How long is an Essay: Length and Pages for different Essays

How long is an Essay

How long is an Essay

When students are asked by their instructors, teachers, or professors to submit an essay, they are usually given a page limit to ensure that they do not write too much unnecessary content or too little.

At other times, students may be told to submit essays with a word limit. Normally, the word count should not go way below the requirement or higher depending on the instructor’s preference or instructions. So, how many pages?

The length of an essay is a minimum of 2 pages all the way to 20 pages or above. The number of pages for an essay depends on the instructions of the assignment and the type of essay required. Short essays are 2 pages long, while medium essays are 5 pages. However, long essays are between 15 pages and 20 or more.

Factors determining How Long an Essay should be

An essay can have the same number of words but end up with a different number of pages with another one that has the same length. This is because of different dynamics. Let us explore the various factors that determine the number of pages for an essay.

1. Instructions of the essay

The first obvious factor is the instructions provided by your instructor. As aforementioned, instructors will provide a page limit or word limit for most essays.

Therefore, if your instructor has specified that they require a certain number of pages, like 3 pages, for example, then you will need to write a 3-page paper to meet the scoring criteria. You may be penalized if you write fewer or more pages. 

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2. The Content of the Essay

The second factor that is tied to the first factor is the type of essay or content of your essay. Some essays will require you to provide detailed explanations to expound on every point. Such essays will be lengthy with more pages.

However, some essays will require you to go straight to the point instead of expounding on every point. Such essays will be shorter because you will not write too much content.

3. The type and size of the Font

The third factor determining the number of pages for an essay is centered on the font and line spacing. When it comes to the font, if a larger font is used, then the number of pages will increase.

This is because a larger font will occupy more space. If a smaller font is used, then the number of pages will decrease because the number of words on each page will increase.

3. Spacing of the Line and Paragraphs

Concerning line spacing, if you use a smaller line-spacing option like 1.0 (single-space), then the number of pages in an essay will decrease.

If you use larger line spacing options like 2.0 (double-spaced) and above, then the page number will increase because fewer words will be needed to fill each page. 

4. The Size of the Paragraphs

Finally, the size of your essay’s paragraph will determine the number of pages for an essay.

If a paragraph is large, then more words will fit into each page hence reducing the need to have an extra page to accommodate the words.

Smaller paragraphs that fit a third or a quarter of a page will increase the number of pages.

Number of words for common types of essays 

Type of EssayNumber of wordsNumber of Pages
5-paragraph essay600 words2 pages
Short essay550 words2 pages
Long essay2000 to 3000 words7 to 10 pages
Graduate school essay3000 words10 pages
School admission essay500 to 1000 words2 to 4 pages
College essay500 to 1000 words2 to 4 pages
High school essay1000 to 1200 words4pages
Argumentative essays900 words3 pages
Persuasive essays600 words2 Pages

Factors determining the number of Words in a Page

Various factors determine the number of words that can fit a page. The first factor is spacing options. The smaller the spacing option, the more words will be required to fill a page. The larger the spacing option, the fewer the words that will be required to fill a page.

The second factor that determines the number of words that can fit a page is the type of font, its size, and whether it is uppercase or lowercase. This determines the number of paragraphs in an essay since large fonts tend to have many paragraphs than small fonts.

More words will be required to fill a page if smaller sizes of font are used. If larger fonts are used, then fewer words will be required. Bold fonts occupy more space within a page hence the reason why fewer words will need to fill a page.

The same case applies to uppercase words. Uppercase words will occupy more space within a paragraph which consequently decreases the number of words required to fill a page.

Finally, the word limit required by the instructor will also determine the number of words on a page. Read more about an example of the number of pages in 1000 words to get the idea of what makes these factors come into play.

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Why some essays require single-space while others double

The first reason is the type of essay and content. Some instructors will prefer letters to be written in single-space. Other instructors will prefer essays that require more explaining to be written in double-space.

When the content of the essay is to be written straightforwardly, then the instructor will prefer the single-space option. In short, the type of line spacing will often depend on the instructor’s preference and the essay type. 

To know the difference between the number of pages for single-spaced and double-spaced, use our words to page converter that is easy to use and absolutely free.

Final Word

For many students, managing to limit their essay content to match the requirement is often difficult. This can be attributed to the fact that they do not know how many words fit a word document and the factors that will affect the number of words within a page.