21 Good Excuses to Miss Class and Reasons to Skip a Class

Reasons to Miss Class

Reasons to Miss Class

Have you ever had the thought of missing a class but you do not have any good excuse to convince your professor?

This article presents you with good and near-perfect excuses that you can use to miss a class.

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Excuses you can use to Miss a Class

1. Family Emergency


Telling your professor that you got a call from your parents that they urgently need you home is a good excuse for missing class because it is understandable.

However, always ensure that the professor and your parent are not usually in touch because you can be exposed, lose the trust of your professor, and get punished.

2. You got Lost

This is a very effective excuse if you are a new student. Taking the wrong turn or taking the wrong bus all mean that you will not make it to class in time.

However, if you have attended that class severally, this excuse will not work.

3. Babysitting

Telling your instructor that your parents are out of town and you have been left with the responsibility to take care of your siblings is one of the best excuses to miss a class.

When you use this excuse ensure that you don’t go to public places where your professor or classmates can spot you because babysitting requires you to stay indoors most of the time.

4. Tested Positive for Covid-19

Since the Covid-19 pandemic came along this excuse excellently works for those who want to miss class. It is risky because you will have to miss a lot of classes due to staying quarantined until you recover.

However, some schools noticed the excess use of it and require you to bring in test results as evidence.

5. Had to see a Dentist

Regular dental check-ups are good excuses for missing classes. You can pick a date of the month and convince your instructor that you always see the dentist on that day.

a dentist appointment

Also, seeing a dentist to treat a toothache is a good excuse to miss a class that your instructor can easily understand.

6. Family Vacation

This is the perfect excuse to miss a Monday or Friday class.

Most families these days choose weekend getaways in far places that are not crowded with most leaving on Friday and returning on Monday.

7. Club Competitions

If you are in clubs that play games such as chess and Karate, their competition days can be a good excuse why you will miss a class.

If the competitions are popular make sure you don’t use a televised one as the excuse. Also, it is important to always remember the winners.

8. Allergy Break out

Nobody knows when an allergy will break out. Therefore, you can choose one as an excuse for missing a class. Always pick the one with easy symptoms such as runny nose, coughing, or sneezing.

If you pick serious ones like swelling, then you have to provide proof through a doctor’s report.

9. Religious Holidays

With a lot of religions in the world today, religious holidays are very good excuses. However, make sure that your religion is not overly popular or its ways familiar to many because the excuse will not work. Choose a religion that is less heard of.

10. Minor Injuries

If you play physical games such as football, rugby, or basketball, injuries such as minor concussions and dislocations can rule you out of class for a day or two.

These are good excuses you can use to miss a class because you can convince your professor that you need a check-up and proper recovery.

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11. Car Broke Down

a broken down car

If your parents take you to school every day, telling your instructor that the car broke down and you have to wait for it to be fixed is a good excuse to miss a class.

This should work perfectly if your teacher and parents are not close

12. Work Emergency

This works mostly for employed students. In case of a work emergency where you are required to provide cover, your professor can understand why you will miss the class.

This excuse can also work for unemployed students whose work statuses are unknown.

13. Studying for a Different Class

 Telling your professor that you have another important class scheduled at the time of their class is a good excuse to skip the class.

Just make sure that it is not too repetitive to prompt the professor into an investigation to establish the truth.

14. Too tired

If you are an athlete this excuse works perfectly after game days. Even if you are not tired, the professor can understand that sometimes after a game your energy levels are extremely low to travel to class.

However, some professors are very tough on students and strict about missing classes. Therefore, the target should always be an easy or chill professor.

15. Stomach Problems

Diarrhea and constipation cause a lot of discomforts. Using them as an excuse can make your instructor understand why you will not attend a class.

with stomach pain

For strict instructors, you will have to provide proof such as doctor’s prescriptions to fully convince them that you did not lie.

16. Pet Issues

If your professor is a cat or dog person you can use pet-related excuses to miss class. For example, you can say that your pet is unwell and you had to take it to the vet.

For the tough professors, you can go to the extent of stating that your family pet died and it’s a sad day for your family as you plan to bury it.

17. The Weather

Weather conditions such as fog and snow can cause traffic that leads to delays that can make you miss a class. Also, you can miss a class when it starts to rain and you have to go back and get an umbrella.

If you have to use these excuses they have to be true because you cannot lie about the weather.

18. Charity Events

A teacher cannot be angry at you for missing class to attend a charity event. Therefore, any act of charity or kindness is a proper and understandable excuse as to why you will miss a class.

Your acting skills have to be perfect to convince your teacher that the event was real

19. Food Poisoning

If you have had expired food or drink you are likely to suffer from food poisoning and have to take early precautions such as taking a lot of fluids. This means that you have to stay home.

Therefore, food poisoning is a perfect excuse for your instructor why you will miss a class

20. Attend a Wedding

Attending a random relative wedding is a perfect reason why you will miss a class. It is an unmissable event that instructors cannot prevent you from attending.

No instructor will investigate whether your relatives are getting married or not unless they are closer to your family.

21. Business Trips

a business trip

If you are a working student, convincing your professor that you have to attend a compulsory business trip is an excuse they cannot fault.

You have to convince them how important it is to your job and that you will be back in class immediately after it ends.

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Five Valid Reasons to Skip a Class

The following are the perfect excuses you can give if you want to miss a class:

  1. Suffering from contagious diseases
  2. Injuries suffered due to accidents or physical games
  3. Family obligations such as babysitting, weddings, and funerals
  4. Religious and cultural holidays that are unmissable
  5. Work reasons such as emergencies and overran meetings