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A common app essay is a personal statement that the student submits to a college when seeking admissions. This statement helps one to express interests, passions, experiences, and strengths. 

This essay can have a word count of 250 to 600. Here, you are free to touch everything you love to provide your topic address with the prompt. Notably, there may be no rules on how you prefer to tell a story. 

If you are in need of assistance in writing your common app essay, consider hiring a professional admission essay writer to complete the job for you. However, read on to learn the tips to do it.

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Tips how to Pass Common App Essay

You are free to submit the common app to any college that needs it. However, some colleges may still ask one to submit another supplementary essay. You can use the following tips when using a common app:

1. Maximize Space

The word count for the essay does not exceed 600. Students always have a challenge in maximizing the space.  One may use much space and experience a challenge in trimming the content down. Another one can write too little content and end up sounding generic. 

2. A Rare Topic 

Many mistakes writing a rare topic to be sounding effective. It becomes hard to showcase who you are when you put a lot of emphasis on a rare topic. You should identify potential essay topics and select the one you are passionate about. The trick is to let the essay inspire and excite you and the audience. 

3. Use Your Authentic Voice 

A common app essay allows you to showcase your identity. One should craft the essay to sound as if you are the one talking. There is no need of using complex words, thinking you are going to impress. Ensure that you use decent language that should make you sound ethical. 

4. Give Details

As you write this essay, ensure to fill it with relevant details. Begin by breaking it into the smallest piece. Again, use paragraphs to explain each item precisely. You can use it to write about specific moments of life. You can describe how something looked or how you felt about a particular encounter which is a key tactic to help you stand out. 

5. Get Feedback

Before you submit the essay, it is vital to allow someone to proofread the content and pinpoint some common mistakes. Such could be spelling and grammatical mistakes. Make it a top priority for someone to read it aloud to hear how it flows and sounds and fix pending errors. 

Why Need Help with Common App Essay?

A common app essay is part of one’s college application. More than 55% of colleges in the US require a personal statement as they regard it highly. As such, they place a lot of emphasis on such essays. Other benefits of using a common app are: 

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1. Saves Your Time 

The common app saves time as many colleges require the student to fill the form and write the essay.

If you are working with schools that accept this app, it implies that you will fill fewer forms. 

Also, some universities use the Common app, so it is key to countercheck it before you make an application. 

2. Tracks Important Information 

The app is great at helping one track your preferred school’s requirements and deadlines. Such information assists you in submitting your application essay and other documentation on time.

It has a dashboard that helps you to access all the information that you need to know. As such, it prevents you from getting disqualified in the process. 

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It is not a preserve for everyone to be an effective common app essay writer. Writing is a creating talent that grows with time and experience. Here are the characteristics that make us believe we offer the right service:

1. Experienced Common App Essay writers

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You want a good assignment copy, right?  However, the quality of the final drafts is at the mercy of a skilled writer.

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Our writers have a good educational background that gives them an edge when writing on any type of topic.

More importantly, we craft plagiarism-free content to ensure we retain originality and uniqueness. 

2. Meet Common App Essay Deadlines 

We understand the importance of keeping deadlines to ensure you meet your goals. For that matter, we ensure that you get your essay on time and have a chance to go through it and familiarize yourself with the given content. 

If your common app essay fails to meet your expectations, you are free to seek some changes to align it with your needs. Check out our tips on how to write a good Common App essay for more points on the same.

Common app essays have deadlines, and therefore we strive to obey the rules to avoid disappointing our customers. Furthermore, we meet deadlines to maintain the brand reputation. 

3. Customer Support 

We ensure all our customers access us any time of the day and week. We are ever available for you, especially when you need us most.  We respond to all calls, emails, chats on time to ensure you get immediate feedback. 

In case our client is unhappy with our first draft, we strive to make changes as per the given instructions. We take pride in client satisfaction as we offer the best services that cannot disappoint.  

4. Money-Back Guarantee

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We offer a money-back guarantee policy. Such implies that we will return your cash if you find us giving poor service.

We practice such a policy to establish a better working relationship with our clients. 

This policy compels us to provide high-quality essay work to our customers.

We strive to do our best so that we do not lose our clients on the platform of poor service delivery.

If the revisions do not satisfy our clients, then we return the money immediately! 

5. High Rating

We fueled our writing brand by giving commendable work to our consumers. We have many five-star ratings that testify to our good reputation.

We cannot deny any mistakes and other errors that caused some to express dissatisfaction with our work. However, we have many followers and a large customer base that trusts our service. 

6. A good and Secure website

We value the importance of security to our operations. We do not disclose the details of our clients to strangers. If you are writing with us, be sure that we will not divulge personal information to any third party. Everything we handle remains confidential throughout our engagements. 

We keep the financial information and other related items at lock and key. We also protect your online identity for you to remain safe and secure. We do not misuse your details like phone number, private address, and name. 

Frequently Asked Questions 

Does the common app use Turnitin?

Yes, the common app uses Turnitin to determine the originality of your draft. The institution checks your final draft of the essay with Turnitin databases to establish if you used someone else’s idea or not. So, ensure that you create an original document to keep your reputation. 

Can common app detect cheating?

Indeed yes. For example, if you send a plagiarized document, then it will be easy for the institution to check your sources and determine if you cheated or not. Also, the reader will know if it is generic or passionate.

Does a common app check for plagiarism?

Plagiarism is a great offense that can make one lose trust. The common app uses Turnitin to check plagiarism and establishes the authenticity of your common app essay.

It calls for the writer to ensure that the work is plagiarism-free. It should remain original since you are writing a true account of yourself. 

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Josh Jasen
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