If you Hate Writing Papers or Essays, Here’s what to Do

Hate Writing Papers or Essays

Hate Writing Papers or Essays

It is very common for students to hate writing papers and even avoid writing college essays. Some students perceive writing as a laborious task that takes much time to complete.

For a student to write a complete paper, they must first understand the various writing components, making the process difficult.

I have been there when I was a student. I used to hate writing essays. However, I am now a seasoned writer and offer academic writing services here at Grade Bees. You can seek our services whenever you need them. However, I will teach you how to handle the problem and practice what I did to become a good writer.

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What to do if you Hate Writing College Papers

As noted, some students hate writing papers because of the process and the time used to complete them. Since writing papers is inevitable for students, there are some things you can do if you hate writing papers.

Papers or Essay Writing

If you hate writing papers or college essays, you can hire writers. The other best approach is to plan your work, write informally, try using pen and paper first, create your own deadlines, and avoid distractions that take you away.

1.     Use Informal Language

One of the things you can do if you hate writing papers is to use informal language. What this means is that you should write the same way you talk.

Do not try forcing yourself to write using a formal communication style you are not used to.

This will make you hate the writing process even more. Once you are done with putting words into a page, you can formalize the language as you proofread and edit your paper.

Another tip is to record yourself talking about the contents of your paper and then write a transcript based on what you have said.

2. Start Writing with a Pen and Paper

Another thing you can do if you hate writing papers is to start with pen and paper. You can write your work on paper and later type what you have written by hand.

The good thing about starting with pen and paper is that it allows your thoughts to flow freely.

This is because writing using a computer makes the process feel official, creating a tense atmosphere. You will feel at ease when using pen and paper.

3. Create your own Deadlines

You can also create an artificial deadline if you hate writing papers. There is a tendency for students to procrastinate until the due date reaches.

It is best to create artificial deadlines by which you will be tackling your paper in parts. You can set a timer whereby you must complete a paragraph or a subtopic within the allocated time.

When the designated time is over, you can give yourself a break and continue later. Try to write something even when it is not perfect.

4. Plan in Advance

Planning in advance can also help if you hate writing papers. For example, if you must develop a formal paper, it is best to create an outline before you write.

Just imagine staring at a blank screen that you will have to populate with, let’s say, 5 pages of content.

5. Create an outline

an essay outline

Creating a comprehensive outline for the different sections of your paper will help you know exactly what to do and what will follow next. Let the outline be your starting point.

6. Avoid social media

Another thing you can do if you hate writing papers is to get rid of anything that distracts you, especially social media and the internet.

While the internet is a valuable source of research for papers, it can also divide your attention. When writing, stick to the internet sources that provide content for your paper and avoid wandering into other websites.

It is also important to avoid visiting social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, or Instagram while writing your papers. Also, silence your phone to avoid further distractions.

7. Start with the End in Mind

Finally, do not start at the beginning if you hate writing papers.

Though your paper should be structured in such a way that it begins with an introduction, followed by body paragraphs, and finally, a conclusion, there is no rule that you should begin with an introduction while writing.

You can start with the body paragraphs followed by an introduction. However, do not start with a conclusion.

Why Students Hate Writing Papers and Essays

When a student says that ‘I hate writing,’ he or she means they are not motivated and are negative about the writing process. Well, there are several reasons why students hate writing essays. Let us explore each of these in detail.

Writing Papers is Uncomfortable

One of the reasons is that students may feel uncomfortable while writing. The writing process, which includes reading, researching, typing, creating citations and references, formatting, editing, and proofreading, can be taxing to students.

Why students hate writing papers

Students who lack the proper writing skills will find the process uncomfortable and therefore hate it.

The second reason students hate writing essays is that they lack proper spelling and grammar skills.

Student’s writing skills are tested when instructed to write essays, and they may be afraid to look bad if they possess weak spelling and grammar skills.

They are afraid to look stupid, thus the reason they may hate writing essays.

However, the good thing is that writing programs such as MS Word and online editing platforms such as Grammarly can help students correct their spelling and grammar.

Do not see the Purpose of writing papers

Another reason why students hate writing essays is that they do not see the need to write. This especially applies to students pursuing technical subjects such as mathematics, chemistry, etc.

They perceive writing as irrelevant to their career paths. Students pursuing subjects that require writing essays may end up loving writing.

However, those dealing with statistics, data, or numbers may find writing unnecessary and therefore decide that they hate it.

 Some Topics are Irrelevant

Another reason why students hate writing essays is that some essay topics may feel irrelevant. Most essay topics given to students may be boring and completely irrelevant to students’ day-to-day lives. Again, those topics may deviate from the topics or issues students love and can relate to.

Students view writing as Subjective

Students hate writing essays because it is subjective. There are no right or wrong answers. Students have to present arguments and support them in writing.

It is up to the instructor to decide which paper presents the best argument. Finally, the editing and revising process is boring and repetitious. This attitude of viewing writing as a subjective task makes students hate writing essays.

Why I Hate Writing College Essays

One of the reasons why I hate writing papers is that I have a hard time starting the whole writing process. This especially applies to long papers requiring much background information and content.

This is very overwhelming. When it comes to actual writing, I find it difficult to organize my thoughts and utilize writing mechanisms. In fact, I prefer to use legal ghostwriting services, which leaves me with more time to do my chores.

A good paper should be organized in such a way that the reader understands what the writer is trying to communicate. Organizing a paper to appeal to the reader is difficult, hence why I hate writing papers.

Another reason I hate writing papers is finding the most appropriate words to express myself. This is a slow process that requires much thought and practice.

Sometimes, I may be stuck trying to find the right words or phrases to communicate my thoughts. This brings in the issue of developing ideas. I find ideation to be a very difficult process.

At the same time, keeping track of those ideas is a struggle. I might forget some ideas while writing. I realized that the best remedy is to outline the different ideas to avoid forgetting them.

How to Love Writing College Essays

Now that we have discussed what to do if you hate writing papers let us explore how to love writing papers. As noted, writing papers is inevitable for students because writing papers is part of the curriculum. The following are some strategies you can utilize to help you love writing papers.

How to Love Writing College Papers

One of the strategies to help you love writing papers is to ensure that you do not worry about other things during the writing process.

When you begin writing, it is imperative to clear your mind and focus on your writing objectives and goals.

You should sit silently and meditate on the paper for a few minutes to achieve this. Ensure that whatever you think about and do is centered on the topic.

The next strategy you can utilize to help you love writing papers is to discover the style of writing you love and the topics that interest you.

However, the topics administered to write about may not align with the topics you love. In such cases, you should stick to the writing style you love.

If, for instance, your instructor has given you several topics to choose from, select the topic containing the areas and genres you love.

Various writing formats are used in writing papers. Select the format you are most comfortable with and one that you love to avoid boredom. You can learn how to select research topics and know how to pick the one that interests you and has content.

Another method to help you love writing papers is to devise a reward system when you achieve your writing goals. For example, if you must submit a 10-page paper within a week, you can decide to divide the task as per the deadline.

You can decide to write 2 pages every day. If you achieve the goal of writing the two pages, reward yourself. The reward does not have to be something big.

It can be, for example, taking a walk, laying down, taking your favorite snack or drink, and so on. Doing so will subconsciously connect writing with something you look forward to and love.

The next strategy you can use to help you love writing papers is to put on the music of your choice while writing. This especially applies to students who prefer background music while performing other tasks.

Your favorite music can help put you in the correct mindset and even inspire your thought process. However, you should avoid loud or distracting music.


To sum up, it is undeniable that writing papers and essays are sometimes a pain in the ass for some students. They constantly seek ways to escape their assignments and get good grades. Writing essays presents a job that requires writing competencies and skills.

Because of this, students tend to have and even avoid the writing process. Since writing is inevitable for students, embracing it and finding ways to love it is important. If you still cannot like it, think of ways to escape doing your homework and earn the grade.