Is Homework Legal or Required in America, Australia or UK

Is Homework Legal or Illegal

Is Homework Legal or Illegal

Homework is a set of school assignments that teachers give students to complete them at home. Essentially, it is any type of task that students are given to complete outside their classroom. School homework may require a student to write projects, review test, read or tackle mathematical quizzes.

The purpose of homework has been attracting controversial debates for many years. While it is ideal for improving academic performance of adult students, the same cannot be said about young children.

Homework can be a source of stress for both students and parents because it limits the amount of time spent on other activities. Even though it can improve the academic skills of students who are slow, its benefits are still contentious.

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Is Homework Illegal?  

The significance of homework in schools cannot be overlooked. Despite the numerous criticisms, homework is still an integral part of learning. The only negative impact of homework is the fact that it denies students time to participate in other activities while outside school.

Doing homework with parent

In most if not all jurisdictions, homework is legal. In the United States of America, homework has been receiving a lot of resistance from parents and students.

As a result, there are schools that have given parents the chance to opt out as long as they feel the homework is no longer benefiting their child.

Connecticut, New Jersey, Utah, Florida and Louisiana are some of the states that allow schools to set their own homework rules.

Presently, there are no laws from the government banning homework in schools. States and districts have been given the opportunity to come up with homework laws after discussing with parents.

For this reasons, many schools have made the decision not to include homework at the elementary level. At this level, excluding homework will enable the students sleep better and have more time for leisure events.

Is Homework Necessary?

With the numerous debates about the usefulness of homework, it is still a necessary part of schooling. There are subjects that need frequent practice whether students are at home or in school. Mathematics is one example of subject that needs homework for thorough practice.

The principals of mathematics can be easily mastered when there is constant practice. In the absence of homework, such subjects will become difficult and some students will be disadvantaged.   Therefore, homework is necessary for some subjects but not all of them.

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Is Homework Slavery?

Students are given homework without their consent or permission. However, this does not make it an act of slavery. The tutors or teachers who give homework assignments do not enjoy any economic benefits.

burden of classwork

The main aim of homework for students is to help them practice the different concepts that were taught in class.

It is a simple act of practice that enables learners not to forget the knowledge they get from class.

To have more time attend other activities, there are homework cheat websites that have competent and quick academic assistance.

Is Homework Good or Bad?

Holiday homework has advantages and disadvantages. On the positive side, homework helps to bridge the gap between a student’s leisure time and the academic works.

When students are on holidays, homework assignments will make it easier for them to integrate into the school work once they return. 

Homework simply makes them to be in touch with the school class work even when they stay home for long.

The act of practicing all the subjects they learned in school will make their minds not to forget.

On the other hand, homework can be disadvantageous because it takes the relaxation and family time of the student. As usual, all students need time away from books. This is the ideal time to connect with family members and take part in other leisure activities.

Having homework is a clear indication that a part of this time will be used for studying.

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How To Help Students Cope With Homework

Students can find it difficult to balance between homework and leisure activities. Following this, there are a couple of approaches a parent can undertake to make sure homework is not a burden to the child. The following measures will help a child struggling with homework:

1. A Study Routine

Fixing a specific timeline for homework is important. In most cases, parents do not have adequate time for reviewing homework. Reviewing of homework is important so as to provide the necessary assistance and have other meaningful discussion.

Have a routine

With the presence of social media, games and television, only a proper study routine can make work easier. The best time for homework can be after dinner or early morning so that there is adequate time to relax or sleep afterwards.

2.  Allocate Homework Space

Just like other studies, homework needs a place where there are no distractions. For instance, it is easier for a student to fall asleep when doing homework if the environment is too comfortable.

Therefore, setting up a designated space devoid of distractions will create a good environment for homework.

3. The use of Incentives

If a child perceives homework as a punishment, it will be difficult to create time for the assignment. A better way of keeping them close to the schoolwork is by having a motivational structure such as incentives.

This is a form of rewarding a student for completing homework in time. Unlocking of Wi-Fi or promising a holiday are some ideal ways of rewarding a child.