Lying on College Essay: Causes, Tips and The Consequences



When writing a college essay, it is vital to stick with facts and not fiction. All you have to do is remain authentic to help the reader understand what you are referring to in total honesty. Let us explore the issues surrounding lying on college essays and more.

It is not good to lie, especially on school matters. However, some college students may lie about themselves during college admission. What should one not do during this exercise? 

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Is it Possible to Lie on College Essay?

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College admission usually deals with thousands of admission letters. When given a chance to join it, you should make them feel that they require you to be at that institution. The essay acts as your mind’s blueprint. That is where the possibility of cheating comes in.

It is possible to lie on college essays because the panel largely relies on what students write about themselves.

While lying is prohibited, the college does not carry a background check to verify or may not have detailed prior information about you.

Therefore, students may exaggerate achievements or give untrue information to be suitable candidates.

A student may want to stretch the truth and impress the admission panel. They want to exaggerate their character and their perspective. They fail to give a true story creatively. The best practice is to write while keeping your ego in check. 

The student may opt to lie to create the best version of himself or herself. In the process, the student may get carried by emotions and lose track through exaggerations. 

When you are telling a story about yourself, it can be a slippery slope. Therefore, you should go by the truth and separate your account from lies.

All the admission panel wants to know is your mind and character. They want to know what value you can add to their school. 

The college application essay is about meaningful moments for the applicant. You should use the chance to explain your values, beliefs, personal qualities, and experiences.

The student should not take the easy unique by exaggerating or lying. However, most students get past this handle by hiring a college essay writer to complete it for them, and in all cases, they pass excellently.

Why Students Lie on College Admission Essay

When you are filling out the college admission form, the chances are high that you may get tempted to lie concerning some facts about yourself. This section will highlight some reasons students give when they falsify an essay. 

1. To Win Scholarship 

A student may decide to give a false account about the financial position to win a scholarship. Some do so because they target getting a bursary or other educational incentives to help the student live well in college. 

college admission essay

When the student gets motivated by such privileges at the desired college, it becomes easier to manipulate the facts.

The student can change specific information to move the admission panel to believe that such a student may qualify for financial aid at some point. 

Such happens when the student understands the college’s ins and outs.

However, such lies may land you in trouble if the college double-checks your claims and finds a mismatch of information in your papers. 

2. To Impress the Panel

A student can hire someone to write a compelling college essay to make it more attractive. An expert knows what the panel wants to hear to craft the expected content more smartly. 

Every college has a set of standards for the quality of the student they want to have in their institution. The role of an expert is to match every skill with what the college expects.

In the process, they will be diluting the truth to align with the requirements of the college. However, the action is all wrong. 

3. Lack of Knowledge 

Some of the students who engage in dishonest intentions may do so out of ignorance. They do not want to lose the chance in that particular college. Also, they may give a false account to gain a chance to land an attractive course they had been yearning for. Simply put, they don’t know what to write about.

The remedy is to remain truthful to your facts rather than give false details and prompt the college to revoke the admission letter. Ensure that you act according to the right facts and win the trust of the institution. 

4. Fear of the Unknown 

Indeed, one may opt to give a better version of himself due to acting in imaginary fears. When you do not know what could happen to you next, you may be under pressure to impress whoever reads your essay. 

In the process of giving such accounts about yourself, you may manipulate some facts to appear nice hence lying to the college. This practice is common to those students who have very low self-esteem.

Acting in fear is the worst common cancer that makes people act in the wrong direction without minding the consequences of their actions. 

Consequences of Lying on College Essay

Lying on college essays is a wrong practice that one should strive to avoid. Doing so comes with various consequences such as:

1. Revoking your Admission 

The college is responsible for fact-checking all the details you give in your admission letter. Some people may opt to give a wrong account about themselves without knowing the implications of such facts. 

college Admission revoked

The college admission may get prompted to verify certain details from your referees.

Such could be even calling or emailing them to authenticate what you gave from your essay. 

If they discover that your information deviates from what you gave them, they could trigger some mistrust.

For instance, if you forged some lies to win a scholarship, you will likely lose it. 

The college will be at liberty to revoke the admission letter if it gathers some contradicting information from your referees and your personal account. 

2. Guilt

One of the consequences of lying is the guilt one carries. Such guilt may result in several consequences such as depression or may lead to physical illness. That constant feeling that you lied will depress one. 

The lie is not worth it if you intend to forge details and look better. The admission panel has the framework to tell if you sugar-coated your abilities or not.

For example, if your extra curriculum activity is soccer, you should never hesitate to answer any question concerning the game’s dynamics.  

3. Prosecution

When you want to gain admission to a certain institution, lying about your ability may land you in problems, including prosecution.

For example, when a student decides to forge documents that make the panel believe they are fake, they can alert the concerned authorities who will handle such cases. 

The fake documents are a big deal when you want to arm-twist the admission panel to let you into the institution. The correct way is it presents only the authentic documents that support that are a true testimony about yourself. 

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Is Lying on a College Essay a Criminal Offense?

school kid lying

In some instances, lying can be a criminal offense if it breaks state or federal laws.

Any lying is bad, no matter the weight of the information you want to manipulate.

For example, if you cheat in your essay by plagiarizing, you may encounter several punishable acts according to the policies of that institution. 

Lying on a college application essay is not a criminal offense because it does not break federal law or state criminal laws. However, it is immoral and it breaks the rules of the educational institution you are applying to. As a result, you can be penalized and face unwanted consequences, including expulsion from the college.

Indeed it is criminal to lie when you are handling college routines. Some of the acts could be punishable in a court of law. The college can hand you over to the relevant authorities, which can punish you as the law states. 

Besides, the most dangerous of all is to forge the documents to win their favor over admission. Once the investigation finds you guilty, you will likely face prosecution, which is also a criminal offense. 

The only remedy to overcome such challenges is to remain truthful and leave the panel to make sound judgments about you. If you cannot write your college essay, feel free to seek help.

Being honest sets you free from any traps or mistrusts. Yes, the truth is hard to keep, but it will never always fail. Try it and remain free.