Meet the Best Argumentative Essay Writers and How they do it

Hire Best Argumentative Essay Writers

Hire Best Argumentative Essay Writers

Writing of argumentative essays is perhaps the most important skill for any student because it opens one to the ability to present arguments. By being a good argumentative essay writer, one is able to know how to argue points out and make cases to the audience or readers.

One of the most important qualities of a good argumentative essay writer is understanding what an argumentative essay is all about. These are the qualities our college essay writers have and the reason why you can hire them for your essay.

Some students may not realize that there is a big difference between an argumentative essay and other essays. It is important to know the difference because it is only through such an understanding that you can write a good argumentative essay.

Qualities of a Good Argumentative Essay Writer

What are those things you need to understand to become a good argumentative essay writer?

Support Claims with Facts

Well, the first thing is that all your claims should be supported with factual arguments. Getting factual claims requires a good researcher.

Secondly, you should understand that an argumentative essay requires a thesis statement highlighting your viewpoint. Thirdly, understand the importance of the logical flow of ideas. Finally, proper referencing should be employed.

Apart from understanding what an argumentative essay is all about, other important qualities of a good argumentative essay writer include focus and precision on arguments, basing arguments on evidence, and exhibiting logical flow and clarity.

Outline the main Argument

Concerning the focus and precision of arguments, a good argumentative essay writer will always make sure that they come up with an outline before starting the writing process.

An effective outline will contain a rough draft of the points that will be tackled within an introduction, followed by a clear thesis statement. Then the main arguments will be highlighted within the body paragraphs.

Good writers writing argumentative essays

Finally, the outline will also include the point that will be made in the concluding paragraph.

Because of such an outline, the argumentative essay writer will effortlessly focus on the essay’s objective and goal, thus providing precise arguments.

Evidence-based writing

A good argumentative essay writer will always base their claims and arguments on evidence.

Such a writer should know that facts are not based on personal opinions.

Argumentative essays should be based on provable evidence from research studies. Therefore, the evidence is the most important aspect of an argumentative essay, making the reader consider your position.

Logical flow and clarity

Finally, a good argumentative essay writer should observe logical flow and clarity. Their thoughts should flow in a logical order so that the various sections within their essays appear connected. This should create a very persuasive essay.

Why our Essay Writers are good at Argumentative Essays

Our essay writers are good at argumentative essays because they understand what they entail. They know that no matter the courses students take in college, they will be expected to write argumentative essays, and some students do not understand them.

Our writers are here for such students to help them develop the best argumentative essays that will assure them exemplary grades.

Our argumentative essay writers have vast knowledge and experience in writing and researching. Argumentative essays require such qualities, making our writers be some of the best in the writing profession.

They understand that all claims and arguments are to be supported by credible evidence from scholarly sources. Such sources are always credited within the essay and at the end of the essay.

Our essay writers are good at argumentative essays because they have been trained to begin all their writing processes with an outline. This helps them remain precise and focused on the specific arguments presented in the essay.

Our writers use credible evidence from reputable sources or authors to support their claims. This means that our writers are very good at research and will always base their arguments on it.

Our argumentative essay writers ensure that your essays are clear and have a logical flow. Since they understand that argumentative essays are meant to convince the readers that your point of view is credible, they employ the best tactics to have a clear and logically flowing essay.

On top of that, they employ the best arguments that utilize logos, ethos, and pathos to change the readers’ perspective to support yours completely.

Our writers develop very convincing argumentative essays to ensure you score the best grade possible. On top of it all, our essay writers will deliver your high-quality argumentative essay plagiarism-free and on time.

How to Write an Effective Claim in an Argumentative Essay

Before we delve into the question of how to write an effective claim in an argumentative essay, it is important to understand what makes a claim to be effective.

An effective claim in an argumentative essay should be a true statement that allows the writer to prove it through facts. Therefore, a true statement cannot be objected to.

Secondly, an effective claim should be a direct statement. Such a statement should provide an opinion that utilizes at least two pieces of evidence. Thirdly, it can also be a brief statement that provides a summary of the main evidence and reasons within an argument.

Writing an effective argument claim

Finally, an effective claim should be a clear statement. Such a statement can be argued against or in favor of using logic.

Now that we have understood an effective claim, we can explore how to write it in an argumentative essay.

An effective claim should carry a single point at a time.

Some students find that their argumentative essays confuse their readers because they make several points within a single claim.

This obscures some parts of your arguments.

Therefore, ensure that any claim made within the argumentative essay contains a single point and that any examples used should be under the claim.

An effective claim should be brief, simple, and straightforward. Avoid hedging language that utilizes restatements or introductory statements.

This aspect of a claim in an argumentative essay allows the readers to grasp the point to be argued quickly. On top of that, the claim should be directly relevant to the topic or thesis statement.

Finally, facts, evidence, and research should support an effective claim. Here, you should be ready to conduct thorough research to find credible sources that are relevant to your topic and specific claim. Use logic to support the claim so that it can persuade your academic readers.

Steps in Writing Argumentative Essays

The first step is to select your topic if your instructor has given you the liberty to do so. The topic should be relevant and current within the society in question.

It should enable scholars to argue about it logically. Therefore, a good topic for an argumentative essay should be current, researchable, debatable, and manageable.

argumentative essay writing steps

In brief, a current topic should concern issues that society has not yet decided on. Such topics have not been over-debated. The topic should be debatable, meaning people can approach it from different perspectives.

Therefore, such a topic should cover controversial issues within society. Researchable topics allow a writer to find several current and credible sources of information.

Finally, manageable topics allow the writer to cover them within the given page count or word count limit.

The second step is to review all the available reading material related to the subject. This helps you build content concerning your topic. While reviewing the material, it is important to note the important points that can be used to support your claims.

When you have identified the main points, divide them based on those supporting your perspective or those against it.

Then come up with a thesis statement that identifies your perspective and highlights what you will be arguing about.

The next step is to come up with an outline. As we have noted, an outline is very important when writing an argumentative essay because it helps the writer remain focused on the topic.

The outline should be based on the primary or the main claims that support your perspective. It should also contain one or two opposing claims that refute your position.

It is important to note that below each primary claim, outline at least two secondary supports to support your primary claims. While coming up with an outline, it is important always to select the most clear and logical pattern for the readers.

The next step is to start writing the draft. An argumentative essay takes the form of an introduction, body paragraphs, and a conclusion. Learn how to write an introduction of an argumentative essay and know how to start your paper well right from the start.

The introduction provides a brief background about the topic, an opposing position, and a counter to the opposition. Then provide the thesis statement. The body paragraph should contain a single claim that is supported by not less than two pieces of evidence.

Finally, the conclusion restates the thesis, highlights the main claims or arguments, and the implications of the position to society. 

Difference between an Argumentative Essay and a Persuasive Essay

argumentative vs persuasive essay

While argumentative and persuasive essays may appear similar to some because of their structure and the way they are presented in their written forms, they have several differences.

Below are the most notable differences between the two.

Argumentative essays attempt to persuade the readers to accept the writer’s perspectives as true through logic, facts, statistics, figures, etc.

In contrast, persuasive essays attempt to persuade readers to concur with the writer by using emotions, personal ideas, etc.

Therefore, argumentative essays use logic, while persuasive essays use emotions and personal opinions.

Argumentative essays acknowledge the perspectives of opposing views, while persuasive essays may not do so. Check some examples of argumentative topics to understand the opposing element of such essays.

This is because argumentative essays appeal to the minds, thus the logic of the readers, while persuasive essays appeal to the hearts, thus the readers’ emotions.

When writing argumentative essays, writers must conduct thorough research to provide credible and current evidence to support their claims.

However, when writing persuasive essays, writers can begin the writing process without conducting much research.

Finally, argumentative essay writers do not need prior knowledge of the audience because the writers use logic to convince them.

However, when it comes to persuasive essays, writers should have a certain degree of knowledge about their audience because the writers are using emotional appeal to convince them.