How Much to Pay Someone to Write Essays: Tips before Paying

Pay Someone to Write Essays

Pay Someone to Write Essays

Essay writing is an everyday business that has been gaining popularity in the academic corridors. However, with a burden of assignments and a lack of time, many graduates prefer to hire someone to write an essay paper at a cost.

This creates an open field where many writers offer their services to eager students to get their assignments done. With many providers of writing services, there is a variation in the prices charged to write an essay. So, what is the correct amount to pay?

The average amount to pay someone to write your essay is between $12 and $35 per page, depending on the paper’s urgency and the assignment’s technicality. Most writers charge up to $12 for simple essays that have a longer deadline while charging up to $35 for technical orders whose deadline is urgent and within a few hours.

The cost really depends on several factors that we will discuss in detail later in this article. Before that, I must note that you need to be careful when you are charged anything lower than this. This is because no quality writer will charge anything less than $12.

At the same time, no legit essay writing service will charge way more than $35 because it is way too high. A price of $35 is higher than the target market can afford. The market in this case is students.

The cool thing about the price for cheap college essay services because the writers are open to edits and unlimited revisions. If the clients need several changes in the documents, they are flexible to make edits to the customer’s satisfaction. Let’s dig in.

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Why People Opt to Pay Essay Writers

cost of education

Offering an essay writing service to your client comes at a cost. You are at liberty to charge an essay based on several factors.

That said, you should have the advanced skill to handle any order that comes your way so that you do not produce shoddy work.

Many people opt for professional essay writing services because they want to enjoy premium quality. The essays from such professionals are of outstanding quality.

Additionally, most of such articles are 100% original and unique. Be sure that you will not be duplicating someone’s work.

Besides, by hiring someone to write you an essay, the chances of getting your work on time are high.

Some can write top-notch content within hours or days and get the feedback to you on time. Still, these essays are usually free of grammatical and spelling errors.

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Factors that determine the Cost of an Essay or Paper

Pricing your essay paper depends upon several factors. You must consider such elements while negotiating with your potential client to strike a balance. Generally, the standard way of pricing for any paper is by involving the following components:

1. The Urgency of the Paper – Deadline

Not all essay papers ought to get delivered in the same timeframe. Some can take months, weeks, days, and others may require hours.

For instance, if the paper is exceptionally urgent to a tune of six hours, you must be ready to pay for more.

That is because the essay writer needs to suspend other duties and focus on that paper within the time limit. Essay writing is a complex work when subjected to a short time frame.

urgent essay costs

The main disadvantage of short time frames is that mistakes and errors may occur. If the writer is conversant in the field, be sure to make minimal mistakes.

Many writers charge expensively when you give them such orders with strict deadlines that require just some hours. 

On the other side, you can opt to charge averagely if the deadline is for a few weeks. That is because you are not under pressure to deliver that work. You have ample time to research and give to the expectation of your client.

Lastly, if the deadline is for a month or so, you have an option to charge less than shorter deadlines.

The essay writer can write the paper and have adequate time to revise and correct any visible error without feeling the pressure.

The trick that comes with such orders is that you should also write them in advance and take more time to revise and make any meaningful amendments as per the client’s wishes.

2. Your Level of Study for the homework

The level of study is a vital aspect that one should price any order. There are different levels of analysis to factor in your services.

First off, we have college-level diplomas and undergraduate degrees. Given such tasks to write a specific essay on their level, we expect that you charge lower. 

essay costs change with Study level

On the other hand, you should charge higher when you are handling master’s level projects.

That is because they are so involving and require extensive research.

For that matter, such projects are time-consuming and tedious.

Charge the essay according to the level to appear professional.

Last but not least, a PhD essay will command high rates from the writer. That is because you must perform comprehensive research and come up with practical and helpful information to prove your facts.

Just like a master’s level, it also requires more time for the writer to research and gets the right points about a specific topic in focus.

3. The Technicality of the assignment

Some essays are easy to write without demanding much effort from the researcher. As such, the student expects the writer to charge lower because one will not scratch the head looking for more materials to make them appear complicated.

Also, some of the topics that you may be researching are available readily on different platforms.

Surprisingly, some essays are difficult to develop and construct into valuable and meaningful forms. You need to perform complex and extensive research and come up with an accurate conclusion that is devoid of errors.

Some may include performing some mathematical calculations and developing intricate formulae before resolving to a certain point.

Given a task that is not too technical, you should charge less. If you are handling a technical paper, charge more since you will require more effort to make it acceptable in the end.

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4. Editing vs. Writing Task

Some assignments from students may come in two formats. Firstly, it may just be to edit existing work and do some meaningful changes to make it acceptable.

Editing requires less research as the writer may be eliminating some grammatical and spelling errors and other mistakes.

Additionally, editing may be to change facts and tailor them to agree with the demands of the topic in question. Overall, you will charge less when editing since little effort is what you require to make matters done.

Interestingly, writing from scratch can be time-consuming. You have to perform thorough research before you align those facts into a usable form.

Unlike editing, writing will consume more time since you have to write each and every part of the context. For that matter, you have to charge higher since it is time-consuming and involving.

5. The Spacing of the Paper

Spacing is another fact that one should never overlook when dealing with essay writing tasks.

Each client may come with varying instructions regarding spacing. You should see if the customer prefers single spacing or double spacing.

If you are using the single-spacing format, you should double charge the essay. The main argument behind such a rule is that a single-spaced page is the same as two double-spaced pages. Ensure that you stick to this rule and make a kill.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Anxious readers are ever looking for answers on different aspects. This section will be highlighting some of the common questions that you expect from the market.

How much to charge for essay editing?

Essay charging is dependent on several factors. Firstly, before you charge for your essay, consider the urgency of the task.

Cost of Editing an Essay

If the deadline is near, then you should make the charges higher.

Additionally, determine the level of study. If you are dealing with a Ph.D. content, then charge higher than an undergraduate or a master’s level project.

More importantly, if the paper is too technical, it calls for higher rates and vice versa.

Lastly, know if the project is for editing only or developing it from scratch.

If you are writing from scratch, then charge higher than when you are just editing.

Do Essay Writing Services Really Work?

Indeed, essay writing is a common way of assisting college students in handling their assignments through outsourced services.

The writer must have extensive knowledge in the field and deliver quality work, which should challenge the supervisor. You can read a related discussion that essay writing services do work if they are run professionally and provide quality work.

Essay writing is a thriving business around the world. Some people opt for it because they may be handling other issues such as family and work affairs. However, you must seek the services of a reputable organization or person to avoid shoddy work.

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In Summary

Are you still unable to determine how much to charge or pay for an essay writer? The cool thing is this piece has been giving you a clue of the facts you may focus on to determine the pricing.

This write-up is for you if you want to stay updated on the key things that determine how the essay writer should charge a student. Overall, the information above is a must-know to understand how organizations are pricing coursework.

Though getting such services is not illegal in several institutions, ensure that you get a good writer who has vast experience in such a particular field.