AP Biology Exam Answers: Questions and How to prepare for it

How To Prepare And Write Your Ap Biology Exam

How To Prepare And Write Your Ap Biology Exam

Advanced Placements Biology or AP Bio is a particular course for students who require pursuing their interests in pure sciences.  It is a great course that places a high demand on your time and energy.

It is a college-level course presided by high school biology teachers at a high school level. Once you take this course and its corresponding exam, you will skip it at college when you are still at entry-level.

What is AP Biology Exam?

AP biology exam includes sixty questions where you will have 90 minutes to answer multiple-choice questions. After that, you have a ten-minute reading period, then start working on a free-response section where you have 80 minutes to do so. The free-response question has six questions in total.

We rate the AP exam on a scale of 1-5. Here, five is the highest score. The common topics that this exam will cover include:

a Princeton's ap exam guide
  • Ecology
  • Heredity
  • Chemistry of life
  • Natural Selection
  • Cell structure and function
  • Gene expression and regulation

How to Get Answers for AP Biology Exam in 2021

1. Make Flashcards/Study Guide Diagrams

using flashcards to study

While doing this exam, diagrams come in handy for interpretations.

You can draw your diagram in the flashcard by using varying colors to label and identify different parts.

2. Intensify Your AP Biology Readings

This course is ever demanding, so you need to match it with intensive reading.

You can make it a routine to read at least thirty pages every evening. When you miss, it means you can fall behind easily.

3. Befriend the AP Biology Book

AP Biology is a resource text that is worth investing in. It is thick, heavy, and with extra details that are beyond the exam scope.

This book comes with practice exams and helpful hints.

4. Familiarize with the Exam Format

Knowing what this exam looks like is a step forward. Usually, the exam has two sections; the multiple-choice question and the free-response question. You need to have such details for the sale of pacing.

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How to Prepare for AP Biology Exam

1. Budget Your Times

Planning for your time is key to your success. For instance, begin to calculate the time that is remaining before you take this AP Biology Test. If you are handing other AP classes, it is imperative to begin earlier. Such also depend on the confidence in the materials.

manage time to prepare for exam

Take into account the time and the schedule you are willing to exhaust on AP Biology.

The average or decent goal is to spare at least twenty hours to study for these courses.

You can aim at ten hours if you have been scoring well from the range of 4 and 5.

Ensure you balance your time well between the practice tests and studying the materials. You should devote yourself to practice tests to benefit from them.

You should practice more test questions instead of memorizing since the purpose of the test is to assess your analytical skills.

2. Use Relevant Review Materials

You should make use of the correct review materials to pass the AP Biology exam. Since there have been recent changes to the exam, you must avoid using old study materials. You need to acquire the right tools to succeed in mastering the new format.

On the contrary, you can use the old format practice questions to refresh your memory on particular topics. Caution is critical and will not prepare you for the advanced analytical framework of questions concerning the current Biology test.

The cool thing is that the College Board is now accessible through an online platform where students and teachers can interact appropriately. They can submit their homework and get feedback for the same.

More importantly, this interactive platform assists students in accessing valuable materials to help them prepare for the AP Bio test. They also have real practice questions. You need to have an account for you to login in and access such materials.

3. Memorization is never enough

AP biology exam requires a careful approach to master its content before you sit for the exam. Although you need a balanced amount of memorization, avoid relying on that fully. Do not focus only on that to avoid any disappointments during the exam.

Generally, this exam test your critical thinking skills. Furthermore, it gauges your logical reasoning skills together with your general knowledge of biology. The best avenue is to spend more time doing practice questions.

4. Focus on Labs

Do not get attempted to ignore old labs and focus on the content outside the lab. Resist that temptation. Spend quality time in labs and master their methodologies and the reason behind each procedure.

Strive to know the scientific methods plus the components of good experiments, which is critical in passing this AP Bio exam. You will feel more confident as you do more lab reviews.

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How to Answer these AP Biology Questions?

Type #1. Free Response Questions

1. Understand the AP Biology Rubrics

One should know how the rubric distributed points. The easiest route is to aces the websites and view the past papers to understand how they distributed the points. Open the scoring guidelines to understand how they awarded points to a varying question in this section.

2. Circle or Underline every Bolded Word

You can use bolded or capitalized words to know the root of your question. It is a perfect way to draw your attention to what the examiner is asking for. For that matter, students should ensure that you answer it.

Normally, break down the importance of the question through capitalized or bolded words. Once you answer a particular question, check or star it off. It is a visual checklist that to help you know that you answered all the questions.

3. Understand what the Question Demands

You should do precisely what the question asked you to do. For example, if the question wants you to explain something, you should demonstrate your ability to put something across and make it understandable.

If the question wants you to compare something, you should outline the similarities between the two things. When you are contrasting, you should be highlighting the difference between the two items.

More importantly, when the question wants you to calculate, you will be solving a problem here. You will get two points for this section. One is for the correct answer, while the remaining doses are for the right answer.

4. Be Succinct

Writing a lot does mean that you will score more points. For example, it is wrong to restate the question. It is helpful to write in entire sentences. When you are performing your calculation, it is excellent to identify the final answer.

If you are graphing, it is helpful to follow graphic convections. As such, you should label your axes, tilt your chart and scale it appropriately. Also, you should sleet the correct type of graph.

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Type #2. Multiple Choice

answering multiple choice-exam

AP Bio exam has 60 multiple choice questions where you will pick a suitable answer for it.

When working on these questions, you should read and understand each question well before choosing the right solution.

You have one and a half hours to answer the sixty questions before proceeding to the free-response ones. That means that you will be spending one minute and thirty seconds on each question.

However, if you know the answer from the word go, then you should spend less time on it before and secure more time for revising and making further changes if need be.

You can lose points if you fail to respond to all the questions. On the contrary, you cannot lose points for giving a wrong answer.