How to Cheat SafeAssign: Plagiarize and not Get Caught

How to cheat SafeAssign

How to cheat SafeAssign. Plagiarize and not get caught

Are you wondering how you can cheat SafeAssign and present plagiarized papers or content without getting caught? Are you short of time and you just want to upload that paper and still earn the grade for the assignment?

Well, you are not alone. There are many who want to beat the system and they will stop at nothing. In this post, we take you through these easy tricks to outsmart SafeAssign and when to implement them or not. We will advise on what to do when SafeAssign says you plagiarized but you did not.

Basically, SafeAssign is a program that is used to check for plagiarism. It helps both students and instructors to compare their works or submitted assignments to existing academic works.

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How to Cheat SafeAssign

You can cheat SafeAssign by avoiding direct content, copying but referencing it well, or paraphrasing the content copied from internet sources. Another SafeAssign hack is to copy the points discussed in one paper and present them in your own words.

Other interesting ways of not getting caught by SafeAssign include uploading the file as a PDF or hiring a ghostwriter to do your essay.

Hacks how to cheat SafeAssign

To understand how to hack SafeAssign or use it and how to plagiarise and not get caught you must know.

First of all, know a few things about the paper and the whole submission procedure.

The moment you understand your paper, then know where you want to trick the system and how much time you will spend.

That way, you can easily make a decision to choose one of the many methods of cheating the SafeAssign system. But the options are really few.

Another way to escape this scanner is to check SafeAssign score before submission of your final paper by uploading drafts.

This way, you use it against itself. The other way to do this is to use alternative scanners to know where you copied, then correct it before uploading the final paper.

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SafeAssign Hacks to Plagiarize and not get Caught

There are various methods that students can use to cheat SafeAssign and avoid getting caught. As a student, your paper should offer unique content that is not available elsewhere.

This is basically how to evade a bad report from SafeAssign. Below, we explore ways in which you can plagiarize and get away with it at SafeAssign.

Copy and plagiarize and not get caught

1. Re-write the content

When using internet sources, you should always rewrite the information in order to outsmart SafeAssign.

Most importantly, avoid pre-written essays or essays that are provided freely on the internet.

2. Hire contract writers

In other cases, students may decide to hire academic ghostwriters who know how to not get caught on SafeAssign. Even though this is not advisable, professionally ghostwritten papers have very low scores in plagiarism.

This is by far the best method to get professionally done work that does not violate the school’s integrity rules because they are written from scratch. Click the order button to hire one to do the job for you.

3. Present Info as your Own

The most appropriate and easiest way of avoiding being caught on SafeAssign is to avoid plagiarism. Your work should be your own.

This is impossible, right? You have to do research and study other people’s works.

However, this does not mean that all the content from the paper should come from your mind. You can outsmart SafeAssign by simply presenting the content as your own through paraphrasing.

Such information should be present in your paper, and it should be properly credited to the owner of the work.

4. Thoroughly Paraphrase

Depending on the instructions of the assignment, you should either quote or paraphrase the borrowed content while providing a citation at the same time.

As we explained in another post, SafeAssign cannot detect paraphrasing, and this gives students a lifeline. You can easily copy and paraphrase to avoid being caught.

5. Cite and Reference Copied Work

The citation can be in different academic writing formats like APA, MLA, Chicago, Harvard, and so on. At the end of your paper, you should give a full reference list or the works cited.

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Things to Consider Before Applying Tricks to Hack SafeAssign

1. Know Where you have Plagiarized

Before you apply some cheating tricks, first know what part of the paper you have plagiarized first. Knowing this will help us craft a way of going behind the system and passing through just fine.

2. Know your Professor’s Strictness

Some students may be tempted to plagiarize their work and hope to get away with it. Well, here is how. You must know your instructor well and know how strict he checks the papers.

If he is strict in checking plagiarism and the quality of the content, do not dare play tricks, you will be caught. Some lecturers even go and read papers that seem similar or likely to be similar to yours. You should not take such a risk.

Knowing the type of lecturer you have can help you determine the degree of thoroughness of the tutor while grading your papers.

However, some may have no time to check for plagiarism beyond the SafeAssign or Turnitin report. You should be a good student. Avoid plagiarizing your first paper because it sets a bad record for the rest of your papers.

3. How Popular is your Topic

Writing about a popular subject or topic may reduce the chances of any site or author claiming ownership. Researching and following the above steps can help you get away with plagiarism.

4. Check your Similarity on SafeAssign before Submitting

To be able to know the plagiarism levels in your paper, you need to use the SafeAssign self-checker so as you can get a report. This is the report that you will use to beat SafeAssign during your submission.

There is a SafeAssign Self-Check that allows purchase college students to check their papers for plagiarism and proper citation before actually submitting them to the Global Reference Database.

A similarity report is then generated to help you identify if your document is plagiarism-free. The checker is not connected to any particular course and is available by logging in to the dashboard.

plagiarize not get caught by SafeAssign

After getting the report, you can now start by marking the areas that you plagiarized and you want to trick the system to pass it in your next real submission.

Use the following tips and methods to correct those areas that you have copied content.

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Tips and Tricks How to use SafeAssign for Free

To submit a SafeAssign assignment for a particular course, you should first Blackboard login to the website using your username and password. The website is linked to the institution with which you are affiliated.

Use SafeAssign for free Tips

The next step is to select the tab at the top of the website containing the course in which you will submit your assignment.

After that, you should be directed to a menu on the left side of the screen containing the details of the course. Click on the assignment link.

The next step is to find the assignment’s title. It is from here that you are directed to the assignment through which you are supposed to attach the document.

After selecting a file, you should then click the “open” button. A confirmation message verifies that your paper has been successfully uploaded.

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White Words Should not be used to Outsmart SafeAssign

Students shouldn’t use this trick to avoid plagiarism detection. Plagiarism is academic misconduct that is punishable because it is the stealing of the intellectual property of another person.

For the sake of providing an appropriate response to this, however, SafeAssign has upgraded its system‘s algorithm in such a way that it will automatically reject papers that have abnormal word lengths due to white words.

Again, the text that is displayed in a report will include all the text in the paper regardless of the font or color utilized by the student. This means that SafeAssign will detect white words in any scenario.

Are SafeAssign and Turnitin Linked?

Despite accomplishing similar functions, plagiarism detection programs SafeAssign and Turnitin are not linked in any way since they are owned and operated by different organizations.

Even though SafeAssign and Turnitin are different tools that have been created to help students and instructors to check for plagiarism, they are similar in several capacities.

This is because both tools depend on the available databases from the internet, public records, and institutional databases. For either of them to work effectively, they must have the capacity and authority to access such databases.

Basically, SafeAssign can detect papers from Turnitin. Therefore, if a student or an instructor is using Turnitin, the plagiarism tool scans files in the shared databases, from multiple sources, including SafeAssign. This means that if you use SafeAssign, it will still access the same database. The shared databases connect them to scan files in each other.

You can read about the acceptable Turnitin plagiarism score and know what percentage is too much, in this article. Also, check our advisory on what Turnitin detects so as to understand more about it and compare it with the information shared here about SafeAssign.

SafeAssign says I Plagiarized but I Didn’t

Sometimes, you can upload a paper on SafeAssign and discover there is matching text yet you are sure you did a clean job. If you did not plagiarize but the score shows plagiarism, this could be an issue of a SafeAssign false positive. So, here is what to do.

If SafeAssign says that you plagiarized but you are sure you didn’t, then, you should revise the paper by deleting the matching text. Then rewrite the deleted sections so that you will have new unique content. You can also reduce the score by paraphrasing the matching content and citing them well before resubmitting the paper.

However, if your instructor flags it too, then you have to read the report and act. The only way to paraphrase all the reported plagiarized content and cite them well before submitting the paper on the plagiarism checker again.

High SafeAssign score 40

However, it is your professor who checks the similarity report and gives the ultimate verdict if you plagiarized or not.

Therefore, it is wise you ask him or her to reconsider.

Remember, SafeAssign shows all the content that is matching between your paper and the files on the database and the online sources too.

The report also flags you when SafeAssign detects that your paper is matching another student’s paper

SafeAssign may display well-paraphrased and quoted content as plagiarized though in a real sense, it’s not.

Moreover, when the report keeps SafeAssign saying that you plagiarized but you did not, get it to the attention of your TA or instructor.

Topics and subtopics that are used on the contents of the database may also be flagged as plagiarised though they are typically not. To learn more, read my guide on how SafeAssign works so as to better understand how to trick it if you need to.

Got High SafeAssign Score of 40? Here is What to Do

If you get a high SafeAssign of 40 and above, then, you should review the paper by paraphrasing the matching text to reduce the similarity levels. You can also remove the high plagiarism score by deleting the highlighted parts and rewriting new content afresh. This should solve the high SafeAssign score, but if the issue persists, please consult your instructor.

But note that SafeAssign stores papers in its database. This may prompt the algorithm to reconsider the probability that the section of your work is plagiarized.

Therefore, reviewing a paper, an essay or a thesis to check the matching text is important in checking plagiarism. If you read the guide I suggested above, you will get more insight into this and more. All the best

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Can I use SafeAssign for


Most students always ask whether they can use SafeAssign for free without knowing how it works. When you know its existence, then you will know that it costs nothing.

You can use SafeAssign for free because it is a free service that comes with Blackboard, an online learning management system. As a plagiarism scanning solution, SafeAssign comes freely with online courses for the students to submit their assignments.

While this service s free for students, it is into the case for the schools or universities that use it. It comes at a cost to the institution since it is a platform they buy.

It is well organized that students upload assignments while teachers manage the courses and grade the tests. This is not free. Educational institutions do pay for the system and the plagiarism scanning software.

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FAQs on how to Trick SafeAssign

What does SafeAssign overall match mean?

The overall match given by SafeAssign translates to the matches between your submitted paper and the available databases from Blackboard and online sources.

The more the matches, the higher the percentage, and vice versa. Read our guide on reading SafeAssign scores to understand this in detail.

Does SafeAssign check PDF?

SafeAssign supports the file types that can be edited or converted into plain text. Since PDF files are within the category, SafeAssign can check a PDF file. Please click on this link to learn more about the files supported by SafeAssign.

Can I use SafeAssign before submitting?

Yes, you can use the SafeAssign before submitting your papers. This is mostly applicable when you want to donate your paper to the site’s database. To maintain your paper’s originality, you can opt to submit the file to SafeAssign’s database.

Can SafeAssign detect paraphrasing?

The main purpose of SafeAssign and other plagiarism detection tools is to help students detect matches between their works and other sources.

It detects matches by pinpointing similarities in word structure and meaning. A paraphrased sentence contains a similar meaning, therefore making it detectable by SafeAssign.

Can SafeAssign detect old papers

Ideally, SafeAssign detects old papers or any other paper that has been passed through its database or the repository of papers and essays submitted through it. SafeAssign flags any content for plagiarism if it matches any other document contained in the database.

This means that if you have ever submitted a paper through your university’s portal, then you cannot use it again. The same applies to a paper that you download from public databases and/or uploaded by your friends in different universities. They will all be detected since they are old papers.

Can I get SafeAssign advice on Reddit?

Yes, you can. There are many Reddit users who are ready to provide you with the appropriate advice on any issues concerning SafeAssign. You can also provide advice! Visit Reddit site to view comments and advice.

However, If you want to score high grades and have no problems with SafeAssign or Turnitin, it is advisable to hire an expert essay writer to help with your assignment. Contact us if you need our essay writing services or click the button below to make an order today.

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