Do you have to Write a Thesis for Undergrad or Bachelor’s

thesis for undergraduates

thesis for undergraduates

An undergraduate thesis is a dissertation written by a candidate for an academic degree that embodies the results of original research and a specific view being substantiated.

It is usually between forty to sixty pages and allows the undergraduate to explore their topic of study in-depth.

The thesis allows students to test their ability to conduct research, own research skills, and get used to working mostly done in graduate schools if they decide to advance their learning.

Since a thesis is required to complete a degree program, it takes a long time for research that institutions allow. Once the students are through, they must defend the thesis before a university committee.

It is a significant assignment that most students may find tough. Luckily, there is online homework help for students who need to complete such hard tasks.

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Do you Have to Write a Thesis for Undergraduate?

Some undergraduate degrees do not require students to write a thesis before completing their degrees. However, most students are required to write a thesis for the fulfillment of their bachelor’s degree.

You do not have to write a thesis for your undergraduate or bachelor’s degree if it is not a requirement in your course. However, some universities or courses demand a thesis project. Others have the option to complete a thesis or any other course project.

While not all undergraduate or bachelor’s degree programs require you to write a thesis, some will have it mandatory.

The requirement to write an essay depends on the type of major. In schools that do not require students to write a thesis as a requirement before they complete their degree, students are required to write a non-thesis variant.

writing an undergraduate thesis

This requires students to take more classes without creating a thesis.

Field experience can serve as a substitute for a thesis. Most schools require students to complete over three hundred hours of fieldwork as a substitute for a thesis.

It is done after finishing your study with control from supervisors.

Detailed work logs should be submitted to the school department before you get your degree.

The student’s choice is to choose the best option that the college or university provides. The thesis will take you less time to complete compared to the field experience. In some institutions, both are compulsory.

Why do Students Write a Thesis in Undergraduate?

Other than the apparent reason that it is a requirement for the completion of a bachelor’s degree, there are several other reasons why students write theses as undergraduates:

  • Writing a thesis helps students engage in in-depth research that greatly helps them learn more about their career area. The student can teach themselves after gaining all the skills and knowledge in a course.
  • Students must read extensively to establish whether something needs to be written about. The right points have to be hit when exploring the subject.
  • A thesis lays the foundation of higher learning for undergraduate students. Those who continue to master’s are likely to major in their areas of strength, mostly those covered in the thesis.
  • Most employers in today’s market prefer students with a thesis in their portfolio because it shows that the students have the ambition to learn and gain authoritative skills and writing skills in school. 
  • Several skills, such as critical communication and public speaking, are gained and perfected when defending your thesis in front of an experienced panel of experts. 
  • A thesis helps increase the level of credit or leadership among students. 

How to Write a Thesis for an Undergraduate?

The following are the steps to follow when writing a thesis for an undergraduate program:

Identify a Topic

undergraduate thesis methodology

Narrow down your focus to a specific topic from the many major ones.

Choose a topic of interest that you are willing to take a lot of time researching. Seek help from the professor if you get stuck.

Background Research

This is where you develop your background knowledge.

Know the key big names and thinkers in that area and understand the major theories and arguments on the topic of study. Build a bibliography.

Approach Advisers

These are people who can help you with your topic. They include people with expertise that are willing to work with you and with experience in dealing with undergraduates in their thesis process.

They must be able to help you identify the various stages of research, drafting, editing, outlining, undertaking oral defense, and presenting your thesis. 

Develop your Topic of Research

Continue researching the topic’s background and read all the research related to your area o study. Meet with your adviser and discuss the way forward and make arrangements on when to conduct the necessary research.


Do extensive research. Make it thorough and take notes. Ask for help when you need it to ensure you get it done. Organize yourself during the research and prepare for unexpected results. 


Here you should be able to identify both your arguments and key points of the key chapters that you will write about. Know the surrounding literature on the topic and where every information available specifically fits in your thesis. 


writing a draft

This is where you should start figuring out the final shape of your thesis.

If there are areas short of research, they should be identified and secondary research conducted on them. Check the sections off your timeline and write until it is done.  


Here you edit your first draft and send sections of the work to your advisor.

Incorporate the advice given in the essay and fix the holes in your argument. Keep a focus on the details and write the final draft.

Finalize and Finish

Read your final draft and remove all the mistakes that may be present to make it perfect. Then, present your thesis. This is done during a thesis defense presentation session, which is done after writing.

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Parts of Thesis

A thesis can be long or short, depending on the part to be included and the length of each part. This determines the time taken to write a thesis or a dissertation and complete it.

However, the general format of a thesis remains the same. The following are the main components of a thesis:


This is where your thesis’s central argument and topic are explained. The introduction should include why you choose the topic and everything that will be covered in your essay.

Literature Review

Includes all studies related to your work and gaps identified in your research that help you develop a strong claim and build counterarguments.


Data and all methods used to conduct the research are explained here.


All the findings of your study are included here.

the conclusion

Includes how and why you conducted your research. A summary and conclusion based on the results are also included.

List of Majors that Require a Thesis

A lot of majors require students to write a thesis. Some of these majors include

  • Philosophy
  • History
  • Literature
  • Psychology
  • Sociology
  • Political Science
  • Criminal justice.

However, majors that deal with applications, such as nursing, business, and education, do not need a thesis.

Why do Students Hire People to Write their College Thesis

Saving Time

All students know that writing a thesis will take a long time. It requires attention and extensive research that consumes a lot of time. Students, therefore, hire professionals to write their thesis to save time. 

Tight Schedule

preparing study schedule

Most students are involved in businesses. They mostly find it hard to manage time between writing the thesis and doing business, which is the only source of income.

Beating the deadline becomes hard, and hiring a writer to do the thesis is the best option available. 

Dealing with Anxiety and Stress

Most undergraduates experience anxieties and stress when it comes to ensuring that they hand in quality work essential to obtaining their degrees.

This added to stress from family issues, relationships, and social issues, can hinder students from concentrating on their work. This leads them to find solutions for completing their thesis, which involves hiring people to do them. 

Getting Better Grades

Every student these days is obsessed with getting better grades. Some students fear they cannot achieve this by themselves and hire professional writers who guarantee them the quality work needed.

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