Grammarly for PowerPoint: How to add Grammarly to PowerPoint

add Grammarly to PowerPoint

add Grammarly to PowerPoint

Have you been searching for a way to perfect your PowerPoint presentations in terms of grammar and clarity? Grammarly for PowerPoint is the answer to your problem.

This article will look into ways Grammarly works in PowerPoint and other ways you can check your PowerPoint content on Grammarly to keep it error-free.

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Grammarly for PowerPoint

Grammarly does not support PowerPoint uploads. If you upload a PowerPoint presentation directly to Grammarly, it will not be checked.

powerpoint slide

Grammarly only supports Word and Outlook files. Even though Grammarly does not check PowerPoint directly, there are ways you can use it to check the content in your slides before submitting them.

All you will need to have is a Microsoft office account to access PowerPoint, a Grammarly account, and an internet connection to download the Grammarly app or plugin.

How to add Grammarly to PowerPoint?

You can check your PowerPoint presentations using Grammarly by following the steps below:

Step 1: Create a Grammarly Account

To use Grammarly you will need to set up either a free or premium account. A free account is fine because it also supports checks.

However, these checks are just for basic errors. You will need a premium account for extensive checks. All you need is to visit to get started.

Step 2: Download the Grammarly Application for your Computer

On the Grammarly website, navigate to the app section and download the relevant file for your device whether it is Windows or Mac.

grammarly for windows

After completing the installation log into your already-created account. The Grammarly app works across all writing apps and it should with PowerPoint too.

Step 3: Use PowerPoint as Normal

Create your PowerPoint slides normally. Once you are done you can check them by clicking on the Grammarly floating icon.

This will automatically activate all the suggestions that show mistakes that you have made in the presentations.

Step 4:  Grammarly Check your Slides

All suggestions for errors will be highlighted in red, blue, and yellow. The yellow ones are only available for those who have premium accounts.

If you have a free account, start by correcting the red-lined errors and move on to the blue-lined errors. The red-lined errors are mostly grammatical errors while the blue-lined errors are mostly clarity issues.

Always read through the corrections to ensure that the context of your presentation is not lost.

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Other Ways to Check Your PowerPoint Text for Grammarly

Other ways to check your PowerPoint text using Grammarly can include:

Using the Microsoft Word Integration

Grammarly offers the option to check for grammatical and clarity mistakes as you write your work on Word. Therefore, you can copy the content on your PowerPoint slides to Word to check for mistakes made. Grammarly also checks for plagiarism in your content.

If you have a Grammarly account log into it and download Grammarly for Word on the website. Open MS Word and on top of the page, you will find a Grammarly Icon. Click on it and enter your Grammarly logins to get started.

direct login

After this, copy your PowerPoint content on Word for Grammarly to check it and suggest the corrections which are displayed on the right side of Word.

Once you have corrected all the work, paste it back onto your slides. Always ensure that you maintain the PowerPoint format recommended when pasting.

Using the Grammarly Web Check directly

Instead of downloading the app and plug-ins, you can log into your Grammarly account through the website to check your PowerPoint content.

Create a word document that contains all the text on PowerPoint. Separate the text properly according to different slides.

On your Grammarly account, upload the document and correct all the errors flagged. Copy and paste the content back to the PowerPoint slides without confusing the order for each.

Always check that the PowerPoint format preferred is still maintained.

Uninstalling Grammarly

If you prefer the website over the app and plug-ins, you can uninstall them any time you want. All you need to do is follow the specific installation process for apps on your device.

Using the Grammarly website can help improve your grammar because you will create slides and proofread them before submitting. By using the website at last you will know the errors that you likely commit.

This is different from the desktop and plug-ins that suggest errors as you are writing the text.

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Can you turn off Grammarly on PowerPoint?

You can turn off Grammarly on PowerPoint if you are experiencing problems concentrating on writing the text in slides due to the suggestions. Most people prefer completing the text and then checking it rather than getting suggestions as they write.

You can turn off Grammarly by clicking on its icon and then on the great cog to turn it off indefinitely for 30 minutes. When you need to reactivate it, re-open Grammarly.