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Professional Services you will get from our Essay Writers

Get cheap but vetted professional essay writers online to complete your college assignments. No plagiarism. Timely with Money-Back Guarantee. There are several services that you will get from an online homework writer.

However, among the many that should motivate you to hire an online essay writer is to pass your class. Below are some of the main services why you will get if you hire a college essay writer to write your college research paper or assignments.  

1. Writing essays or papers from scratch

This is one of the primary services that are provided by essay writers. The main focus of this service is to write original content for the customer to avoid any plagiarism at all.

Once you place an order and provide the instructions and the deadline, their task is to write the essay/paper and deliver it accordingly.

Before writing, essay writers will conduct thorough research to find credible sources of information to back up the claims and arguments.

Professional Essay Writer at work

2. Editing Services

This is also an important service provided by essay writers. If you have written an essay or a paper that you are unable to edit effectively maybe because of grammatical or punctuation errors.

In addition, you may be in need of meeting the required word count, essay writers can effectively edit your essay/paper professionally to meet the requirements.

3. Thesis Writing

Essay writers can also write a professional thesis for both undergraduate and postgraduate students. Such a thesis can be used for further research. Writing a thesis is one of the main steps of writing a good essay introduction and thesis, and should be taken seriously.

4. Confidential Ghostwriting Services

While ghostwriting can entail writing academic essays or papers, essay writers can also be hired to write other materials such as biographies or memoirs, short stories, novels, and so on. They write on behalf of the people who hire them.

5. Rewriting your Papers

Essay writers can also rewrite your essay/paper to meet certain requirements. This especially applies to essays or papers that are way below standards. Our writers will write an essay for you and deliver quality work to earn the grade.

6. Formatting and plagiarism removal

Formatting and removal of plagiarism can be a difficult task for many students. Essay writers can format your essay/paper as paper the required academic conventions such as MLA, APA, Harvard, or Chicago styles. They can also remove plagiarism to make your essay original.

7. Academic advice

This especially applies to clients who have sought our essay assistance before, or those who have placed an order and they need further academic advice concerning the course or what to do next.

College Essay Writer doing Homework

8. Professional essay writers for college admission

College admission entails the process of writing an application letter to a particular college to seek admission into their institution. This requires professionally written college application letters that should effectively communicate the interests of the student and the curricular and extracurricular capabilities. Because of this, it is important to hire a professional essay writer for college admission.

There are reasons why you should consider hiring cheap expert essay writers for college admission if you do not know how to write such letters. The first thing is that cheap college essay writers know the conventions of writing a college application letter. They understand the format, who to address, and how to address them.

The second thing is that professional essay writers will always use the right language and tone to communicate. They will employ formal language to address the audience. Another reason why you should consider hiring cheap professional essay writers for college admission is that they will maintain confidentiality.

Since college admission is a sensitive issue, they will ensure that your personal information is secure and the completed work you receive belongs to you. Finally, seeking such services from cheap but professional essay writers is completely legal and pocket-friendly hence the reason you should consider hiring such writers.

Choose good college essay Writers for your Assignment

1. Professional essays done for you

Professionalism is one of the major reasons why you should hire an online essay writer cheaply. While the process of finding the right homework help service with competent writers is not easy, you can be assured of professional work once you find the right one.

Before the writers are recruited, they have to provide their resumes and credentials to substantiate their professionalism.

If you have found the right online essay writing service provider, then you can rest assured that the writer who will be handling your essay will deliver quality work that will exceed your expectations.

On top of that, your essay will score among the highest grades in your class. Therefore, if you want professional work, you should try hiring an online essay writer.

2. Timely Delivery of your Essays

Another important reason why you should hire an online essay writer is on-time delivery. As a student, you may have found yourself in a situation where you have limited time to research and compose a good essay due to unavoidable factors like part-time or full-time jobs, illnesses, traveling, family emergencies, or being slow at composing an essay.

If this is the case, an online essay writer can rescue you. You may be wondering how this is possible. Well, online essay writers have been composing different types of essays for a long time.

Because of this, they can compose a professionally written essay within a short time. This ensures that you receive your essay on time.

3. Student-friendly prices for essays

Because of competition, online essay writing services have become cheaper. However, this does not mean that the quality of the essays is compromised.

Because of the pocket-friendly prices, more students are opting to seek online essay writers. You can easily get a professionally written essay without having to pay a lot of money.

Online essay service providers or writers understand that not all students have the disposable income to seek online essay writing services. This is why an online writer will never overprice their services.

Though this is the case, you should be very careful with online essay writers or writing service providers that offer their services at extremely cheap prices. In most cases, such writers or service providers may turn out to be a scum whereby you receive substandard work or you don’t receive your paper at all.

4. To get Original Essays written

The process of writing an essay can be very difficult at times, especially if it is a long essay. Because of this, many students will find themselves tempted to copy-paste their work.

If you are one of those students who cannot resist the temptation to copy-paste your essay, it is best to seek services from an online essay writer. Such writers compose essays from scratch because they understand that copy-pasting is an act of plagiarism which is an academic offense.

An online essay writer has been a student like you and they understand that a plagiarized paper can be nullified.

In extreme cases, the owner of the original work that you have plagiarized from can prosecute you in court and you may face criminal charges since plagiarism is a criminal offense under the intellectual property act. Therefore, if you want an original essay, it is best to hire an online essay writer to do the work for you.

5. Money-back Guarantee on Essays

Since most essay writing service providers or writers are based on online platforms, it is reasonable not to trust them with your money. This is because some people have lost their money in online platforms.

However, online essay writers and essay writing service providers, in general, introduced a money-back guarantee policy to increase customer trust.

This policy ensures that customers are refunded if they receive substandard work. Therefore, if you have always wanted to hire a cheap professional online essay writer and you had the fear of losing your money, it should no longer worry you. Go ahead and try hiring one and the results will amaze you!

Qualities of a good College Essay Writer for Hire

1. Confidential in Essay Writing

This is one of the most important qualities of good college essay writers for hire. When it comes to college essay writing services, confidentiality is key when delivering such services. As aforementioned, some institutions are against such services because they claim that their students are becoming lazy.

If a student from such institutions is caught seeking such services, they can face academic disciplinary actions. Because of this, good college essay writers for hire will always protect the identity of their clients to avoid landing them in trouble.

How do they achieve this? Well, one of the things done by such writers is to never post your work or your personal information on any online platform. Once your essay has been completed, only you can access the file and no one else can – not even individuals or entities that wish to buy your papers for “research” purposes.

Once your paper has been completed and delivered to you, a good college essay writer for hire will relinquish any form of ownership to you. The paper will solely belong to you.

2. Writing Essays on Time

Timeliness is another important quality of good college essay writers for hire. Such writers ensure that the work given to them is delivered as per the deadline.

It does not matter the length of the essay or the content or discipline covered in the essay. Your work as a client is to state the deadline of your essay and wait for a professionally written essay.

Just imagine placing an order for a very urgent essay that is required to be submitted to your instructor within 5 hours. As you chat with the writer, they assure you that you will receive a completed essay within 5 hours, and therefore you wait patiently.

After 5 hours, you do not receive the essay. You receive it after 8 hours of waiting and because of this, your instructor penalizes you. This can be very frustrating since you have paid for a service that has been poorly delivered.

Good college essay writers understand this hence the reason why they strive to deliver quality essays within the agreed deadline.

3. Must be a Good Researcher

Good college essay writers for hire are good researchers. College level essays require a lot of research to come up with good arguments to support claims within the essay.

Good research writer

A good researcher will also be capable of identifying the most credible, current, and appropriate sources of information to use in essays.

This is one of the most important attributes that essay writing companies look for when hiring writers.

Again, such writers will appropriately apply or incorporate those sources of information as per the essay’s requirements. They will employ both in-text citations and references in the essays.

4. Collaborative with Customers

Good college essay writers for hire should also be collaborative. What this means is that they should be capable of working closely with you as the client to deliver as per your requirements. It is always possible to communicate with your writer through messages.

A good writer will respond to your messages as soon as possible and ask for further clarification when there are issues with the instructions.

Such writers will always identify the issues that you may not have realized within the instructions and communicate them to you for clarification purposes. When seeking good college essay writers for hire, ensure that they are collaborative because such writers can prove to be long term partners.

Are Online Essay Writers Legit?

Basically, online essay writers are legit because their services are legal and they deliver the service they are paid to write. They operate under ethics and code of conduct, terms, and policies as per the law. In any case, essay writers are not only hired by college students but also various types of clients such as academics, professionals, executives, and so on.

Therefore, such writers are hired to do the work and then surrender the right of ownership to the client. In academic situations, essay writers act like instructors or professors. Just like the instructors help their students learn so that they can get good grades, essay writers do the same by ghostwriting students’ essays and helping them get good grades. Another reason is that essay writers’ objective or goal is to fulfill their clients’ requests. They do not seek to act as a stand-in for students.

On the contrary, they provide material that helps students to grasp their coursework and in the process help them to attain the best grades. Essay writers are very important for those students who have to cope with multiple situations that jeopardize their learning process. Some students have part-time or full-time jobs, while others have families. Essay writers provide invaluable services to such people, therefore making it an ethical practice.

Is it advisable to hire Essay Writers for your Homework?

Yes, it is advisable to hire essay writers for your homework. This is because their services are completely legal and they are only providing you with the material to help you get good grades.

While some educational institutions are against this business because they claim that it promotes laziness among their students, there are various legitimate and lawful reasons why students can hire essay writers. Essay writers are completely legal and legitimate and they can be extremely beneficial to you as a student.

With good writers in our team, we advise you to get services from us. As a company that provides essay services, Grade Bees online essay help employs rigorous methods to identify and recruit writers.

Can I get professional essay writers near me?

The answer is yes. You can always get professional essay writers near you. As aforementioned, essay writing services have provided a business opportunity for several individuals and there is a great probability that there are expert essay writers located near your college or university. Though this is the case, there is no need to seek services from essay writers who are near you because the best quality writers are online.

Online writers are professional enough to join a legitimate writing company to offer their services to clients globally. Online essay writers handle multiple clients with different types of essays daily and they deliver satisfactory work hence the constant flow of work.

On the other hand, essay writers near you will not have the opportunity to gain such experience and you will not be able to gauge their competence. This is the reason why you should seek expert essay writers because they are the best in academic writing.

Another reason why you should consider online essay writers is because of their availability and convenience. Online essay writers are available 24/7 all year round. You can seek their services and communicate with them in real-time even when everybody in your neighborhood is sleeping! You can place an order at midnight and receive the completed essay before 6 am.

Online essay writers offer unassailable convenience. You can hire an online essay writer at the comfort of your house at any time of day. Therefore, instead of looking for professional writers near you, it is best to look for them online because the best quality writers can only be found there.

How much do essay writers get paid?

This depends on various factors such as the writing company they are working for, the length of the essay, the discipline tackled by the essay, and the overall rating of the writer. However, for a writer to get work from a client, they will have to bid.

Bidding allows the writer to communicate with the client about their experience, work ethic, professionalism, and so on. It also provides an opportunity for the writer to quote their desired payment in terms of cost per page (CPP).

It is through bidding that the client can decide which writer they wish to hire. Some clients may for writers who have the lowest CPP while others may consider quality over price. However, it is important to be careful when hiring writers with very low CPPs. They may not deliver your desired quality. Nonetheless, writers can place bids as low as $5 to bids as high as $10 per page. This means that essay writers get paid between $5 and $10 per page in an essay.

Why our College Essay Writers are the Best to hire

1. Cheap Essay writers

One of the main reasons why our writers are the best college essay writers for hire is because they are cheap. Don’t get us wrong for using the term cheap. What we mean is that our writers offer their services at very affordable prices.

We understand that our primary clients are college students who may not have a lot of disposable income to hire professional essay writers. It is because of this that we offer our writing services at very competitive prices that are both fair for you and our writers.

Therefore, do not be afraid to seek services from our college essay writers because of the price. You will be amazed by how a few dollars can produce a professionally written college essay.

However, you should be very careful when seeking college essay writers for hire. We understand that some writers may quote very extremely cheap prices that may tempt you to seek their services.

However, do not fall into that trap because most of them will produce substandard work or will not deliver your essay at all. Our affordable essay help service is cheap but provides quality.

2. No Plagiarism by when writing Essays

We take the issue of plagiarism very seriously. Our writers are the best college essay writers for hire because they ensure that all college essays that are delivered are not plagiarized in any way.

Our writers do the work from scratch no matter how long the essay is or how complex the topic is. With a company policy of using vetted homework writers, GradeBees assures original content to essay customers.

Since our primary clients are college students and we wish to work with them for a long time, possibly for the amount of time they are in college, we deliver quality plagiarism free work that will ensure that they seek our services continuously.

Our writers understand that plagiarism is part of academic dishonesty that is punishable by law. Because of this, our writers are very careful when writing essays, and they use advanced plagiarism checking software to detect and correct the slightest form of plagiarism.

Writers with No Plagiarism

Apart from the fact that our writers use advanced plagiarism checking software to eliminate plagiarism, we have professional editors who also double-check the essays to ensure that plagiarism is zero. This is part of the reasons why our writers are the best college essay writers for hire to complete your assignments.

3. Timely Essay Deliveries

Timely delivery is very important in our line of work. our college essay writers understand this and they always strive to deliver essays on time or even before the deadline to allow the client to go through the essay and provide feedback to the writer in case of any issues.

Though our writers rarely receive any issues, they highly prioritize customer satisfaction when it comes to timely deliveries. It does not matter the length of the essay or the content or discipline covered in the essay.

Your work as a client is to state the deadline of your essay and wait for a professionally written college essay. The use of academic ghostwriting is common, and we seek to be a leader in timely delivery. Therefore, it would be very frustrating for our clients if our writers deliver late orders.

4. Read and Follow Instructions

When it comes to academic essays, the writer must read and follow the instructions to the latter. This is because the instructions guide the writing process and failure to follow them will guarantee failure. An essay that fails to adhere to instructions will always be off-topic and this will get a zero.

Our writers are the best to hire to write your college essays because they read the instructions very carefully and adhere to them throughout the writing process.

This is the reason why our writers will always chat with you if the instructions are not clear or there is an error in the instructions provided.

During the hiring process, we administer rigorous tests to our prospective writers to determine their adherence to instructions. Those that follow the instructions to the latter are hired and they become part of our team.

Our Essay Writers score A

5. Available for Online Chats

Our writers are the best college essay writers for hire because they participate actively in online chats with clients. Online chats give our writers and clients a platform to discuss any issues concerning the essay orders.

It should be noted that our online chats are strictly professional and the identity of the client is secured. Because of this, the real-time communication between clients and our writers significantly improves the quality of the essays delivered.

Online chats can take place before the writer has started working on the essay and after the essay has been delivered to the client to allow them to give their feedback. 

6. Qualified in their fields of study

Finally, our writers are the best college essay writers for hire because they are qualified in their respective fields of study. Before we recruit any writer, they have to provide their resumes and credentials to substantiate their professionalism.

Their resumes and credentials will determine the specific fields of study in which they are qualified. Therefore, when a client places an order for a specific discipline or field of study, we match it to a writer who is qualified in that field.

While our minimum educational requirement for our writers is a bachelors’ degree, some of our writers have postgraduate masters and doctorates in their respective fields of study.

This means that your college essays will always be handled by professionals who have mastered your field of study. At GradeBees, a professional writing service, we engage only the best writers.