Essay Copy and Paste: Write 500-10,000 Words without Copying

Essay Copy and Paste

Essay Copy and Paste

Colleges, universities and other higher education institutions receive many applications during their admission time. Surprisingly, there are chances when students who submit their applications have similar credentials.

From ACT and SAT scores to qualification grades, students come from different high schools but with similar qualifications. Under the same circumstances, most of the students have outside activities that feature similar scope and significance.

Resultantly, admission boards have a difficult time in identifying the right students for admission into undergraduate and graduate programs. As such, essays play an integral part when admission boards are making their final decision. 

The essays give each student an individual opportunity to create their own impression. Through an essay, a student can show his or her career aspirations and personal experiences.

Therefore, essay writing needs to be original and not someone else’s work. As a student, you need to express your professional plan and academic goals in your ideas and words. Copy-pasting essays from another source can attract grave consequences.

What is an Essay Copy and Paste?           


This is an essay that a student copies from another student or source. A copy-paste essay can be from a fellow student whose paper you have read or the essay of another student from previous admissions.

If you copy essays from online resources, textbooks or another person’s notes, it is equally a form of copy-pasting.

A copy-paste essay is a form of plagiarism. Submitting these types of essays is a clear indication that you have put down work belonging to other authors knowingly. The fact that you did not recognize their efforts translates to plagiarism.

Students who submit this kind of essay do not want to go through the vigorous processes of essay writing. Researching, putting down ideas, referencing and the hard task of editing are what they try to avoid.

Copy-pasting essays is simply an act of laziness. Most students attribute this to a lack of adequate time for preparation. While others find some essay topics to be boring, there are those who opt to copy-paste because they did not receive adequate support from tutors.

Even though these arguments are understandable and valid, they are in no way a justification for submitting a copy-pasted essay.

Can You Write an Essay by Copy Pasting?

In any form of academic writing, the requirements compel you to produce and submit original work. Copying an essay is not permitted under any circumstances. The type of essay you submit should be free from any form of copy-pasted work. 

do not copy-paste

Copying another person’s ideas or work then submitting as your own is a form of academic dishonesty.

Most of colleges and universities have their own regulations regarding copy-pasting of essays. These type of essays are categorized as plagiarized work hence an academic crime.

Consequences of Copying and Pasting Content for Your Essay

Since copy-pasting content for your essay is obviously academic dishonesty, there are dire consequences for the action. Invalidation of your results is one of the actions that a learning institution can take.

If you opt to complete your essay work through unethical means such as copy-pasting, there can be an annulment of your results irrespective of your study level.

Another notable consequence of copy-pasting is deferral from the particular program. This can happen for part of the course or worse still, the entire semester. Without a doubt, this is a big loss for a student and can have a huge negative impact on his or her academic journey.

As another form of punishment, there are authorities who assign students additional tasks. This means you may have more than one essay as a form of punishment. In other colleges, you will not only fail the test but there will be no chance to resubmit the essay. 

There are also cases of appearing before a committee panel for the discussion of the case. There can be a possibility of the student tabling an apology.

There are some colleges that take copy-pasting of essays as a serious offence. In this case, harsh punitive measures apply such as expulsion or partial termination. This is usually the case if you submit copy-paste essays several times.

How to Copy Information Rightly Without Pasting

1. Citation

how to cite

If you have ideas that do not belong to you, do not copy and paste into your essay without proper citation. It is a better way of giving credit to the original owner of the content.

This should be done within the essay body or at the end of the information you have copy pasted. Proper citation will reduce the chances of plagiarism in your essay.

2. Use of reference page

On the last page of your essay, it is important to include a complete reference to the sources you have cited in the essay body. Include a full reference page indicating the author and pages where you copied your information.

3. Use of quotes

This is another way of legalizing the content you intend to copy and paste into your essay. Simply put the content within quotation marks as a way of acknowledging that you are not the source of the ideas.

Alternatives to Copy Pasting

Copy the points, not the text

Avoid copying everything into your essay. Focus on getting the main points from the author and copy them.

Also, ensure what you copy does not use the same sentence structure and phrases as the original content.

Hire a writer

Without a doubt, hiring a writer is the best alternative to copy-pasting an essay. Professional writers can write a good essay from scratch. This means you cannot submit essays with plagiarism.

Luckily, there are many reputable online writing platforms with competent writers who can save you the agony of essay writing.


Paraphrasing the original essay you intend to copy is another alternative to avoid plagiarism. It is all about rewriting the original text into your own words. Ensure that you retain the meaning but the sentence structure and phrases should be completely different.


You can also use the spinning technique to avoid plagiarizing the essay. Here, you can generate original content from the one you are copying. 

The spinning technology replaces all the words and phrases with respective synonyms.  There are different essay-spinning tools to use online.


This is similar to paraphrasing only that you will have to write afresh the original content using different words. When rewriting, retain all the original information of your source. It is just a matter of using your own words so that the content sounds different.

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