Linear Algebra Final Exam Cheat Sheet: How to Cheat or Prepare

Simple Ways Of Cheating On Algebraic Expressions

Simple Ways Of Cheating On Algebraic Expressions

Among the oldest branches in mathematics history, algebra takes the lead. This subject deals with theory, analysis, and geometry. It also deals with solving various mathematical equations.

Algebra has multiple formulas and identities. The subject deals with linear equations and functions. If you are not good at these, you can get assignment help from our team of online helpers.

Features of an Algebra Exam

Algebra is a concept that is based on variables or unknown values. Here, the most vital aspect is the equation for performing arithmetic operations.

We use algebra for analyzing several various things around us. The following are features of algebra that you are likely to expect in the exams:

Solving algebra problem

1) Elementary Algebra: It covers most of the essential algebra topics that you study in elementary algebra.

Typically, we represent numbers in the form of symbols, which we call variables. They are x, y, z.

2) Advanced Algebra: It is also an intermediate level. While on this level, you deal with equations of inequalities. Furthermore, it involves solving systems of linear equations. You will also deal with rational expressions and probability.

3) Linear Algebra: Linear algebra is applicable in both pure and applied mathematics. For instance, it deals with the study of lines and planes. The most important topics under this action are vector spaces and matrices.

4) Commutative Algebra: It is a section where one studies commutative rings and their ideals. It involves rings of algebraic integers and so on.

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How to Cheat on an Algebra Exam

Algebra exams can be tricky and tempt you to cheat for you to pass the exam. Note that various consequences exists once caught cheating.

Nevertheless, you can apply multiple tactics to cheat on an algebra exam suppose you decide to do so.

1. Use Technology

1.1 Program Your Calculator

One can begin by programming the calculator a day before the test. Access the program function on the calculator and type cheat notes plus the formulas.

Since most of the instructors are likely to check the programs in your calculator, it is sensible to put your notes under the variable button.

You can decide to put various notes in different parts of the calculator to make it difficult for the instructors to access them easily.

1.2. Sending a text

One can still send a text to a friend through a smartphone. You can send the question to a friend with whom you hold trust. This friend must be excellent in algebra, right?

It is also reasonable to send the text to someone who is not within the examination room. This person should send the formulators and solutions on time.

Another exciting method is to send a text message to a tutoring service. You can try the “text tutor,” a reliable service that gives access to a real math tutor through your smartphone. Alternatively, you can send an email with pictures of the questions.

The cool thing is the response takes less than ten minutes. For quick service, you can book the service in advance. Also, there is an app for the “text tutor” that you can download to your smartphone. However, using the service without an app is possible.

1.3. Use Photomath App

using photomath to solve algebra equation

It is a powerful app that takes the equation’s photo and offers you a quick response.

The app comes in handy if the test needs to indicate the steps involved in solving the question. Here, one has the option to see various stages instead of the answer only.

1.4. Online Search

You can still find the correct answer to your questions as you search them on the online platform.

Some of the most commonly used online platforms are Google or The site answers the question using the data that it sources.

One way of cheating is using the cell phone in this situation to cheat. Caution is vital since many instructors are ever on the lookout to see if you are using a phone or not. The method will not work if the examination rules require you to put your phone in the backpack.

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2. Using Other People

passing a note

2.1. Pass Notes or Whisper

One possible way of cheating is to engage a close friend while the test is on.

Notably, it is a high-risk method. On many occasions, one cannot whisper, talk or pass notes among the test takers.

2.2. Use the Tapping Method

It is a method that allows one to communicate using predetermined signals. You can use this method together with a friend in the exam room. It should be a person who understands the subject clearly.

You can develop a tapping code. For instance, for number three, you can tap three times. Still, you can use varying versions of this method, such as sneezing or coughing. You can communicate with your trusted friend by using sign language like especially for fingers.

2.3. Engage in Misdirection

You can make a friend create a distraction as you cheat. For example, you can agree with a friend to prevent him from being sick to make the teacher concentrate on him, thereby creating loopholes for cheating. Any distraction can cause one to consult notes and cheat.

3. Using Surrounding and Body

3.1 Use a Pen

You can use a convenient pen which you can unscrew and stuff with notes. You can empty the pen and put some small notes to fit inside well.

Alternatively, buy barrels pens. Alternatively, buy a pen that has a roll of paper included. You can pull out the notes as you take a break.

3.2 Use Your Shoes

Insert notes within the notes. As the test begins, position yourself well so that you can see the notes. Avoid making it look evident by performing simple actions like stretching. Notably, it can be challenging to remove notes without drawing any attention.

3.3. Write Notes on the Clothes

You can write formulas and other necessary materials that could be helpful inside the sleeve. After that, you can wear a sweater over the top of your shirt. Such shields it from looking obvious.

Writing formulas on your hand

3.4. Write on Your Body

Use the link close to your skin tone and write notes on the legs, ankles, arms, and hands.

For a teacher to catch you, he should investigate your body which could be embarrassing.

Some exam platforms do not monitor your motions. For instance, you can cheat MyMathLab by simply writing formula or answers on your hands.

Websites to Get Answers for Algebra           

  1. Wolfram Alpha
  2. AOL Answers
  3. Yahoo answers
  4. AskMe Help Desk

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How to Prepare for Algebra Exam

1. Remain Calm

When you are approaching your exam, your mind may switch to panic mode. The secret is in calming the mind and remaining confident that you can sort out things well.

Avoid anxiety and stress as they can ruin your concentration and focus. The best method is to take a ten-minute break to relax before you begin to study.

2. Avoid Trying to Learn Something New

You can go through your notes, and other study materials decide what you know already. Once you find out what you know, you can now concentrate on learning them better. It can be hard to begin to cram something overnight. Such can lead to panic and stress, causing you to forget things that you learned before.

3. Practice

For you to get a basic idea, it is vital to solve at least one algebra problem. By doing thorough practice, it helps in solving tricky problems in the exam and saves your time.

4. Use flashcards

For you to remember formulas, you should use flashcards. A flashcard can be a great friend when it comes to exams. It has the most simplified form of your real notes.

You can craft down formulas and review them consistently. Such an approach helps in remembering things in the examination situation easily.

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