Chegg vs Course Hero: Which is Better, Accurate and Safer

Chegg vs Course Hero

Chegg or Course hero; which is better? We aim at subjecting you to various upsides and downsides of each product for you to make an informed decision.

As a consumer, you need to know how the two study tools work and function uniquely to meet your educational needs. Let’s get started.

Course Hero stands out as better than Chegg since it is a self-paced learning tool that gives practice answers. Precisely, it has an extensive database consisting of user-generated answers. It can be an innovative platform for any tutor and student who wants to benefit from knowledge extracted from various texts to meet your course demands. 

However, in terms of tutoring, Chegg is better than Course Hero or any other website. Chegg happens to be the leading platform in offering for offering tutoring services. The user can gauge its usefulness and adopt it if you find it resourceful. Chegg is also ideal in offering various textbooks to promote your studies. 

It is noteworthy that the two platforms are legal. The two platforms offer to uphold ethical standards by prohibiting cheating, copyright abuse, and plagiarism. 

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Chegg vs Course Hero: The Differences 

The two platforms are unique in their approach to various things. However, we would want to draw a line on some of the basic things that are unique concerning the two study tools as indicated below:

1. Pricing of Chegg vs Course Hero

Course Hero offers excellent value for your money by allowing users free access to la carte tutoring. Furthermore, Course Hero has two subscription option which is ideal in meeting your needs. 

Course Hero will grant the user a $9.95 per month subscription. If you are operating under a tight budget, you have the option to upload the required notes that will be useful to your area of study. Course Hero has features that are only accessible for basic membership plans or premium account plans. 

One needs to pay to access the resources in Chegg Study. For example, it comes with two study plans. The Chegg study goes at $ 14.95 per month.

The subscription allows you to access textbook solutions and broaden your knowledge of a specific topic. Also, the user will use expert Q & A, where the user has the privilege to ask the questions on the forum. 

Another option on Chegg is the study pack option that goes at $ 19.995 monthly. It is a more comprehensive solution with more features. They include guided videos, practice quizzes, premium flashcards, and a math solver. 

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2. Availability of Tutors

In Course Hero, the user gets 24/7 expert tutor assistance. You are free to ask the question in your study area and get a reply within 15 minutes through email.

It becomes an incredible way of getting a solution when stuck in a particular subject area. Typically, Course Hero is great at offering free online classes.

On the other hand, Chegg has online tutors that are available all the time. You only need to type the question you are struggling to understand and reach out to the tutor who will give you the desired solution. 

Chegg has a great design of providing in-depth online tutoring and support at a fee. However, you must subscribe at a fee to get this tutoring service.

You will enjoy the video tutorials, live chats, and email commutation to get the right answer within 60 minutes of your conversations. Chegg becomes standouts out in this tutoring section as you maximize their tutors in getting the right knowledge to pass your exams. 

3. Any Free Service 

Chegg comes with various provisions to allow the users to get the answers for free. For example, the user can start with a free trial version which runs for four weeks. Read how to use Chegg for free to understand more about this.

The good news is that this free trial gives one all the rights to maximize all services of the tutors by asking questions and getting answers at no cost. 

Chegg and Course Hero Differences

Besides, when using Chegg for free, you can join the Reddit community, with more than 20000 active members.

You can pose a question concerning any topic and receive a faster response from this, just like Chegg would do for you. 

Lastly, about Chegg, you can join other alternatives to access Chegg answers for free.

Such platforms include Slader or StudyLib, where you can type your query and receive the right Chegg answer for free. 

On the other hand, Course Hero has its unique ways of helping the user find the answers for free. Firstly, it has a free access feature that comes in handy to assist the user in getting free unlock at no cost. As you register, you get free to unlock to help upload more documents. 

Alternatively, you can join several platforms like Quora and Facebook community, including a Course Hero subscriber. You can ask any question that you need help from course hero. Many Course Hero users will find the right answers for you at no cost.  

Another way of getting free unlocks from Course Hero is by reviewing and rating it. You have the chance to rate a solution or documents and access the free unlocks.

Last but not least, you can still get more unlocks by participating in referral programs. Once you refer someone, you will get access to at least eight tutor questions. 

Typically, Chegg becomes outstanding in the free service area as you can painlessly get most of the solutions. And you do not have to worry about the school. We found out that using Chegg is not cheating if you use their answers well.

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4. Course Hero vs Chegg Resources

Course Hero has unique resources that can uplift your knowledge when you want to empower your studies. For example, it comes with 20 million study resources.

If a student misses class, there is an option to access these resources, which are full of the right content to enable the student to compensate for the missed lesson. 

One can study other documents that other users uploaded, especially those taking a similar class with you. While it is very resourceful, some students may use Course Hero to cheat, which calls for careful use of it as a learning tool.

Such resources are useful when you are preparing for exams confidently. We find Course Hero to have a great advantage over Chegg when it comes to resources.

Chegg allows the student to access thousands of textbooks in almost all the subjects. Such resources are reliable to help the user gain the right knowledge to use in passing the exams.

Chegg has 9,000 textbooks to help the student with the homework and get the right answers from the tutors. 

Another unique aspect about Chegg is that it allows the student to rennet a book to upgrade knowledge.

This approach helps one to save money by renting a certain book rather than buying. Alternatively, you are also free to buy and sell it too when you are not using it. 

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5. Exam Preparation

Course-hero is a great place to allow the user to test the knowledge by participating in practice problems. It happens to be a free feature that boosts the students in enabling them to grasp specific features.

If you want to sharpen your skill as you prepare for the exam, you can maximize this feature to boost your confidence. 

Chegg lacks a practice problem feature, but instead, it also has a unique element called a math solver. This feature is great in assisting the user in solving any mathematical problem painlessly. 

Course Hero happens to be better over this area because you can refine your understanding of a particular concept and gain more confidence. 

6. Rating and Popularity

The two study tools are great in ensuring that you gain the right knowledge to pass your exams. However, we must draw a line by saying that Course Hero is more popular than Chegg because it has millions of resources that one can access to uplift knowledge. 

The student benefits from uploaded documents from other students you are in the same class. One can maximize them when absent from class.