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Paraphrase my essay

Paraphrase my essay

Paraphrasing an essay is the easiest method of cheating without getting caught. With expert essay writers for your papers, it is easy to paraphrase your essay and deliver the best results, just as if it was done from scratch. Read on to discover why are the best in this.

The only thing they will do is to take the original essay and paraphrase it. Our expert essay writers will work on your essay task, be it writing from scratch or paraphrasing.

So, what is paraphrasing? Paraphrasing is the act of taking the original text and mixing the words so that the resulting text is unique and retains a similar meaning to the initial text. Therefore, paraphrasing is an easy method of writing essays.

Why we are the Best to Paraphrase My Essay

With expert writers available 24/7, our writing services guarantee quality essays, whether we paraphrase your essay or write from scratch. The following are the main reasons why our service is the most uniquely qualified for any type of academic work.

1. Confidential Essay Writers

Confidentiality is very important when it comes to paraphrasing my essay services. We understand that your privacy as a student is paramount especially on matters concerning academics.

While some institutions may perceive paraphrasing as academic dishonesty, we perceive it as an opportunity to save time while producing quality work.

To avoid such incidents, we assure confidentiality when it comes to your information and papers.

One strict thing with our ‘paraphrase my essay’ service is that we do not allow are selling or distributing of students’ papers without the client’s knowledge and approval.

This is unfair for students who have paid for the services. As a measure to combat such an occurrence, we have upgraded our database’s security and terms of use so that once we have completed paraphrasing your paper, we deliver it without retaining it in our database.

2. Timely Essay Deliveries

Our paraphrase my essay services are delivered on a timely basis. We understand that essays are administered by your instructors under tight deadlines.

Because of this, we strive to deliver quality paraphrased essays within the shortest time possible. The deliveries are not just for rewriting assignments but also for essays written from scratch.

The shorter the essay is, the faster you will receive a paraphrased version. For the longer essays, it might take some time but you will not even realize it. That’s how fast our services are!

3. Cheap Rates for Paraphrasing Essays

Our rates are very competitive compared to other essay writing services. Our profession is based on offering writing services to students who most probably do not have enough disposable income to seek expensive services.

We understand that students work under tight budgets and it is imperative for us to reasonably price our services so that they can afford them. Our payment options are easy and convenient.

4. 24/7 Essay Services

Our paraphrase my essay services are available 24/7 throughout the year. We understand that students may require our services at any time of the day and month thus the reason why we are available on a full-time basis.

Since our paraphrase my essay services are online-based, we serve various students from different parts of the world. Do not go for an assignment rewriter, just hire our essay paraphrasing services any time.

Why don’t you try us today? We guarantee quality paraphrase my essay services at very affordable prices and at your convenience.

5. Focused on Grades

We are the best because we focus on delivering the best grade for you. We do not just paraphrase or rewrite an essay, we write as if we are working from scratch.

It should be noted that not all paraphrase my essay services offer stress-free quality work. Again, the essay rewriting and paraphrasing services realize that you can make a few errors while paraphrasing.

It is easy because the student will not have to do much when it comes to researching, organizing their ideas and work, and formatting their essays. Here is why we are the best.

Why Paraphrase a Paper instead of Writing from Scratch

There are several reasons why you paraphrase a paper instead of writing a fresh paper. While some reasons can be considered genuine, others are not.

Either way, if you intend to paraphrase a paper, do it the proper way or seek to paraphrase my essay services.

1. Tough Deadlines

The first reason is to save time. In some cases, students are given tough deadlines that are at times unrealistic to complete an essay. Such essays can be long and complicated.

Again, students may be given essays by multiple instructors to complete within a very limited time period.

Because of this, you will find yourself looking for a similar paper that scored high grades to paraphrase from. Here, the issue is not writing the paper. The issue is time.

If you don’t complete the papers within the deadline, it is most likely that you will fail the course or face academic disciplinary actions. Therefore, it is better to paraphrase a paper instead of writing a fresh paper to save time.

2. Lack of Enough Time

The second reason why you paraphrase a paper instead of writing a fresh paper is that you did not have enough time to study or prepare for the paper. It takes less time since the task is to reword an essay and submit it.

Coming up with a paper is a very challenging task for many students. This is because it will require students to adequately prepare themselves for the papers.

Preparation entails grasping the concepts of the course, finding the right sources of information to support the paper’s arguments, and organizing your thoughts to create the paper.

If this is your case, it is best to paraphrase a similar paper from a more knowledgeable friend instead of writing a fresh one. After all, you do not have the content to fill the paper.

3. Lack of Understanding

The third reason why you paraphrase a paper instead of writing a fresh paper is that you may not have understood the course content and the paper’s instructions.

Often, instructors fail to realize that different students have different learning abilities. There are some gifted students who can easily understand the course content and respond accordingly to the paper’s instructions.

On the other hand, some students find it difficult to understand the same. Such students are at a disadvantage during the learning process. Therefore, rewording a paper makes sense.

If you are one of those students who have not understood the course content or the paper’s instructions, it is best to paraphrase a paper instead of writing a fresh one.

Otherwise, you will end up attaining bad grades in your class. Identify a friendly and understanding classmate who has already completed the paper and has had a history of getting good grades in that class. Request their paper and paraphrase it accordingly.

4. To get Good Grades

The fourth reason why you paraphrase a paper instead of writing a fresh paper is to get good grades. This is a valid reason for slow learning students, those who did not have enough time to study or the students who have internal or external pressure to get good grades.

Every student wants to get good grades and the best-performing students are awarded and rewarded for their efforts. In this case, the effort is just rewording an essay and riding on someone else’s efforts.

Because of this, students will find themselves under constant pressure to attain good grades in their courses. This makes them feel that rewording a paper is the solution.

Some students have a competitive attitude that forces them to want better grades at all cost while others are under pressure to attain good grades from their parents or instructors.

Others want to attain good grades to achieve a milestone such as getting a scholarship, getting a dream internship or job, and so on.

Due to such pressures, it is best to paraphrase a paper instead of writing a new one to attain good grades. The task is not much, its just rewording your essay or paper from someone else and you are good to do.

5. Lack of Research and Writing skills

The fifth reason why you paraphrase a paper instead of writing a fresh paper is that you haven’t acquired proper research and writing skills or conventions.

Coming up with an academic paper requires both research and writing skills. Without proper research skills, you will find yourself wandering within academic databases looking for the appropriate source material for your paper.

On the other hand, without proper writing skills, your paper will not communicate the intended message. It is good to paraphrase a paper if you haven’t acquired such skills.

6. Lack of Motivation

Finally, lack of motivation or interest in the task at hand, and the course is another reason why you paraphrase a paper instead of writing a fresh paper.

If you lack interest in the task and the course in general, you can paraphrase a paper or let it be done for you by paraphrase my essay services.

Due to lack of motivation, some students even take low-quality solutions like scholarly paraphrasing tools, just to meet the essay requirements. But unfortunately, this does not work, as it presents a lot of risks. We have discussed those risks below.

Risks of Paraphrasing and not Writing from Scratch

The most notable risk of paraphrasing and not writing from scratch is being caught by the instructor. This is because the instructor will check your papers at the same time and if he/she finds that your papers are similar, you will face academic disciplinary action.

For many institutions and instructors, paraphrasing is academic dishonesty that is punishable by law.

Therefore, it is best to understand the conventions of paraphrasing before doing it. If you do not understand the conventions, it is best to seek to paraphrase my essay services.

Another risk is to be prosecuted by the owner of the original work. In class settings, ensure that the person you paraphrase from is a good and understanding friend.

If you paraphrase from scholarly articles, give credit through citations and references.

How to Paraphrase an Essay Well

1. Different starting points

The first method of paraphrasing an essay well is to begin the first sentence of your essay at a different point from the original source to avoid following the same sentence structure. This is just like rewriting the original text.

Reword Paraphrase and Cite

4. Give Credit through Citations

Always cite and reference your sources. For academic honesty purposes and in cases where the paraphrased essays are stored in plagiarism detection tools’ databases.

Therefore, it is best to give credit to the author of the original text through citation and referencing.

2. Use of synonyms

The second method is to use synonyms while paraphrasing. This helps in changing the original words while retaining a similar meaning.

This method can easily food plagiarism detecting tools. You can combine this method with other methods to effectively paraphrase an essay.

3. Changing the sentence structure

In this method, you can change the sentence structure to differentiate your essay from the original. At the same time, be careful not to misrepresent scientific writing as this will distort the message.

Here, you can change sentences that have been written in active voice into passive voice. You can also break long sentences into smaller ones or combine short sentences into longer ones.

Shortening sentences is also advantageous as it reduces the word count for your essay. Read our tips on how to shorten an essay and learn more about this.

Final Word

As we noted before, paraphrasing is not cheating if well done. And we have experts for that. Because paraphrasing makes writing easier and less time-consuming, there are ‘paraphrase my essay’ services that can make your work even easier.

We are the best in writing and our writers are capable to paraphrase your essay for you. Such services understand that you do not have enough time to write full essays because of your commitments.