How to write Animal Testing Argumentative essay & Thesis Statements

How to write Animal Testing Argumentative essay and Thesis Statement

How to write Animal Testing Argumentative essay and Thesis Statements

Animal testing is a global debate, not only in science but also in the ethical concerns of the general public. Understanding this is important in knowing how to write an animal testing argumentative essay and how to formulate the appropriate thesis statements and arguments.

Animal testing is the practice of using animals to conduct tests and experiments aimed at controlling variables affecting both the behavior and the biological system being studied.

It is also known as Vivo testing or animal experiment and is a problem that has bothered people all around the world.

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How to write an animal testing essay?

When writing essays on animal testing, there are specific approaches that you need to consider. These approaches are:

1. Consider the historical context.

In this approach what you write about in your essay does not require your own point of view. Methods of testing and other aspects of the experiment can be borrowed from different sources.

In order to write a good essay in this approach, you need not have a prior opinion or judgment before knowing the facts involved in the experiment.

You should have objectives when searching for relevant information and explore animal testing as a scientist.

2. Take one side of the argumentative debate

In this approach, you need to make known your own point of view and convince the reader to be in line with your essay. You can also come up with your own topic on animal testing and stick on to it.

When writing an animal testing essays there are several sides concerning animal testing that you may wish to write on. These may include;

Arguments that can be made in an essay on animal testing

This can be done by writing essays that strongly oppose animal testing. You have to choose an argument that will show the bad side of animal testing.

These arguments may include the following.

  • Not all testing requires the use of animals.
  • Killing animals for unsuccessful experiments is inhumane.
  • Products made or approved by animal testing are harmful to human beings.
  • This method of experiments is far way more expensive than the natural experiment method.
  • Most of the testing causes animal suffering.
  • Most religions are for the notion that we should take care of our animals.
  • You can also be supportive of animal testing in your essay by being persuasive in your arguments that the modern-day world needs animal testing. You can choose to support your views by:
  • Arguing that animal experiments prevent people from going through the experiment.
  • Showing that it is preferable to use an animal that has similar organisms with humans than the human himself.
  • Arguing that successful animal testing has saved a lot of people by providing the needed treatment.
  •  Proving that testing products that are new to humans are more dangerous than when using animals.
  • Arguing that scientists prefer animals more in doing tests and that humans have complete authority over animals.
  • You can argue that scientist sees medical progression more important than the life of a mere animal.
  • Arguing that it is very hard to find other ways of testing an organism that is fully functioning.

3. Formulate a thesis statement

You will need to formulate and write a good thesis statement that will present your main idea. This statement is your stand and is what will guide the writing of the animal testing essay introduction, body paragraphs and conclusions.

How to write an animal testing thesis statement

The sentence(s) that is capturing the main point or central message, in this case concerning the animal experiment topic, is what is called a thesis statement. In order to write a good thesis statement on animal testing you have to consider the following:

how to write Animal testing essay and ethics
  • Be specific

When writing a thesis statement in your animal testing essay you need to be very specific. Focus on the main points of discussion. Your thesis statement should not be too general.

  • Announce the topic

This is a very critical aspect of a thesis statement.

This is where you should present your view and position of the animal testing issue you are writing about.

  • Be original

Make sure that the thesis statement is your real work. A thesis statement plays a huge part on the reader of your text.

Do not rely on or quote the thesis statements of other peoples’ animal testing essays because the reader is likely to get uninterested.

  • Be clear

Write a thesis statement in a language that the reader can easily understand. Avoid vague and abstract words in order to give the reader a clear meaning of the animal testing topic you have written about.

4. Write a good Introduction on animal testing

In the introductory part of an animal testing essay, you define the topic of your essay and give any further background information related to the topic to make the reader understand better.

Apart from the definitions you can provide statistics, describe a problem, talk of some important relative facts, include the thesis statement, the position of the society and the views from experts in the introduction of the animal testing essay.

A hook sentence and a sentence that will link the introduction to the main body are also required to be in the introduction part. You can check a comprehensive essay guide on writing introduction paragraphs for your essays.

5. Write proper body paragraphs with points on animal testing

This is where you present all the ideas and information on the topic with each idea in its own paragraph. Ideas and information on animal testing topics may include:

  • Great discoveries on the topic of study.
  • What is the historical background of the animal testing topic?
  • What are the effects and benefits of animal testing in detail?
  • Intensive explanation of ethics that govern animal testing.

After writing down several paragraphs, make sure you include a statement that will link the body to the conclusion. This is the main part of the essay, and it is what gives people problems. Read our guide on essay writing problems and learn how to solve them.

6. Write a good Conclusion on animal testing points

This is the part where you draw deductions on the content of the essay without suggesting anything new that has not been talked about in the introduction and the body.

In this part, you write a brief summary of your work that can include a final argument, an unexpected twist related to the work written and anything that warrants serious considerations.

Writing good conclusions is one of the challenges in writing essays, and you can check how to solve it in that article.

Once a good conclusion is done, you will be safe to proofread your paper and submit it with the confidence to get a good grade. Read more tips on how to write good essays on any topic on our more general guide.

35 topics for writing an animal testing essay.

Animal testing is a broad area of study. The following are some of the 15 best topics that one can write animal testing essays about:

animal testing methods and topics for your essay
  1. The history of animal testing.
  2. Ethics that guide animal experiments.
  3. Alternatives to animal testing.
  4. How to take care of and use animals in animal testing?
  5. Advantages and disadvantages of animal testing.
  6. What are the best discoveries of animal testing?
  7. The practice of animal testing in your country.
  8. Comparison of animal testing in your country with neighboring countries and the world at large.
  9. The rights of animals in the context of animal testing.
  10. Changes in animal testing with the recent advancement of technology.
  11. What does the future of animal testing hold?
  12. Good and bad outcomes of animal testing.
  13. Horrors associated with animal testing.
  14. Relation of animal testing with cosmetics.
  15. Contribution of research in animal testing.
Other good topics for animal testing essays include.
  1. Why animal testing should be stopped.
  2. Human diseases and animal testing.
  3. Is animal testing free from external control?
  4. Which animals between vertebrates and invertebrates are suitable for animal testing.
  5. The truth about animal testing.
  6. Should scientific reasons be the reasons for animal testing?
  7. What role does the media play in spreading the message on animal experimenting?
  8. Problems associated with animal testing.
  9. Do animals really have feelings?
  10. Can testing on plants be an alternative for animal testing?
  11. How can animal testing be made more animal-friendly?
  12. Why are rabbits and rats the most used animals in animal testing?
  13. Should we stop taking medicines to save animals from animal testing?
  14. Do scientists have the obligation to respect the animals they are experimenting on?
  15. How can we improve the lives of the animals that experiments are done?
  16. Impact of animal testing on the economy.
  17. What are the side effects of testing on animals?
  18. Is animal testing the leading creation of human viruses?
  19. Are there better alternatives to animal testing than animals?
  20. How can scientists use technology to reduce the impact of animal testing?

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