Write an Essay on Someone Who Inspires You: Parent or Famous

Essay about Someone Inspiring

Essay about Someone Inspiring

Everyone has or has had someone in their life who has encouraged them to change or keep moving forward in life. Someone to encourage them to keep fighting in life, push them to their limits, and assist them in realizing their goals.

To write an outstanding essay about someone who inspires you, start by choosing who to write about and why.

The next step is to write your outline. The outline draws attention to all points you want to make in your paper. Make a list of the person’s name and a few bullet points on what inspires you about them.

 You can use examples to help you remember what you have learned.

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Why is Someone who Inspires you a Good Topic for an Essay?

someone who inspires

This type of essay could be enjoyable for you to write. Instead of being forced to write on a subject you loathe, you write about your favorite character. There should be no difficulty in focusing on the task at hand in terms of motivation.

Because the scope of work requires you to choose the individual yourself, you are in the unusual position of not having your teacher dictate to you.

This kind of essay offers you a great chance to show off your talents. However, with that chance comes the added strain of students feeling obligated to sing the praises of the person who has had the most influence on them. It is great to have someone to look up to as a role model.

However, before diving right in and writing about them, you should assess whether you have enough information about them to make the essay viable. There are various alternatives available to assist write your research arguments:

  • You have access to material on the internet
  • You are familiar with the individual
  • Textbooks are readily available

Seek out a distinct perspective. If you are writing about someone famous, you are probably not the first person to think of writing about them. Avoid using essays that are too identical to previous submissions. Try to cover it from a fresh angle, such as their personal lives or the reasons for their actions.

Take care not to sound like a sycophant. It is easy to appear as sycophantic when writing about someone you respect. You can still appreciate someone while acknowledging their weaknesses.

Everyone is a human being. Your instructor is likely to receive many hero-worship essays.

So, make sure you portray your subject as the actual person, not the one who their followers see all the time. What motivates you about them? You may ignore this one to ignore, but whatever you do, remember to incorporate the reasons behind your inspiration.

It is easy to construct a bio about someone without mentioning their original scope of work.

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How to Write an Essay about Someone Who Inspires You

1. Explain the Person

essay on someone who inspires

When you say someone or something is inspiring, you imply that they motivate you or others to do or accomplish something. Your aim in this paragraph is to introduce this person to the reader.

Offer some key information about their life, and describe why you chose them and why you find them inspiring.

2. Craft your Thesis about the Person

Each paper should begin with a 3-5 sentence introduction. A thesis sentence should be one of those sentences. The thesis statement informs the reader of the paper’s major point. When writing about someone who inspires you, the same thing may happen.

You do not have to write the introduction first, even though it is the first part of your paper. It can be easier to compose your introduction paragraph after you have finished the rest of the paper. Your thesis sentence, on the other hand, should be written first.

This will help you stay focused throughout the essay on developing your thesis sentence.

The introduction determines the quality of your work and the accuracy of your findings and conclusions. Make sure you start with a compact, engaging, and flowing introduction. It makes your readers appreciate your analytical skills, writing style, and research technique.

A hazy, disorganized, or poorly written introduction will give a negative first impression. The introduction ends with a brief paragraph describing how the paper is structured.

3. Write your Arguments about him/her

Expand the major points into individual paragraphs to build the body of your essay. A topic sentence supports the thesis in each paragraph of the five-paragraph body. The rest of the paragraph backs up and develops on that topic sentence. The rest of your essay supports and develops your thesis statement.

 Whether your essay is a short essay or long one, you can still use this basic format. The difference is that you will have more than one paragraph in the body of your essay to support your claims, or you may have more than three points to make that support your thesis.

4. Recognize his Achievements

Acknowledge the accomplishments of the person who inspires you. For instance, say Albert Einstein inspires you. You can point out that some of the technology we take for granted today was made possible by his theories and vision. It includes lasers, GPS, atomic clocks, and much more.

a person's achievement

 Like so many others, he suffered with and had to overcome self-doubt. The fact that he, too, struggled with self-doubt motivates me to persevere and believe in myself.

5. Cite and reference

Use citations or references to credible sources to support your essay.

What Do You Think About Someone Who Inspires You

Our take

 I admire everyone who strives to live in harmony with themselves, others, and the environment.

What is the other people’s take

We all have role models or individuals we admire, people who inspire us, and people we want to be like in our lives. It includes our parents, friends, entrepreneurs, scientists, activists, singers, artists, etc.

People who have left a lasting impression on the planet.

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9 Examples of People Who Inspires You

  1. Abraham Lincoln
  2. Mahatma Gandhi
  3. Albert Einstein
  4. Mother Teresa
  5. Michael Jordan
  6. Barrack Obama
  7. Nelson Mandela
  8. Winston Churchill
  9. Elon musk