Can a Research Paper be Opinionated: Persuasive or Personal

How to Write an Opinionated Paper

How to Write an Opinionated Paper

A research paper is perhaps the most vital part of a student’s course. It is an essay that offers students an opportunity to explain in-depth what they have learned in a course.

Typically, information from interviews, articles, books and internet sites are supposed to be included. Even more importantly, you can polish your own research paper by including your own opinions and ideas.

A typical research paper based on the APA format entails the introduction, title page and abstract. It also contains methods used, in-depth results, discussions and reference sections. There are also requirements for figures, tables and appendices.

If you are writing a research paper, begin with a general sentence that gives the reader what the background of the topic is all about. Proceed to discuss issues related to your topic then take on the thesis of the research paper.

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Can a Research Paper be Opinionated?

Research papers can have personal opinions in a more subjective way. A lot of caution is needed because the opinion you put ought to be supported by reliable sources and documents.

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The presentation of texts should be in a simple manner and the language used should have a clear formulation.

Majority of research papers have a section towards the end that needs a discussion. This is a part that differentiates opinion statements.

When putting your personal expressions in a research paper, draw up short sentences and ensure that your opinion is expressed in an understandable form that can be interpreted easily.

Same uniformity should be observed in abbreviations, measurements of weight and length, terms and conventional notations. 

In order to perfect your opinion, it is important to have multiple sources of information such as articles and journals as this helps you to come up with unique information.

Luckily, times have changed and the internet now provides a lot of information on different topics. However, it is good to check on the information you get on the internet for accuracy purposes.

Most importantly, all opinions you include in your research should be validated. Supported research makes your paper more presentable.

When to Include Your Opinion in a Research Paper

As an author, including an opinion paper is important. You should include it when the research has already been completed and you feel that the data given in the research is not convincing.

You can also include an opinion when the topic discussed is broad and focuses on a wider audience. Also, if the author feels there is an innovation or point that has been excluded in research, the idea can be presented in an opinion paper.

If you feel the research is extensive and all ideas have been covered, you can avoid writing an opinion.

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How to Include Your Opinion into a Research Paper

It is easier to include your opinion in an essay paper.

First, come up with a topic that you are comfortable and care about it. This should be a topic that you can easily research and one that you have a natural opinion about. Support your opinion so that it is more convincing to the reader.

The Main Difference between a Research Paper and an Opinion Paper

As a student, it is important to know the difference between an opinion and a research paper. An opinion paper completely relies on views of the person writing it but on the other hand, a research paper does not include the student’s views.

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When writing a research paper, there has to be back up of the statistics and facts that you mention.

These are accurate information such as figures, statistics and facts that backup the information a student has written.

On the other hand, including studies and resources is not required in an opinion paper unless when instructed to do so.

This is the reason why learners find it easier to write an opinion paper compared to a research paper.

When writing a research paper, a strict format or specific outline has to be followed. When it comes to opinion paper, the writer enjoys flexibility when doing the assignment. In this case, a student can use his or her own creativity and write a paper with a unique outline.

There are cases when the opinion and research paper all form part of an assignment. It helps the lecturer to establish the ability of the leaner to gather information about the given topic.

Also, the learner’s ability to follow instructions is known. When a student completes a research paper of a project, an opinion paper will follow. Through this paper, you will give your view on the subject discussed in the research paper. This is the only way the lecturer will know if the learner understood the subject.

A student’s ability to interpret information on a given topic is demonstrated in the opinion paper. In terms of time taken, opinion papers can be completed easily but a research paper takes a lot of time. The writer has to be vigilant and provide evidence for all the facts stated.

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How to Write an Opinionated Research Paper

In opinion writing, it is all about a student’s point of view of the subject or project discussed in a research.

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To write a good opinion paper, address your audience directly by using examples and clear explanations. For starters, use an introduction that has reference and include rhetoric questions to capture the reader’s attention.

Follow below tips to come with a catchy opinion paper:

  • Focus on the topic given and do not write a lot of fluff. Always focus on the topic given lest you lower the grade of the paper.
  • Just like research and academic papers, a catchy first paragraph is also needed for an opinion paper. A brief intent of the body paragraphs should be discussed so that the lecturer will know what to expect.
  • Use a formal language and ensure that the words used are not complicated.
  • Include a short description of the paper that will explain what the rest of the paper is all about. A good thesis opens the way to body paragraphs that are easy to understand.
  • Keep off internet slang and use first person. Some of the slang words to avoid include LMAO,LOL and OMG. These are words that can lower the quality of your opinion paper.
  • Even though first person writing is encouraged, avoid the use of informal punctuation. Apart from emojis, avoid using exclamations, marks and dashes.

As you write, ensure there are no grammar or sentence structure mistakes. A five paragraph structure is good when writing opinion paragraphs. Always know what you are supposed to include in each of the paragraphs.

Start with an introduction by stating the subject matter. The name of the author and publication date should be included.

You can reference a speech, play or book for more clarification so that it becomes easier for the reader to comprehend. The next part is the thesis of the paper that includes a small description of what the paper is all about.

There should be a summary of the entire paper and a catchy sentence that connect to the first body paragraph.

Moving on, the body paragraph should have supporting argument, deep explanations of points stated and examples. At the end of it, write a linking sentence that leads the reader to the next paragraph.

Lastly, write a conclusion that includes a brief summary of the paper you have written. Complete it by creating a conclusive sentence.