How to Write Opinion Essay: Outline from Intro to Conclusion

Writing Opinion Essay

Writing Opinion Essay

In this detailed guide, we will teach how to write an opinion essay, how to present a supported opinion paragraph and express an opinion in an essay or sentence.

We have gathered tips and guides from our best research paper writers who write hundreds of essays for students and score high grades every day. By the end of this post, you will learn the following in relation to an opinion essay.

  • The purpose of an opinion essay
  • Guide on how to write an opinion essay
  • How to write a supported opinion paragraph
  • How to express an opinion in sentences without using the first-person language, I

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The Purpose of Opinion Essays

Normally people have diverging opinions over certain issues. An opinion essay, therefore, gives you room to air out your opinions. These are essays that inform us on the thoughts and feelings of a writer about a topic.

your opinion

An opinion essay will elicit opinions regarding various issues or topics. In addition, this essay gives room for one to express their viewpoints through strong justified reasons and arguments.

As a writer, you strive to convince the reader of a point of view related to a certain topic through explanations, reasons, and illustrations.

You will therefore try to convince or persuade whoever is reading about your opinion or belief. Therefore, you naturally take a position for or against a topic.  

Opinion essays are of two types:

  • One-sided opinion essay
  • Two-sided opinion essay

In a one-sided opinion essay, all arguments oppose or favor a particular perspective. In a two-sided opinion essay, however, you will be required to present different viewpoints. Additionally, you can directly express your opinion or indirectly in the essay.

purpose of opinion essays

In a nutshell, the purpose of an opinion essay is to:

  • Support a cause

For instance: Why you should donate money to support the homeless.

  • To help create change

For instance: We should be responsible for our forests.

  • Call people to action

For instance: Why we should stand up against gender-based violence.

  • Persuade and convince people to agree with you on an issue.

For instance: the best kind of medicine is fruits.

How to Write an Opinion Essay

Drawing from our comprehensive guide to writing a good essay, we expounded in detail the steps that need to be followed. However, in this shorter guide, we focus on writing opinion essays. The essay outline includes:

  1. The topic
  2. Introductory paragraph
  3. The hook attention grabber
  4. Background
  5. Thesis statement
  6. Body paragraphs
  7. Topic sentence
  8. Detail sentences
  9. Conclusion sentences
  10. Conclusion

Review thesis statement

1. Decide on the Topic of an Opinion Essay

opinion writing
  • What makes an opinion essay topic successful?
  • If you have got strong feelings about the topic.
  • If you previously knew something about the topic/prior knowledge.
  • Ability to find support for your arguments.

Examples of topics:

  • Should alcohol and smoking be banned?
  • Should students be allowed to use smartphones in schools?
  • How many assignments should be given to students daily?
  • Is the internet affecting our ability to think on our own?

2. Write the Introduction

The introduction of an opinion essay comprises of:

  • The hook which is the attention grabber. It should be an interesting sentence about the topic.
  • The background provides an explanation on the topic sentence with facts examples and reasons.
  • Thesis statement this is the main idea about the topic.

The hook is about who/what you are writing about.

3. Polish on your topic sentences

This is a sentence that:

  • Introduces a paragraph by presenting the one topic that focusses on the paragraph.
  • It purposes to provide the perspective you are providing to the essay topic and answers the how and why the topic is significant.

4. Write the Background information

It only purposes to assist the reader to understand what you as the writer will be discussing in the essay thereby creating a flow between the hook and the thesis statement. It therefore can appear in the form of opinions, definitions, trends, historical facts, or changes.

For example:

Barrack Obama was the first African-American black president of the United States of America -is a Historical fact.

5. Craft the Thesis Statement

This is your main idea regarding the topic for a number of reasons.

It has a topic (subject of the essay), controlling ideas (your opinions, beliefs views, and feelings about the topic), and a variety of subtopics (areas you focus on to support the idea).

It answers the question of the given prompt in one sentence. For example:

What is the best city in the world?

Thesis statement: the best city in the world is London because it is clean, safe, and beautiful.

Avoid phrases like; I believe, in my opinion, I think in the thesis statement.

6. Write the Body paragraphs

share your opinion

This essay has three body paragraphs which include:

  • The topic sentence, the detail sentence, and the conclusion sentence.
  • Its objective is to develop the argument stated in the introduction fully.
  • Moreover, it will be directly related to a specific subheading of the thesis statement.

Sections of the body paragraph

  • The topic sentence- this has a sub-topic of the thesis statement.
  • The detail sentence- this explains the topic sentence with facts, reasons, and examples.
  • Conclusion- reminds the reader of the topic sentence.

The topic sentence

This is the first subtopic that you write on your thesis statement. It can either be the first or the second sentence in the body paragraph. It provides your perspective towards the topic of the essay.

Additionally, it answers why and how the topic is significant.

Detail sentences

These are also known as supporting sentences. They are facts, examples, quotes, or other sentences which support the topic sentences.

In order to have a good detailed sentence you should:

  • Explain the first supporting detail.
  • Provide an example of this detail.
  • Unpack the example in a sentence or two.

The Summarizing sentence

This provides us with a reminder of the topic sentence. It also provides a summary of the subject you elaborated on earlier on in the paragraph.

The main point you want to pass across should be included. When coming up with an effective conclusion, make sure you explain to your readers the point your paragraph is trying to pass and its importance.

The concluding sentence is a goal that gives the original topic a new perspective by expanding it.

7. Write the final opinion paragraph

This is a paragraph that explains what the writer feels about the topic and provides an opinion in the topic sentence. It expresses an opinion on something and proves that it is right.

For instance: Why students should attend school in home clothes rather than school uniform. Additionally, it uses reasons and details to explain the opinion.

8. Make the Conclusion

This is the last paragraph of the essay that provides a summary of the thesis argument and subsections.

It is key because it assists the readers to see why the essay should matter to them.

The conclusion:

  • Makes a review of the thesis statement using different words.
  • Makes a summary of the three, two or one body paragraph topic sentence.
  • Ends with a suggestion on what the reader should do such as a prediction or an opinion.

The thesis statement should be restated differently in the conclusion.

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How to write a supported Opinion Paragraph

  1. Begin with a topic sentence that will clearly state your topic and opinion. This acts as the controlling idea, can be more than one sentence and fully introduces the topic.
  2. Give concrete reasons that explain, illustrate or support your opinion. This should be clear and interesting.
  3. Provide details that explain each reason including available facts reasons and examples. They might be ideas that came up in the plan.
  4. Present your feelings to the audience/readers.
  5. State your opinion afresh and summarize your ideas in the last sentences.

This paragraph requires you to provide at least three fully developed and explained points and they have to be proven in the topic sentence.

For you to achieve this, you will have to employ the point, proof, and analysis model.

The point

This is a sentence or two that introduces the proof you intend to use in order to support your opinion.

The proof

This is solid evidence that supports your opinion.

It can take the form of:

  • A quote from a text
  • A statistic
  • An example
  • Personal knowledge

However, the above depends on the nature of the paragraph.

How to write a supported Opinion Paragraph


In this section, you will explain how your illustration relates clearly to your point of view.

It must be fully developed as you would not want to keep the reader questioning about the inclusion of the illustration.

Concluding sentence

This provides a summary of the paragraph.

It is a sentence that restates your opinion in different words.

Additionally, it is supposed to leave a strong statement in the readers’ minds and clearly outline your opinion for the last time.

It is important that you do not introduce new information in the conclusion.

Important tips on writing opinion sentences

  • Use transition words when required so as to have a paragraph flow.
  • Phrases like first/second/third, another reason is, finally furthermore moreover and in addition will be handy in transition
  • You may also use a paragraph organizer to arrange your thoughts for proper flow.
  • Prepare a rough draft and have someone go through it before writing the final copy.
  • Unlike writing a survey paper that concludes on the survey, the conclusion for an opinion essay summarizes your opinion and views.

How to express opinion in sentences without using first-person language-I


This is used when supporting an opinion with relevant evidence.

  • It would seem that learners perform well when comfortable.”


Apply this when challenging an existing opinion.

  • It can be argued that the advantages outweigh the disadvantages in this instance.”


This is used when you do not want to completely commit to an opinion.

  • This statement suggests that people who speak more than one language have more job opportunities.”


Only use this when you are confident in the opinion you are presenting.

  • It proves that the best way to improve your health is through a controlled diet.”


Use this one is applicable when you are supporting an already made opinion.

  • The new discovery supports the idea that indeed Africa is the cradle of mankind.”


This is used when you want to make a balanced opinion.

  • Although reports suggest that marijuana could help people to reduce cancer, there are still too many health problems related to smoking in general.”


You can use adjectives to show your opinion.

  • “This seminar was poorly conducted with a lack of direction.”

The discussions above will surely prepare you well on any issue to do with an opinion essay. If you need further guidance, check our guide on how to write issue papers and learn about it, and compare the two.