelines

Instead of asking someone to put my paper in APA format for free, I learned the in-text style myself. Let me teach you what I learned.

writing refences APA format

As mentioned, one of the main purposes of APA-style formatting is to make it easier for authors to cite and reference other scholars’ work. In-text citations are straightforward.

If you are just citing an idea from another author, you simply include a citation with the author’s late name and year of publication: for example (Williams, 2019).

However, if the citation is a direct quote, you should include the page number it referenced (Williams, 2019, p. 1).

On the other hand, references are much more complex and are dictated by the source of the citation.

Here are guidelines for referencing from three of the most common sources:

Referencing Books

If you are referencing a book, you should include certain details, including the author’s last name and his/her first name’s initials, the year of publication, the title of the book, the city and state where the book was published, and the name of the publisher:

Author, A. (Year when the book was published). Title of the book. Publisher city, state: Publisher.

Referencing Journal Articles

Referencing a journal article is pretty much the same but there are more details included:

Author, A. (Publication year). Title of article. Title of periodical, volume(Issue number), Page-page.

Referencing Website Articles

There are two formats of referencing website articles depending on whether the article has an author or not.

Referencing a website article with an author:

Author, A. (Year, month, and date of article’s publication). Title of article. Retrieved from HTTPS(URL).

Referencing a website article without an author:

Title of the article. (year, month, and date of article’s publication). Retrieved from HTTPS(URL).

Referencing other Sources

There are plenty of sources where you can get your references from including newspapers, magazines, films, lectures, interviews, and encyclopedias. Remember to cite and reference each source precisely, or your paper may lose credibility.

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Writing Tones and Themes

APA-style papers should look and sound professional. There is no room for informal language whatsoever as the content is considered important and may be read by other scholars around the world. To this end, the writing style and theme should be both formal and straightforward.

A formal tone is considered important as it is appropriate to take on with fellow professionals. It should avoid all forms of pop culture language, slang, and contractions.

Remember, an APA paper may be written by a young student interested in pop culture but prove useful to a mature professor with different interests.

The theme, on the other hand, should be straightforward. This is meant to make your paper easy to read and understand. Failure to be straightforward can make you go out of topic and dilute the message in your paper.

As such, try your best to keep the sentences short and simple. Avoid complex language that you think will make your paper sound more scientific – the content alone determines just how scientific the paper is.

Other Basic APA Formatting Guidelines

There are other guidelines to adhere to when formatting your paper. The most basic is the font – the paper should be written in Times New Roman font size 12.

Spacing is also important – the paper’s body should be double-spaced except for the abstract. Each paragraph should also be indented, and the references should hang by a margin of 0.5 inches.

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