Linking Words for Essay Writing: Useful Paragraph Phrases

Importance of Linking Words in Essay Writing

Importance of Linking Words in Essay Writing

An essay is an important piece of writing when a student is seeking college admission. It needs to have a clear flow so that the readability is perfect. Rightly so, the sentences you construct need to flow and lead to each other seamlessly.

Linking or transition words come in handy to make your essay have comprehensible sentences.  The words act as the ideal connectors and bridges that eliminate sentence isolation.

Factually, both writing and speaking need linking words that will help the audience form a clear relationship between ideas. Listeners and readers are able to comprehend responses when the right linking words are in place.

What are Linking Words in Essay Writing?

Linking words are the uniformity basis of an essay. When these words are in an essay, they showcase a connection between sentences. As usual, a typical essay consists of different sections and paragraphs.

linking words+examples

If there are no transition words, the sentences will appear incoherent and messy. The use of linking words clearly show the relationship existing between all sections and paragraphs in an essay.

When writing your essay, make use of linking words as a bridge between the concepts you are writing and ideas in your essay. The readers will enjoy a cohesive piece of essay with texts that are flowing smoothly.

The assessment team has a lot of essays to read and you can make their work easy by using your linking words appropriately. If this is not the case, your professor will have to go through a lot of stress in trying to understand your essay.

Basically, if you want to impress your readers and consequently improve your scores, practice the best linking words skills.

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Reasons for Using Linking Words in Essay Writing

Only proper usage of linking words will help you come up with a compelling essay. After toiling to conduct research for your essay, improper structure of sentences will make your efforts go to waste. 

using linking words

Good students endeavor and strive to create an appealing and expressive essay. A thorough use of the right linking words will make your presentation and persuasion of ideas flow perfectly.

Linking words are very crucial in any type of essay. If you do not want your texts to appear clucky, transition words ought to be in place.

 Here are more reasons why you need linking words in your essay:

1. Flow of Order and Sequence

An essay needs flow of texts, ideas and thoughts otherwise it will lose its quality. Therefore, writers need to make huge efforts and use the right linking words that will bring a sequence of order in the essay.

Such words include next, then, firstly, secondly, afterwards, finally and afterwards. Other transition words to use include concurrently, at the same time, earlier, first of all, following this and for now.

A good sequence order in your essay is also enhanced when you use words such as lastly, in the end, in the beginning or once upon a time.

2. Showcasing Comparison        

There are essays that will require the writer to show comparison. Linking words play an important role in contrast and argumentative essays.

If you need to bring out comparison clearly, consider the use of words such as similarly, equally, comparable, in the same time and likewise.

 Apart from same as, other words or phrases to use include just like, just as and comparably.

3. Contrasting

a contrasting sentence

Transition words are the best when you want to bring out contrast in a sentence. In most of the cases, place then at the beginning or in the middle of your sentence to create the right contrast.

However, despite this, yet, whereas and alternatively are some of the words you can use.

4. Illustration of Examples

There are places in your essay where you will have to give examples. Obviously, most essays will need illustration of evidence with the use of linking words.

Giving examples without these words will make your text to sound blunt.

Linking words such as for instance, in the case of, and for instance will make it easy to introduce your examples.

5. Including Additions

You will also need to use linking words when putting additions in your essays. These words will ensure that you have added a txt with the correct meaning to your essay.

Furthermore, also, secondly, in addition and moreover are some of the linking words to use.

6. Introduction of Cause and Effects

Cause and effects in an essay can help the writer draw a sensible conclusion. In essence, it helps to bring about good connection of the essay when a conclusion is being added. Therefore, the relationship between cause and effect is better shown using the right linking words.

Owing to, thus, since, as a result of and because are some of the transition words you can use. Other words to use include stems from, leads to, results from, for this reason etc.

7. For Conclusion Purposes

Starting an impressive essay can only be better if the conclusion is attractive. It is good to bring about the conclusion using appropriate linking words that are not common.

You can conclude your essay using words such as finally, in conclusion, summarizing, in summary and briefly. 

As a writer, you need to bear in mind that adjusting and positioning these words is a must if you are to impress your readers.

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Conclusion linking words

Dos of Using Linking Words

  • Adjust and position your linking words properly otherwise the reader will not be impressed.
  • Do mix up the linking words you use.  Using one word several times can be very annoying to the reader. Since the transition phrases are many, mix them up in your essay to avoid repetition.
  • Be accurate in using these words when connecting your ideas in an essay. Know the difference between these phrases to understand the meaning correctly.
  • You can use these words when you want to accentuate a point. In other words, use them to stress something important in your writing.

30 Examples of Linking Words for Essay Writing

  1. On the flipside
  2. On the contrary
  3. By and large   
  4. As a consequence of
  5. In conclusion
  6. Above all
  7. Following this
  8. At this point of time
  9. In the same way
  10. As an example
  11. In other words
  12. To put it differently
  13. Under the circumstances
  14. That is to say
  15. With this intention
  16. Subsequently
  17. All in all
  18. In brief
  19. In order to
  20. Primarily
  21. Of less importance
  22. What’s more
  23. Meanwhile
  24. Furthermore
  25. Alternatively
  26. In spite of
  27. To illustrate
  28. To demonstrate
  29. In the middle of
  30. For the avoidance of doubt

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Wrapping Up on Linking words on Essay Writing

You can’t overlook the significance of linking words in essay writing. Transition words are important in bringing ideas together so that they appear as a whole in your essay.

All in all, an essay that flows well must incorporate the right transition words to link arguments and actions. The readers will be able to connect an event that took place because of a consequence of a different action.

Essays need to have a flow of ideas with each one building on the other. Yet still, organization of thoughts in essay writing is valuable and this is where linking words play a critical role.

To sum it up, the more your thoughts are in good organization, the smoother your essay will flow. When you use linking words appropriately, your piece will have a logical structure that is appealing to the reader.