I Can’t Write My College Essay: Here’s what to do to score A

Write My College Essay

I Can't Write My College Essay

Ever experienced difficulties in writing a college essay? Mastering the art of writing a college essay is proving to be a daunting task to many students. What of the time when you just can’t write your college essay? Well, most students evade it.

That resulted in students graduating while unable to write a decent college essay. In this post, I try to uncover some tips behind writing a great college essay even when you are not feeling like it and meet your assignment goal. 

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What is a College Essay?

A college essay is a formal piece of writing that deals with a single subject. The purpose of such an essay is to persuade the audience using selected researched evidence. This essay comes in three parts. 

The essay features an introductory section that offers you an idea of what you are about to learn. There is the body section where the author provides evidence to convince the reader to accept the writer’s opinion. Lastly, there is a conclusion part that will summarize the findings of the essay. 

What to do if you Can’t Write your College Essay

it is interesting what to do in case you cannot do your assignments because they are a necessity for your grade. However, there are a number of options if you cannot really do your homework.

If you can’t write your college essay, it is highly advisable that you consult your tutor and get time extended or check with your classmates to know the status of the assignment. However, the best option is to hire an essay writer to write the essay for you and deliver it on time for a good grade.

Several ways exist to use when you are unable to write an essay. Let’s explore more about them. 

1. Consult your Tutor

You can seek the guidance of your tutor on how to craft the right essay. The tutor can guide you on how to come out with a compelling essay that will make you pass the assignments. That is a reliable method if you are unsure of what to do.

2. Ask fellow Colleagues

Another form of coming up with a supportive way to ensure you write well is asking your colleges. You can opt to befriend a colleague who is knowledgeable about the essay writing arena and borrow a leaf. 

3. Use Essay Writing Services

If you cannot write a correct essay, it is great to seek essay writing services. Such firms are available online. You should seek a credible firm to ensure that you get the correct services.

Through such services, you can easily find an expert essay writer for hire ad pass the task of writing the assignment to him or her. With us, you will be guaranteed confidential support and editing to ensure a good grade.

Types of College Essays to Write

During your college academic life, you will encounter different types of essays. The role of this section is to assist you in understanding different types of essays. Some of the most forms are as indicated below. 

College Essays

1. Descriptive Essays

A descriptive essay is similar to a narrative one. Here, the author should offer a detailed account of the topic in focus.

For instance, if you are writing about a particular car, you must tell us about the brand, color, engine capacity, and other meaningful details about the same product. 

You should paint a picture of words to communicate the deeper meaning. You should have a command of descriptive words to tell the reader about the product. 

2. Narrative Essays

Such an essay is like writing a story. The purpose of that essay is to evaluate your storytelling ability. One should write a particular story so that the audience feels like they are there presently. 

The story should capture the attention of the reader. Avoid using vague tactics by explaining several items of the story in detail. If you cannot write, you can involve the services of custom essay writers to craft convincing content for you. 

3. Persuasive Essays

The role of such an essay is to involve samples and facts to convince the audience to accept your point of view.  The writer should create a solid base featuring facts and logic while citing convenient examples and expert opinions. 

One should do extensive research to come up with a persuasive essay. When you perform in-depth research to come up with a solid essay to convince the audience. 

4. Analytical Essays

While writing this type of essay, you should have a range of information from varying sources. You should analyze your facts from varying viewpoints instead of opinionated standpoints. 

If you are such a writer, your focus should be on findings, methodology, and conclusions based on the previous researchers. You can learn how to be a better essay writer if you need to increase your essay writing skills.

The writer should make a personal conclusion and recommend how the interested parties should do when pursuing the same matter further. 

5. Argumentative Essays

When you want to represent two sides of a controversial issue, then you can use this approach. For this case, the writer should represent a valid argument concerning every side of the coin without showing any bias. 

More so, you should also craft the pros and cons of every side that you are highlighting. Ensure that your side argument remains factual. As such, you should include all the sides of the coin and give a balanced approach. 

6. Reports

When you are in college, you will come across a report as part of essay writing. Notably, you should use this type of writing since it uses the business format. We often use this format when writing the outline of a case study situation. 

For instance, the author can write about explaining critical issues at the workplace. As you write about this essay, you should break down the specific elements that make up the whole issue. More importantly, the author should provide a solution on how to resolve that particular issue. 

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How to Write a Late College Essay well

Writing a college essay could be an exciting journey if you observe the following steps: 

1. Read and Understand the Instructions 

Write a College Essay

The hardest part is starting the essay. The author should read the instructions carefully.

That is because this period is full of stress and excitement.

You should follow the guidelines as indicated in the instructions. 

You can gather notes you read through the instructions and begin to create outlines and organize the essay. 

Decide the type of message you wish to put across and begin to write the first draft. 

Instead of lying on your college essay, it is good to take some time and understand the requirements before doing the actual writing.

2. Write the introduction

It is vital, to begin with, a compelling introduction to catch the reader’s attention. Let the introduction be engaging in arousing the interest of the reader.

This introduction should reveal the intention of the author. One can open the easy while showing your personality and character. The introduction should just come after you write the title for your college essay and along with the same topic.

3. Use Inner Voice 

It is great for the author to write with quality thinking and remain authentic. However, it is unprofessional to craft your essay using other people’s ideas or phrases.

Therefore, a college essay should reflect your skill and prove that you did extensive research to attain your goals. Apart from research, your inner voice or views are important.

Sometimes, this inner voice is presented by asking rhetorical questions. You can use questions on your college essay if you see them as a way of showing the inner voice.

4. Use Examples

One way of elaborating your ideas is using examples. You can opt to enhance your viewpoint by providing relevant examples to make it appear credible. Figure out how the easy question relates to the topic as you give extensive details to support it. 

When talking about a specific ideal, ensure to cite proper examples to let it sink into the reader’s mind.

5. Stick to your Plan

Ensure that you remain consistent by writing on the topic without deviating from the line. Avoid writing a bunch of works that carry no value to your writing. Ensure you exploit every area and summarized it to fit into the expected word count. 

The essay should feature the most important parts that are the introduction, the body, and the conclusion. Ensure that you put the correct expression on every part to make it look interesting and professional. 

f) Proofread your Essay

When you complete your first draft, you can edit it by proofreading every word. For instance, you can ask your colleague to proofread it and point out any spelling errors. Furthermore, there should be grammatical mistakes that could compromise the quality of your writing. 

Ensure that you correct all punctuation errors to overcome to see that the whole content means what you intended it to be. The role of proofreading is to point out any small areas that could compromise the meaning. 

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