How Students Cheat on Google Forms: And How Teachers Prevent

Students Cheat on Google Forms

Students Cheat on Google Forms

Google forms can help you to create quizzes, forms and surveys and share them with your colleagues and students to make work easier.

If you are a teacher, your work becomes easier because you can use them to assess your students. With the forms, you can be able to give and receive feedback on the progress of your students. It is an essential tool that is used by workers in an organization, learners and parents.

As long as you have a Google account, it is easier to access these forms.

Google has made it easier by providing templates of popular forms such as event feedback, invitations, course evaluation, RSVP among others. These blank templates make it easier for you to design your own.

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How Students Cheat on Google Forms

using Google forms

Obviously, students have come up with sophisticated means of cheating on Google forms. The following are ways cheating is undertaken on Google forms:

1. Using External Resources

Learners can seek help from external people by seeking helpers through a webcam.

External helpers can work with the student through video, sound, and images.

This is ideally one of the methods students cheat in exams and sometimes get away with it.

2. The use of Technology and Tools

Nowadays, there are high-tech gadgets students use to cheat on exams. For instance, students use WhatsApp to remotely ping questions to their helpers and get answers without the invigilators noticing.

Also, through the use of Bluetooth microphones and earpieces, students are able to seek answers to external associates without the knowledge of the teacher.

Other smart devices used in cheating include mobile phones, smartwatches, and calculators.

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How To Prevent Cheating On Google Forms

Even though Google has made a teacher’s work easier, it has also created loophole for students to cheat. Giving quizzes to a classroom via Google forms creates a cheating challenge.

prevent cheating on Google forms

Students have mastered various means of altering the forms to get better grades.

Below are necessary precautions that a teacher can implement to avert cheating:

  • If you are creating a multiple choice question, use the shuffle option order so that the answer questions are randomized. This will make it difficult for leaners to predict the answers. Screen creepers will also find it difficult to copy the choices made by their classmates.
  • The use of page breaks is also another option. Even though Google forms do not have an option of teachers creating different assessments for each student, the option of a branched form comes in handy. It is possible to come up with different quiz sections and add many questions. Depending on the response of the students, you can direct them to alternative sections, each having different questions.
  • As a teacher, do not restrict yourself to the multiple choice format only. Try as much as possible to stretch and broaden the questions you pose to your students. In this way, you will test each student’s knowledge accurately. Apart from posing sequence questions, video usage is also a good way of averting cheating. If you are a language or math teacher, have the students watch selected videos then answer questions.
  • Include page sections to quizzes so that students will find it difficult to preview forms prior to classes. Furthermore, add a password to your form that students will need before accessing the quiz section.
  • The integrity of assessments offered to students can be protected by using locked quiz mode. This method ensures that students are not able to access external resources because their functions such as chrome apps, tabs, extensions and screenshots are totally disabled during the examination period.

How Teachers Use Google Forms To Set Quizzes

As a teacher, the first step is to sign up for Google if you do not have an account. Proceed to G drive and create a new form. Here, you will find different options ranging from worksheets to quiz and assessment forms.

Teacher using Google forms

There are also Google classrooms for specific schools that are different from generic Google forms.

However, to avoid all this complication, creating a quiz platform is the way forward.

Simply create and start a new form and name your quiz by giving it a title and description. Teachers have the option of choosing their preferred answer style such as multiple choices, paragraphs or short answer format.

The next step is to create the questions and leave an answer option space. To make it easier for students to comprehend your questions, the use of links and videos can help.

Most school networks prefer the use of locked quizzes so that students are locked to a particular quiz when they start to work on it. A teacher will be able to see if a student has navigated to another question.

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As technology fights the old traditional education system, online exam cheating is the major challenge faced. The enormous benefits such as flexible learning, time saving and easy access are at risk but teachers can implement the above measures to curb cheating in exams.

The use of Google forms has leveraged old fashioned form-based system and made it easier to create quizzes. Moreover, teachers now enjoy faster and easier grading. It is a cloud based way of learning that allows teachers to not only collaborate with students but also their fellow teachers.