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In most cases, students get late and they pull off an amazing assignment at the last minute. However, when the paper is too large, they may fail to. If you have a 10-page essay due tomorrow, this article explores the options you have.

In this guide, we explore the things to do when you find yourself with such a large paper in the evening or at night on the even of the due date. While not all are applicable, they are the best shot you have at delivery within the deadline.

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What to do When you Have a Ten-page Essay Due Tomorrow? 

A 10-page paper or an essay due tomorrow can happen to anyone. You should always start it as soon as possible.

the due date

If you have a 10-page essay due tomorrow, the best solution for you is to complete it with an expert essay writer who is seasoned to write it within such a short deadline.

You can also contact your professor to extend your deadline or consult with your peers for help.

While these options are good, each is appropriate in different situations. Whenever you find yourself in this situation, you can follow the following steps to get the best possible ten-page essay in a short time:

1. Get Ready to Write

You have very little time, and your mind should be ready to write. 

Calm down

Most students in these situations are always stressed. Relax a little. Deep breathing can help lower your blood pressure and relax. Turn on some soothing music that can help you feel calm and in control.

Read the Assignment’s Instructions

A clear understanding of the assignment is key if you want to complete it in a short period. Find keywords that will help you realize the goal of your paper. Avoid asking your instructor questions about an essay due the next day.  

Research the Topic

With limited time, search for sources that will be more helpful. Use the university library and web pages. These are the easiest ways to gather information on a topic. Find the sources that relate best to your topic.

Pick a few pieces of Evidence

Working on a tight deadline will not let you do extensive research. Pick a few pieces of evidence that will help you support your essay arguments.

2. Write your Paper

Begin with the thesis statement

The thesis statement answers the question of your paper. To write a thesis, pose a question about your topic statement and answer it using a declarative statement. 

Write an Outline

Outlines are key to making sure that your paper is organized. Outlines include the subject for each paragraph of your paper and the thesis statement. Include references, too, to avoid hunting them down later.

Write the body of your paper 

Every paragraph should relate to the thesis. Paragraphs should start with a topic sentence which should be followed by a support sentence. The transition from one paragraph to another should be smooth. 

Write the Introduction
writing the introduction

Always write the introduction when you know how your arguments flow throughout the essay. Make it informative. It serves as the reader’s roadmap on what is in your essay. 

Cite the sources

Use your assignment guidelines to write the sources you wrote on the outline. APA, MLA, and Chicago are the most used citation methods.

3. Put in the Final Touches

Edit the paper

Make sure that you have explained your ideas extensively and the word choice is good. Check for any errors, whether grammatical, spelling, or mechanical.

Review the guidelines and finish

Make sure that your essay catches all required components. If so, your paper is good and can be submitted. 

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Causes for Having Delayed a Paper Undone up to Today


Some students are just lazy. They will spend their days doing nothing instead of doing their assignments. They mostly find themselves out of time and can’t beat the deadline set for the submission of the paper. 

Delayed paper causes

Missed class

Students who miss classes may not even be aware whether there is a paper they are supposed to do.

Others may find it hard to complete if what was covered in that class was to guide the students on how to go about the paper.

Homework burden

Students are involved in a lot of units in school. If they have homework in most of these units, they may find it hard to complete all of them, causing delayed submissions.  

n fact, most students cite too much workload as the reason for seeing essay writing help. Most of our clients who can’t write their college essays cited the homework burden as their main challenge.


If students fall sick their bodies may become weak and reduce their concentration levels and the ability to do a good amount of academic work in a day. This makes it hard for students to complete their assignment papers in time. 

Family Issues

Family issues can also cause delays in paper submissions. Some students are forced to care for their siblings if their parents are always working. Managing the family and school work is hard and may reduce the time they set aside for schoolwork. 

Poor time management

If a student fails to manage their time well they are likely to delay the submission of the paper. The student will not know what to do at what time and is likely to end up with shoddy work that they feel they can’t submit over the fear of getting low grades. 

Tight Deadlines

Technical papers require a lot of attention. Students may find the set deadlines too soon to complete them. 70% of our student customers admit that they hire college essay writers because of tight deadlines or they forgot the assignment.

Students may have planned their time well but then fail to complete the paper on time due to the extensive research and detailed arguments needed in technical papers to present a solution to a problem.

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