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Writing an essay without plagiarism has never been easy. If it is for you, then you are one of the lucky people out there. There are various forms of writing that range from formal to informal writing. Most people will claim that formal writing is the most difficult because they will be required to present their ideas professionally. This is where academic writing comes in.

Anyone who has gone through college or university has done academic writing and you can agree with me that it is a challenging task. Instructors will ask you to submit academic essays on a particular topic and this can put a lot of pressure on some of you. 

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With globalization comes technology and new ways of achieving things that you would have never done before.

Today, if you are stuck when writing an essay, you can easily order the essay from online writing platforms at a student-friendly rate.

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Is Hiring Essay writers Legit or Legal?

This may be mind-blowing to some of you but there are essay writing platforms out there that can make your academic life way easier. Don’t worry about its legality because such platforms are legit. If you order an essay on such platforms, it is regarded as a form of academic assistance just like the way your instructor can assist you when you are stuck in class. 

You may also be wondering how it works. Well, as we have noted, you only need to upload the essay instructions and state the deadline for delivery. However, you should first locate an online essay writing platform you can trust. This is very important because some students have been scammed online by writing platforms that claim to deliver academic essays. 

Now that you have understood where and how to get good essay writers, you may still be unsure as to why you need an essay writer in the first place. As noted before, essay writing services are completely legit hence you should not worry about that. Students who order custom essays have different motivations behind it. The following section will explore why you should hire essay writers to write your essays.

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Why Hire essay writers with Non-plagiarized work

As aforementioned, different students will have various motivations behind hiring essay writers. However, the main reasons that motivate or even force students to hire essay writers are lateness, finding the writing process a burden, and, being busy.

Other reasons include the need to have a better grade and the fact that other students are doing it. Let us explore each reason one at a time.

1. Lateness

Lateness is one of the major reasons to hire essay writers to write your essays.

In some cases, you will find yourself late in delivering your essays. Maybe you did not know that you had an essay to deliver or you might have not known the deadline. In such a situation, you will be forced to deliver the essay to your instructor to avoid a negative grade or facing some form of disciplinary action.

When students are late in delivering their work, there is a tendency of producing substandard or shoddy work that will guarantee a bad grade. Instead of risking a bad grade, you should seek essay writing services and hire an essay writer to write your essay.

The good thing about hiring an essay writer even when you are late in delivering your paper is that the writer will deliver your essay as per your deadline. They will produce quality work that will guarantee an excellent grade. Essay writers have a lot of experience in writing and the necessary academic qualifications. Even if you give a 3-hour deadline, they will produce quality work within the stipulated deadline. However, you should give realistic deadlines on longer and/or technical essays.

2. Burden

This is another good reason to hire essay writers to write your essay. As we have noted earlier in this article, writing an essay can be challenging for many students. If you feel that you cannot come up with a good essay that will guarantee a good grade, it is best to hire an essay writer. essay writers can handle the burden of coming up with a good essay because they are knowledgeable and have a lot of experience. They also understand the academic formalities hence they will deliver a perfect essay.

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You may also be burdened with other academic tasks and delivering them at the same time may be a challenge.

You can hire an essay writer to tackle some of your essays while you deal with other academic tasks.

At the same time, you may be burdened with personal stuff that will not give you time to write an essay.

You should also consider hiring an essay writer as you deal with personal stuff.

3. Busy

Students deal with a lot of academic work while in school. Every instructor from a different class will require you to deliver their essays on time. This happens especially during mid-terms and end-terms where you will be required to complete various assignments from different instructors at the same time. You will be very busy. If you find yourself busy due to academic tasks, it is best to hire an essay writer to write your essay. 

Furthermore, some students may be studying while still working. They may do that due to various reasons but the fact remains that they will be very busy. In such a situation, such students will not have enough time to write their essays because of work. It would be advisable for such students to essay writing services and hire a writer who would tackle their papers as they work.

4. The need for a good grade

The need to acquire a good grade is one of the major reasons why students hire essay writers to write their essays. Imagine you are in a situation where you have had bad grades throughout the semester and you have been given an essay that will determine if you pass or fail the course. In this case, you can avoid failing the whole course and hire a professional essay writer who will guarantee you an excellent grade. 

5. Other students are doing it

Imagine a scenario where your friends are getting good grades while you are only getting bad grades. Since you want to get better grades, you will probably ask them how they do it. Now, imagine that they respond by telling you that they hire essay writers. What would you do? You will hire essay writers to get better grades too. It is only fair to hire an essay writer so that you too can have better grades.

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How much to Hire an Essay Writer with No Plagiarism?

Hiring a professional essay writer is not expensive. Understandably, students do not have too much money hence the reason why essay writing services are offered at a pocket-friendly rate.

cost of hiring an essay writer

While the rates differ from one essay writing service provider to the other, you can hire a writer for a cost of between $20 and $30 per page.

You should also note that the type of essay, deadline, and discipline will dictate the cost.

The cost can be more if the paper is technical. for instance, hiring someone to write your literature review will be more technical compared to getting someone to just do your essay.

Tips when hiring an Essay Writer with No Plagiarism

1. Get qualified writers

You should always consider hiring qualified to write your college essays. This is because some individuals out there claiming to be essay writers may be unqualified and inexperienced. Once you find a good essay writing service provider, ask the support to select a writer who is within your discipline. The support will also help you select the most experienced writer. Though this is the case, good essay writing platforms will always have qualified writers. 

2. Chat with the writer

The second tip you should consider is chatting with the writer to determine their level of professionalism and qualification. Once a writer has been assigned your order, you will have an opportunity to directly chat with them. This allows you to ask them any question or make any clarification. Good college essay writers will instantly respond to your chats no matter the time of day. As you chat with the writer, note their tone and attitude. Good writers will always maintain a professional tone and present a good attitude. 

3. Select the correct deadline

Selecting the correct deadline is also very important. For example, if you are required to write a 10-page essay and decide to hire a college essay writer, it would be impractical to select a 3-hour deadline. This is because the essay is long and there is a lot of research required to complete the essay. 

At the same time, if you give very tight deadlines for a long paper, the essay writer may write it in a hurry and fail to deliver as per your expectations. Good college essay writers will notify you about the unrealistic deadline and you can find a way forward.

4. Read the paper to verify

Once your essay has been delivered, always make sure that you read the paper to verify. It would not make sense to submit the paper to your instructor without going through it. It is through verification that you will decide whether the paper meets your expectations. If it does not, you can always request a revision. 

5. Ask for a revision if needed

As noted, always go through your paper to verify it. At times, essay writers can make errors when interpreting the instructions. In such cases, you should always ask for a revision so that the paper can meet your expectations. Revisions are usually free if the writer has made an error. You can request revisions at any time of day. 

More about tips to consider when hiring an essay writer

To help you locate the best online essay writing platform, you should consider several things.

How to choose an essay writer

If you are seeking writing services online, trust me that you will find a lot of websites claiming to deliver quality work on time.

What you should do is to do some background check on the years they have been providing the writing services.

The more time they have provided the service, the more credible they are.

This is because they cannot remain in the industry for long while scamming students. 

The second thing to consider when seeking a good essay writing service provider is to look at the testimonial section within the platform. This is where you will find students who have used the platform’s services giving their feedback. Though there will always be an unsatisfied client, the more positive feedback, the more you can trust their services.

This goes hand-in-hand with the platform’s rating. In most cases, the rating is out of 5 and a platform that has a rating of more than 4.5 can be trusted. 

Finally, check the writers who will produce your custom essay. Essay writing service providers should have writers from various disciplines because students will order essays from different topics or subjects. Thus, such a platform should have various writers who can handle diverse topics.

At the same time, essay writers should have a minimum of a bachelor’s degree in their respective fields. This will ensure that they know what they are doing while coming up with your custom essay. 

Since essay writers working for your selected essay writing service provider are responsible for delivering your papers, it is imperative to chat with them online to determine their credibility and ability to deliver quality work. The writing platform will allow you to message the writer while they are working on your order.

Feel free to ask about their years of experience and their rating. Once you locate a good essay writing service provider and a writer, it is advisable to remain with them throughout your academic life. This will ensure that your work is consistent. Furthermore, the service provider or platform may give you some discounts once in a while for being a loyal client. Great. Right?