Can a Dissertation be a Question?: How to Choose Good Titles

Can your Dissertation be a Question

Can your Dissertation be a Question

A dissertation is a research project that a student undertakes to complete a graduate or undergraduate degree. The student chooses the topic and answers.  As such, the structure and length of the dissertation will vary depending on the type of study the student selects. 

It is is the responsibly of the student to choose a study problem and give an in-depth discussion. Towards the end of a degree, most students fear dissertation writing because it is the longest and last written work to be undertaken before graduation.

The study levels of your course and university rules are some of the factors that determine the length of a dissertation. Generally, a typical dissertation is between 10,000-12000 words long for students pursuing an undergraduate degree.

The master’s degree level mostly requires a word count of 15,000-25,000 whereas a PhD level student will have to compile a dissertation of up to 50,000 words.

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Can a Dissertation be a Question?

asking a question

A dissertation can be a question but not in the form of ‘Yes” “No”.

A dissertation question format can be put across then the answer provided at the center of the research.

Writers should come up with clear questions that have adequate specifics which the reader can understand. You can also incorporate a case study in your dissertation.

A question based dissertation needs to have answers which are debated in the main body.

Above all, ensure the question is specific to the study topic you have chosen and should match the discipline you are pursuing.

Can Dissertation Title be a Question?

Because the title of your dissertation should be more informative and designed to attract the audience, it is not advisable to frame it as a question. It should provide information and a brief outcome of your paper.

Your professor will yearn to read the dissertation you wrote in order to get answers of the research you have conducted. Therefore, having your title in form of a question may not be the best approach.

Nevertheless, there are no specific restrictions or guidelines about a dissertation title. This is a clear indication that you will still find a number of university dissertation titles framed in a question form.  

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How to Frame a Dissertation Title

The title is a student’s first opportunity to let the professors have a feel of what your paper is all about. It should be brief and express the purpose of your study.

writing dissertation

Do not forget to capture important aspects of your research such as context and outcomes. More importantly, if you construct a title poorly, it can misinform the audience and bring confusion.

In short, the reader expects a lot from the dissertation title you create.

A good title consists of components that reveal to the reader what the dissertation is all about. Only choose components that are relevant to your research and portray its essence. 

Below tips can help you frame your dissertation title correctly:

  • Since the title serves the primary purpose of telling the reader what to expect, make sure it captures the drive of your research. Apart from the purpose of study, make sure it captures aspects such as methodology used and population. In essence, all vital variables in your study are summarized in the title.
  • Bear in mind the requirements of your university. In most cases, different learning institutions have limitations and requirements concerning a dissertation title such as length and font. Therefore, check the instructions to avoid revisions.
  • Comply with the stipulated style of writing that your discipline requires. Most fields require styles such as MLA, Chicago or APA for the dissertation titles.
  • Make your title simple and very brief. As long as it conveys the purpose, focus and scope, there is no need to add sophisticated phrases to your dissertation title.  In addition, avoid exclamatory marks, a lot of jargon and the use of abbreviations.
  • Maintain the right title length of the dissertation. If it is too long, readers find it boring to capture the message being conveyed. Generally, a typical title for your research should be 12-18 words long.

Correct grammar is also important in your title. Ensure you cross check several times because a simple grammar mistake is enough to alter the purpose or focus of your dissertation. Ensure that verbs, adverbs, adjectives and capitalization of letters are correct.

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Tips To Write Your Thesis Statement

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In a dissertation, a thesis statement helps to guide the audience to your argument. If written properly, the statement is enough to organize your argument and distill the ideas you have in correct sentences. Below are amazing tips to help you write a good thesis statement:

  • Even though it is a statement, ensure it has proof. To achieve this, include detailed supporting evidence that will encourage and inspire your audience to keep reading your paper.
  • Talk about the supporting points in your thesis. In the thesis body, a writer can include a paragraph to cover each supporting idea. This helps your thesis statement to have flowing ideas.
  • Be familiar with the topic so that it becomes easier to write the thesis statement. As a writer, reflect on the research and personal experience to get enough material concerning the topic.
  • Most of the required lengths of papers given by universities will not be enough to accommodate a lengthy thesis statement. As such, limit the scope of the statement to a specific area.

As the fundamental argument of your dissertation paper, a thesis statement should be well written and abridged. Place it precisely at the beginning of the dissertation, preferably in the introductory paragraph.

As a goods writer, never make the mistake of hiding your statement in the middle of your paper. Since it forms the roadmap to the ideas you base your dissertation, place it at the beginning.