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Shorten My Essay For me

Shorten My Essay For me

When given an essay to write, some of us start working on it without taking into consideration the length of the essay. If you find yourself in that situation, you can hire expert writers to shorten your essay as they polish it up to get that coveted grade. Here is why we are the best to help you.

You can have a look at our cheap essay writers and explore their services to make an order. Whether to shorten or write an essay from scratch, feel free to get it done.

Having a long essay is normal. It is only when you are done typing into your computer that you remember that the essay had a page limit or a word count.

The realization may make you wonder how you will shorten the essay to meet the page limit or word count requirement.

Shortening an essay to meet the required length is not an easy task. It is difficult to alter something that has already been completed. While shortening an essay, you may end up losing the intended meaning and mess everything up.

Shortening an essay is a skill that requires attention to detail and an understanding of writing and communication conventions. Some students can effectively do it while others find it difficult.

If you feel that the task of shortening an essay is difficult, you can always seek to shorten my essay for my services. 

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Get Seasoned Writers to Shorten your Essay

Now that we have understood the need to shorten your essay and the challenging nature of the process, let us explore another option that makes the process easier.

To get a good grade, you will need professional essay writers if you need them to shorten your essay or write assignments from scratch for you. You have no need to write, just order and relax.

If you have already written an essay and it has gone above the required word count or page limit, you can always seek to shorten my essay for me services.

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Those services have been designed to shorten the essay without losing its meaning and fluency.

While some ‘shorten my essay’ service providers may use flawed algorithms that mess with the flow when it comes to written communication, others use real writers. The best service providers will ensure that the essay is coherent and free from any errors.

There are some reasons why there are shorten my essay for me services on online platforms or sites.

The first reason is that such providers understand that it is not easy for some students to shorten their essays. If such students attempt to shorten their essays, their essays lose coherence.

The second reason is to help students meet the word count or page count requirements without messing up the essay.

Here, the service providers use sentence shortening techniques to reduce the overall word count of your essay.

At times, the instructor may require students to come up with short and concise narratives. This can be very challenging for students hence the reason why there are ‘shorten my essay’ services.

Finally, shortening an essay by yourself takes a lot of time and effort to complete. Seeking such services can save you a lot of time and effort. Such reasons make shorten my essay for me services important for students.

Why we are the Best to Shorten your Essay for you

We are here to help you shorten your essay to meet the page limit or the word count limit depending on the parameters you provide us with. Your task is to key in the desired word count and page limit while we do the rest for you within a very short time.

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If you wish to make your essay concise and shorter, our writers will get things done.

Don’t stress yourself with the strenuous time-consuming work. Reach us for the best shorten my essay for me services.

Our essay writers are effective and capable to eliminate multiple unnecessary words from your essay to make it shorter.

It is a quick and effective method of reworking your essay in such a way that it meets your instructor’s word count limit requirements.

By using our services, you will be able to shorten the length of your essay within a fraction of the time you would have used to revise and shorten your essay manually.

You can also select the entire essay and paste it into the box. The only thing you will do is to define your desired word count.

Our writers will shorten your essay by swapping long phrases for shorter ones and removing unnecessary words. At Grade Bees, essay writing services are fast and efficient enough to provide you with exemplary results within seconds.

In addition, our, services are 24/7 throughout the year and we have been around for many years. We serve clients from around the world and we always strive to exceed their expectations.  To sum it up:

  • No need to download any software into your device
  • No registration required
  • Free to use
  • Unlimited usage
  • Available 24/7
  • Results within a fraction of a second.

Features of our essay writers to shorten your essay

The first feature is a sentence shortening idea that works by eliminating unnecessary words and phrases. It also swaps long phrases with shorter ones while maintaining the intended meaning.

This especially applies to those who wish to shorten their essays sentence by sentence. We also have a paragraph writing service that you can hire from our essay writers, just in case you need essay help.

Just like shortening sentences, this feature identifies and eliminates the unnecessary words and phrases used within the paragraph. It also transforms passive voice sentences into active voice sentences.

Though we strive to provide you with the best shorten essay services, our features may not produce the optimal results because the English language is very complex.

Therefore, it is important to go through the shortened essay version before submitting it to eliminate any errors. Our writers can also rewrite an essay afresh. Therefore, you can check our essay paraphrasing services if you would like us to re-write your essay as we shorten it using your copy as a model.

The Process of shortening your essay

If you do not wish to seek to shorten my essay for me services and opt to do it manually, there are some processes you can employ to shorten your essay without messing up the content and meaning.

1. Identify Adverbs

The first step to the process is to identify all adverbs and highlight them. Once you have highlighted them in your entire essay, eliminate them.

For those of us who do not know what adverbs are, they include words like “very” and several other words that use “ly” at the end such as completely, absolutely, extremely, really, and so on.

Ideally, those words do not add value to your essay. They just exaggerate the meaning without adding any value to the sentence.

2. Remove short unimportant phrases or words

The second step is to identify short phrases or single words that are followed by a comma. Such words and phrases include in fact, lastly, first, because of this, in conclusion, quite frankly, to be frank, hopefully, and so on.

Highlight them and try reading the sentences without including them. If a sentence delivers the intended meaning without them, delete them to reduce the word count.

Making essay short

3. Eliminate Helping Verbs

The next step is to eliminate all the helping verbs. For example, if the original sentence was, “John is going to be receiving the award”, deleting the helping verb will make the sentence read, “John will receive the award.

From the example, it is evident that both sentences deliver the same message to the reader. However, the second sentence is shorter than the original.

Again, you can eliminate to be verbs to shorten your essay. For example, if you wrote, “I am an avid reader”, you can rewrite the sentence to, “I read avidly”.

4. Transform Passive to Active language

Finally, transform all the sentences you have used passive voice into active voice. The passive voice requires more words to deliver the meaning because it is indirect and imprecise.

The active voice uses lesser words because it is precise and direct. The use of active verbs is effective in reducing the word count, as it is adaptable and is concise with fewer words.

Why you need to shorten your essay

There are several reasons why you need to shorten your essay. The first and most obvious reason is to meet the requirements of your instructor.

In most cases, your instructor will require you to come up with an essay with a specific word count limit or page limit.

If you go above the limit, there is a great probability of losing marks. Therefore, you need to shorten your essay to meet the word count requirements from your instructor.

The second reason is to make your essay precise and direct. Many student essays that exceed the page count or word count limit contain unnecessary wording and improper usage of voice that end up filling up the pages.

From the sentence examples provided in the previous section, it is evident that unnecessary wording and usage of passive voice adds unnecessary words to the overall essay. If eliminated, such essays become precise and direct while shortening the essay.

Watch this video to learn more about shortening an essay.

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