Hardest Essay Topics For High School and University Students

Hardest Essay Topics

Hardest Essay Topics

An essay topic is a backbone of what you are going to write. There are difficult essay topics that may give you a hard time writing. These topics are difficult to approach because they revolve around ideas that you do not pay attention to when you are not in the classroom.

These are topics that need you to stretch your imagination to write accurately. Even though hard essay topics are difficult to tackle, they are still important in your education.                    

Why Our Writers are Good in Hard Essay Topics

Writing hard essay topics needs exceptional writers who can understand the topic and deliver good writing.

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The focus, coherence, development, and correctness of the essay should be impeccable. This is the only way you can submit an essay that will please your professor.

We have writers who can tackle difficult essay topics because of the following qualities:

Original content

Originality and uniqueness are major aspects that make an essay successful. Hard essay topics are difficult to crack. Therefore, a poor writer can easily plagiarize the content and put your academic journey in jeopardy.

Our writers are native English speakers who have vast knowledge in tackling hard essay topics. You can be sure to submit a 100% original essay even on the hardest topic. These are essays written from scratch after detailed research.

Timely delivery

Fast delivery is key to the success of any writing service. Our professional team of essay writers can tackle the hardest essay topics from scratch within a very short time.

With our exceptional services, you forget about any possibilities of delays. It is easier for the writers to handle urgent orders because of their previous experience. 

Knowledge of topic                                                            

Writing hard essay topics is not an easy task. However, our writers have profound knowledge of most of the difficult essay topics ranging from politics to public health.

They can research and write on these topics while arranging the words in the right order. Our team of expert writers can handle many subjects and topics that are considered as difficult. 

Error-free writing

Hard essay topics ought to be written with good flow. The final piece should be without any errors in terms of sentence structure, grammar, and coherence. Our writers have what it takes to produce quality essays.

error-free essays

The readability of the text will be friendly to the audience because the writers have good knowledge of grammar. Choice of words is equally important.

Our skilled writers can use a good choice of vocabulary by picking the right combination of words and terms. 

List of 11 Hardest Essay Topics

Adults should have the electroshock device

The Israel and Palestine conflict has better ways of ending

Why courts need to ban same-sex marriages 

Border fence-the perfect way to solve the illegal immigration puzzle

How genetics is a determinant factor in human behavior

The unforgotten significance of genetically modified organisms

Why educating women is a danger to the society

Today’s churches should not be exempted from taxes 

God is still alive

How sexual desire now affects the behaviour of humans

Implant contraception for men should start

How to Tackle the Hardest Essay Topics

Write step by step

Tackling a difficult essay topic can overwhelm you. As such, writing step by step can simplify the process of writing this type of essay. Start by writing the essay title followed by the introduction before the other parts. This should be eye-catching and very interesting so that the readers will want to proceed to read on.

It will be more enjoyable to write the other parts if you get the introduction right.

Write the body as the second part of your essay. In the body, ensure that each paragraph features a different idea. Begin a paragraph by writing a signpost sentence that leads to the main point you want to discuss.

write essay outline

After the body, write the conclusion that summarizes the main points of the essay. 

Ask friends

Consultation is paramount if you are to write a successful essay. Do not be afraid to ask friends for better ideas for tackling the essay.

Friends and classmates who have written essays on similar topics before can give you good ideas for writing this type of essay.

You can also consult your teachers and family members who have written essays before. 

Research deeper

Deep research is very fundamental if you are writing a hard topic essay. You need to research effectively by going through different resources. Carefully investigate the topic by carrying out in-depth analysis using different methods.

You can do both qualitative and quantitative research using online and offline methods. 

Ensure you get enough sources for the topic. The internet, books, and journals provide good materials for writing. With deep research, it will be easier to back up your statements and arguments in the essay.

To write a good essay, ensure you have at least five good sources before you start. 

Read essay examples

Going through other essays will give you a good idea of how to write yours. Look for past essay examples especially those on hard topics that are similar to what you have at hand.

Reading different examples will give you insights into approaching, structuring, and writing down your essay. 

Consult your teacher

consult your teacher

Establishing a good rapport with your teacher is very important. When attempting a difficult essay topic, it will be easier to seek help and clarification from your teacher.

Do not start writing before understanding the topic. Find quality time to discuss with your teacher how to tackle your essay topic effectively. 

Use the internet

Almost all students are now turning to the use of the internet to carry out research for their various assignments. Also, the majority of professors will direct you to the internet to research essay topics.

You must use the internet carefully to get good ideas on your essay topic. Unlike traditional library research methods, the internet is easy to use. You can get answers to any area or subject that you do not understand. 

As you use the internet, try to compare information from different sources to know if the material is reliable, accurate, and convincing. Do not rely on common search engines only. Go to the high-quality subject directories that will link you to experts on the subjects you are researching.  

Use dictionary

Hard essay topics will feature complex words that can be difficult to comprehend. In this case, the dictionary provides a good method of getting the meaning of these words.

Use the dictionary to get simple words that the audience will easily understand. 

Consult libraries and books

Traditional library research provides a tremendous resource when you are writing essays on hard topics. Libraries have printed resources and books that have been evaluated thoroughly.

Most of the resources you will find in Libraries have accurate and updated resources. Experts review and evaluate library information in most universities. 

If you are handling a difficult topic, perusing the journals and books in libraries will give you all information you need. Unlike the internet, anything does not go into a library.

The books and materials in a library are systematic and have been referenced accurately. 

Check past essays

When tackling hard essay topics, you cannot underrate the significance of past essays. Essays done by recent and past students can guide you on how to write yours.

Get past essays that scored better and compare the topic selection, style of writing, and delivery of arguments. However, be sure not to copy anything to avoid plagiarism. 

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