How to Cheat on a Math Test: 9 Tricks and Hacks

cheating on math test

cheating on math test

Do you ever feel stressed out when it comes to a math test? Well, you are not alone. Math is a difficult subject for some people. It’s even harder for those who have been taught to cheat on tests. This article will discuss hacks, tips, and tricks to help you excel in your math classes.

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7 Tricks How to Cheat on a Math Test

1. Phone

using phone to cheat

You don’t need to be a genius to do this; you only need a phone. A phone is a very useful tool, but it can be used as an aid in cheating.

If you need to cheat on a math test, there are a few things that you should keep in mind.

The first thing to remember is the time of day you will be taking the test.

This will help you decide which phone to use and how long it will take for the test to arrive at your school.

Another thing you should remember when using a cell phone for cheating is how long it takes for the text message to get from one place to another. If you want to cheat on a math test, you need to know because it can affect the results of your answer if not done correctly.

2. Browse Answers

Another thing students do when they want to cheat on their exams is to go online and find solutions for problems they haven’t solved yet or don’t understand. Then they try to apply them on the test, and if this doesn’t work out, they start looking for more solutions on the web. 

After all, it is not easy to choose just one source from them! So they start looking through various websites where they can find all kinds of solutions for different types of problems and then choose one most suitable for their needs.

The main advantage of using online resources instead of solving problems yourself is that it saves time because there is no need to spend hours trying to figure out what each number or symbol means right away; instead, all you have to do is read through each question.

3. Use Calculator

using calculator to cheat

Use a calculator to do math questions that are hard for you. Such a trick works so well because it allows you to do calculations that would normally be impossible.

The problem with using calculators is that once you start doing the calculations, there are no more surprises for your teacher. 

More importantly, this means that if you cheat and make up answers, you will have nothing left for them to check when they ask for evidence from other students who also made up answers.

Cell phones have calculators, which can give you an idea of what kind of calculator is needed for each question. So bring out your phone when there’s a question that needs it, and punch away! Your phone will also help you calculate answers faster than normal calculators too! 

4. Find a Friend to Take over your Test

If you don’t have friends nearby and want to save time, then find a friend who doesn’t know anything about math and try taking over their test. They will get all the questions right because they won’t be familiar with them and hence won’t know how hard they are either. 

Or else, Buy a book about math problems and work through them with a friend before taking the real test. Many books contain math problems with solutions, and they are very helpful when you’re trying to prepare for the real thing.

Ask someone else in the class who has already taken the test for hints about what questions might be asked during their time section so that you can look over their notes and study them before class starts again. 

This way, you will save time by waiting until after the class is over before going over their materials later on so that you can study at home instead of being stuck in class all day long!

5. Using a Cheat Sheet

There are many ways to cheat on a math test. If you’re using a cheat sheet, you’ll need to memorize the answers before the test rather than use the sheet itself.

using cheat sheet

If your answer sheet is blank, you can copy the answers onto another sheet containing all the necessary information. Then, if someone asks what your answer is, tell them it’s on the back of your test or in your textbook.

It’s also possible to copy answers from another student’s test by accessing their test book and taking notes during class or at home.

However, here’s what you should know about using cheat sheets:

  • They can be dangerous. Cheat sheets are meant for one purpose and one purpose only: to help you solve problems quickly and accurately. If you use them for anything else, your score will suffer as a result (and so will your grade).
  • They are illegal in some states. In some states, including California and Florida, it is illegal for anyone other than the teacher to use a cheat sheet during testing or quizzes at school. In addition to being illegal, this also means that if your teacher catches you with one, they could punish you by giving you an F on the test or quiz without telling you first!

6. Use Applications 

Math tests are fairly difficult, especially if you have never taken a math class. However, there are ways that you can cheat on your math test.

The first trick is to use an app such as Khan Academy or Udemy. These sites offer free tutorials that will walk you through solving math problems.

You can also find other free resources online that can help you solve certain problems in addition to the ones provided by these websites.

Here are many different applications that you can use to cheat on your math test. We would recommend using one of the following applications:

1) Test Prep

2) Kaplan


7. Memorize Everything in the Chapter by Heart

Math is a very important subject in life. It helps you to do your daily work and also helps you to earn money. Math is a science which can be learnt easily. The only thing that needs to be done is to memorize all the information related to the chapter.

how to memorize

You need not go through it again and again but memorize them, and then you will find yourself becoming an expert in this subject.

You should always try to learn as much as possible about math so that it becomes easy for you to understand any topic or topic related to math.

If you know how much time it took for your teacher or professor to teach you something, then try learning that subject quickly so that it becomes easier for you to grasp it properly.

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How to Avoid being Caught Cheating in a Math’s Test

Cheating in maths tests can be devastating for those who get caught. The consequences of cheating can range from losing marks to getting into trouble and even being expelled. It is important to know how to avoid being caught cheating in maths tests, so here are some tips:

Know the Test Content and Format

If you need more clarification about what questions will be on the test, take some time to study them. Also, ensure you understand all the instructions before walking into the exam hall.

Avoid Taking Notes or Using any Calculator

 Using any device during an exam will surely raise suspicions among the invigilators. If you have to use a calculator, make sure that it has no buttons or other features that could distract you while taking notes.

Also, ensure that your calculator is completely blank when taking a test – this will ensure that there are no traces left by anyone else after the exam has been conducted.

Make Eye Contact with Invigilators

When someone asks for your attention during an exam and when they ask you to answer a question, look directly at them while responding (or answering) to avoid any possibility of hiding something under your shirt or blouse!