60 Unique and easy Childhood Obesity research paper Topics

Childhood Obesity research paper topics

Childhood Obesity research paper topics

Childhood obesity is a common topic for most research papers in college, and selecting one question to research can be hectic. Topic selection is one of the main ways to start writing a research paper and you need to get it right.

To help you make a better selection, we have explained and listed 60 research paper topics that a student can write research papers about childhood obesity. Each of these topics is wide enough to write a long paper, either an essay or a research paper.

Obesity can be described as the abnormal, excessive accumulation of fats in one’s body that puts the individual’s health at risk. The condition is common in children and the childhood obesity research paper topics we present in this write up can be used in conducting research.

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60 Childhood Obesity research paper topics to make your homework unique

Here, is an extensive list of childhood obesity topic for your research paper and can make your paper unique and impressive among the rest. We briefly discuss 20 of them and list 40 other topics for the topic.

1. Discuss the main causes of obesity among children in your state.

Obesity in children is said to be mostly caused by eating habits that are not healthy, lack of involvement in physical activities and a variety of genetic factors.

2. Does obesity influence the academic performance of a child

Obesity can cause a deterioration in the academic performance of school-going children if they are subjected to social pathways such as stigma and discrimination. Children feel alone because they are not involved in any interactions.

3. Are children raised by single parents more likely to suffer obesity?

Many researchers identify that single-mother raised children are at a ahigher risk of becoming obese because they carry dangerous amounts of weight as they grow due to lack of energetic and boisterous play from their fathers.

4. Explain how exercise can be encouraged among children to reduce risks of obesity

In order to encourage your kids to exercise motivate them and invite their friends to help them in exercise. Do the right timing and mix it with a little play.

5. How can institutions such as high schools reduce rates of obesity?

Schools can reduce the level of obesity by changing the school meals to healthier ones, providing water throughout and making physical exercise lessons for the whole school mandatory.

6. How are new-borns affected by the mother’s obesity?

Genetic studies have proved that it is possible that obese pregnant women are at risk of passing obesity to their unborn children who may also experience metabolic diseases in the future.

7. Can obesity be termed as a mental illness?

Obesity causes diabetic disease type 2 and cardiovascular disease which affects the child psychologically.  Several studies also prove that most people with mental illnesses are obese.

8. Can obesity in children be fought through surgery?

A surgery known as bariatric surgery or weight loss surgery can be significant in helping obese individuals lose large amounts of weight and is accompanied by life style changes and like exercise and diet change.

9. Can obesity in children be considered an international illness?

According to the World Health Organization obesity is one of the visible and most neglected health problem around the world and it recommends that action be taken to prevent a global health crisis.

diets prevent childhood obesity research topics

10. Do vegetable diets prevent obesity?

Vegetables must be included in a healthy diet. They have low levels of sugar, fats, and salt that plays a role in making sure you don’t gain weight.

11. Effects of obesity on the self-development of the child and self-esteem.

Despite being subjected to discrimination that lowers self-esteem children that are obese develop conditions such as hypertension, sleep disorders, Dyslopodemia and type 2 diabetes which affects their early development.

12. How does advertising affect obesity rates in the United States

Most junk foods and drinks adverts target children and youths and influence them more to increased junk consumption therefore rising the rates of obesity. These adverts overshadow nutrition adverts.

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13. Describe whether obesity in children is a chronic or a non-chronic disease

Due the factors that obesity is wide spread and it can lead to serious health problems such as the cardiovascular disease, the American Medical Association termed it as a chronic disease.

14. Is the fast-food industry causing an increase in obesity rates in the U.S

Fast food restaurants play a huge role in causing obesity. This is because many home diets don’t include fast foods, leaving the restaurants as the number one source where fast foods are acquired.

15. Are female children at a high risk of obesity than male children.

Many researchers have established that girls are more likely to be obese than boys as they grow due to the biological high percentage of body fats in the bodies of girls.

16. Do children in urban areas have more chances of experiencing obesity than those in rural areas.

Trends in cities of consumption of unhealthy foods have spread widely in rural areas and people view them as a way of becoming diverse. Developments also scrapped duties that were a form of exercise hence making obesity more rapid in rural areas.

17. Explain the life expectancy of children suffering from obesity.

To write this paper, you will need life expectancy data to back up your arguments. Obesity in children has proved incurable. It may cause between two to five years of decrease in life expectancy of children as compared to their parents according to multiple studies.

18. Should the government focus on reducing obesity among children?

The government should be involved in fighting obesity because it is not one individual’s task. Increasing taxation on production of junks foods and promoting healthy habits are some activities the government can be involved in.

19. How are insulin resistance and obesity connected among children?

Due to the factor that obesity causes type 2 diabetes, it has been proved that obesity can develop insulin resistance. This development is caused by release of fatty acids, hormones, and glycerol. 

20. How obese parents risk their children being obese.

If parents are not involved in obese preventative activities, then there is a likelihood of the children being obese. This includes parents not controlling the consumption of fast foods by their children and low involvement in physical exercise activities.

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40 more Childhood Obesity topics for your research paper

  1. Reasons for child obesity in well-developed countries.
  2. How do the obesity rates of children relate to the obesity rates of adults?
  3. How do childhood abuse and neglect relate to obesity in adulthood?
  4. In what ways do obesity in children affect the community
  5. For children with obesity can restrictions of isocaloric fructose be effective.
  6. Effects of electronic medical records on screening and diagnosing obesity in children
  7. Influence of childhood obesity on their parents.
  8. Which stage of childhood and child development is obesity rampant.
  9. How can we prevent children from coming in contact with junk food?
  10. Our physical education programs in schools effective enough to prevent obesity.
  11. Who should be more responsible in preventing obesity in children between parents, the government, mass media and educational intuitions?
  12. Should there be a defense that junk food manufacturers display warning statements on the food labels?
  13. Do a child’s behavior and lifestyle of the family influence the risk of obesity?
  14. How can the society we live in address the issue of obesity?
  15. How can be nutrition programs be made available to parents with children?
  16. Can breastfeeding prevent obesity during childhood?
  17. Discuss ways in which childhood obesity affects the overall growth of a child
  18. Why will the obesity rates continue to rise among children?
  19. Can culture be a contributing factor in causing obesity?
  20. Why are immigrants and their children more prone to obesity?
  21. Analyze and give a report on obesity in children in your area of residence.
  22. Analyze and give a report on obesity among the children of your country.
  23. Explain why obese children should not be subjected to discrimination?
  24. How do the economic status of the parents’ cause obesity in children?
  25. Compare the rates of obesity in your country with the rates in neighboring countries and the rest of the world.
  26. Should the manufacturing of junk foods liked by children be banned?
  27. What is the difference between overweight children and children suffering from obesity?
  28. Access the medication for the treatment of obesity based on the effectiveness and side effects.
  29. Examine obesity in children from a psychological perspective.
  30. Does heart failure relate to obesity in children?
  31. Explain the digestive diseases that are associate with obesity in children.
  32. What role can nurses play in the prevention and cure of obesity in children?
  33. Access the influence of corn syrup on obesity among children.
  34. Draw a comparison between obesity and anorexia in children.
  35. Explore why child obesity is lower in developing countries
  36. Discuss the reasons why child obesity is not taken seriously as a problem in the US.
  37. Discuss the role of diet in the emergence of child obesity.
  38. What measures can be taken to tackle child obesity in your state
  39. How can we promote positive self-image and self-esteem among obese children
  40. What ethical principles should we observe when dealing with obesity among children.

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